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COVID-19 Vaccinations
Eligibility for COVID-19 vaccinations are constantly evolving – with the most recent change allowing for vaccinations for certain people over the age of 50. To sign-up for COVID-19 vaccinations, please click here or scan the QR code below:
Remote Meetings to Continue
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and orders from the Michigan Department of Health and Humans Services, Grand Haven Charter Township will continue to have remote, electronic meetings – at least through March.

All of the material for Township Board meetings may be viewed at:

This material is the same information provided to the elected officials – except any legal opinions that might be discussed in closed sessions. In addition, the agendas (and OMA postings) will contain information on how the public can participate in these Zoom meetings.
UPDATE - Hofma Floating Bridge Repair
The State of Michigan determined that the Township needed an environmental permit to repair the Hofma Floating bridge. The public comment period on the permit application ended on February 28th … and the processing deadline is March 14th.

Staff expect the permit to be issued within the next seven (7) days; and the contractor indicated that they would begin repairs in April.

UPDATE - Beechtree Drain Project
After listening to the comments of elected officials at the February 8th Board meeting, the Water Resources Commissioner (i.e., Joe Bush) has modified the proposed storm water plans – eliminating one pump station and thereby saving about $500k. This will reduce↓ the total project from about $1.6 million to about $1.1 million.

The second pump station will be replaced with shallow gravity drains at the golf course – and increased storage on the golf course. This will impact how quickly the storm waters will dissipate – but, will allow for additional storm water on-site that the golf course can use for irrigation – reducing their need to “pump” ground water for irrigation.

The Township has agreed to increase↑ the Township’s at-large from 40% to about 47% -- but, the actual, at-large cost will be decreased↓ by about $90k from $640k to $550k. This will help to further reduce↓ the financial burden on the large parcel property owners. This at-large Township cost will be bonded at 10-years.
Accessory Buildings Under 200 Square Feet
Grand Haven Charter Township requires a Zoning Permit (not a Building permit) for accessory structures 200 square feet and under.

While a building permit is not required, a zoning permit is required for storage buildings, boathouses, greenhouses, pool equipment buildings, pump houses, outdoor kitchen pavilions, and gazebos, among others. 

If you are considering adding an accessory structure, please contact Cassandra Hoisington at choisington@ght.org, or 616-604-6340. 
Report Potholes
To report the location of a pothole on a local road or ask questions, use the online Service Request form or call the Ottawa County Road Commission at 616-842-5400. 

For more information about our roads, visit www.ottawacorc.com 
May Elections
Residents that are on the Permanent Absentee Voter (AV) List should have received their AV applications. Voters can deposit their AV applications and/or ballots in any of the Township drop boxes – including the drop box in the foyer to the Administrative Building.

(The foyer is open 24 – 7 and is covered by video monitors.)
Customer Service Award
The Township is excited to announce that the Customer Service Award nominations process for 2021 is open and live on our website: 2021 Superior Customer Service Awards | Grand Haven Charter Township (ght.org).

In summary, the Township Board, Personnel Committee and Grand Way Committee want to formally recognize, on an annual basis, a Township employee who is going above and beyond in providing superior customer service to our residents and guests. We know Township staff do a great job incorporating our Customer Service Codes of Conduct into their daily work, and now is the time to formally recognize it!  

Nominations can be submitted by anyone, including members of the public, coworkers, supervisors, elected officials, etc.
The nomination process will close at the end of October each year, to allow the selection committee enough time to review and chose an employee to recognize at the Township’s Annual Appreciation Dinner in December. Award recipients will also receive a letter of appreciation from our Township Superintendent/Manager and Board, a spotlight article in the monthly newsletter, and a small gift of appreciation.

If you have any questions regarding the nominations, please contact Human Resources Director Andrea Dumbrell at adumbrell@ght.org or call 616-604-6309.
Township Questions?
If you have specific questions about Township operations, please send an email to bcargo@ght.org .
(616) 842-5988  | info@ght.org | www.ght.org