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Ottawa Conservation District's Annual Tree Seedling Sale
The Ottawa Conservation District is hosting their Annual Tree Seedling Sale at Reenders Blueberry Farm (9981 West Olive Road) on Friday, April 20 th from 1:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.
You can visit the Ottawa Conservation District web site and browse their 2018 Tree Seedling Catalog to learn of the available species, sale price or to pre-order. 

The Sale Price List presents the prices of each seedling type for bundles of 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100.
Fill out and submit an Order Form by Friday, April 6 th if you would like your order assembled and ready for pick up. Otherwise, extra seedlings will be available on the day of the sale while supplies last.
This event generates operating funds for the important work of the Ottawa County Conservation District.
2018 Street & Road Maintenance and Paving
Grand Haven Charter Township has about 40 miles of subdivision streets. Since 1987, the Road Commission delegated 100% of the costs associated with subdivision resurfacing to the Townships. For 2018, Grand Haven Township will resurface about 1.65 miles of subdivision streets at a cost of about $368,250 .

Specifically, the Township Board approved the following projects:

1.       Birdsong Lane- River Trail to 148 th Avenue                                                        748′
2.       Riverside Trail - Waterview Trail east to cul-de-sac                                         1,069′
3.       Waterview Trail - Riverside Trail to Woodside Trail                                             568′
4.       Woodside Trail - Waterview Trail to 148 th Avenue                                             840′
5.       Hidden Creek Drive – Ferris Street to Hidden Creek Court                             2,156′
6.       Sandy Woods Drive – Buchanan Street to cul-de-sac                                     1,281′
7.       Chickory Drive – Buchanan Street south to cul-de-sac                                  1,262′
8.       Juniper Hills Court – Garnsey Drive south to Cul-de-sac                                  767′

In addition, just as subdivision roads need to be re-surfaced on a regular basis, the Township′s 19.2 miles of gravel roads need to be occasionally re-graveled. In this instance, the Road Commission will provide a 50% match for this maintenance work in 2018. Specifically, the Township Board approved the re-graveling of the following 5.8 miles of rural roadways at a total cost of about $232,000:

1.       Buchannan Street: 160th Avenue to 144th Avenue                                          2.0 miles
2.       156th Avenue: Buchannan Street to M-45                                                       1.0 mile
3.       Winans Street: 152nd Avenue to 144th Avenue                                               1.0 mile
4.       158th Avenue: M-45 to US-31                                                                   0.3 miles
5.       168th Avenue: Pierce Street to Fillmore Street                                                 1.0 mile
6.       168th Avenue: M-45 to Rich Street                                                                  0.5 miles

In addition to the above, the Ottawa County Road Commission will be re-surfacing 2.3 miles of major streets, which includes the following:

1.       Robbins Road: Pine Street to Mercury Drive                                                       0.8 miles
2.       Lakeshore Drive: Rosy Mound to Robbins Road                                                 1.5 miles

Sewer Treatment Plant - $14 Million Upgrades & Maintenance
The Grand Haven / Spring Lake Sewer Authority will be completing a five-phase project to improve/upgrade this aging sewage treatment facility – at an estimated cost of about $14 million. The phases for this project include the following:
Phase 1 – $4.85 million – Spring Lake / Ferrysburg Lift Station and Grand River Force Main
  • Replace three existing pumps with larger pumps that will provide a firm capacity of 3,400 gallons per minute.
  • Replace and upgrade other lift station components, including piping, HVAC and electrical.
  • Construct 6,150 linear feet of 16-inch diameter force main underneath the Grand River to the treatment plant. 
Phase 2 – $3.41 million – Headworks and Pumping Improvements
  • Replace the headworks building and expand to include a new garage.
  • Replace existing screen with two new screens, each rated at 5 million gallons per day.
  • Construct a washer/compacter for the screen waste.
  • Construct a vortex grit removal system with pump and classifier rated for 10 million gallons per day.
  • Replace two primary sludge pumps and four activated sludge pumps.
  • Replace and improve associated electrical equipment.
Phase 3 – $790k – Local Lift Station Project
  • Replace the main lift station building.
  • Replace three existing pumps that will provide a firm capacity of 2,400 gallons per minute.
Phase 4 – $1.28 million – Ferrysburg Lift Station Project
  • Convert existing lift stations No. 3, No. 5 and No. 7 from a “can” design to a submersible design, including new pumps, valves, piping, electrical and control upgrades.
  • Upgrade existing Norfolk Drive grinder station with new pumps, valves, piping, electrical and control upgrades.
Phase 5 – $1.18 million – Grand Haven Lift Station Project
  • Replace existing pumps, valves, piping, electrical and control upgrades.
Engineering, finance, and contingencies are estimated to add about $2.49 million to the construction cost.
This project will be financed through the sale of so-called Act 342 municipal bonds … with about $500k of the total project cost being paid through cash reserves of the Sewer Authority. Therefore, the bond sale will be for about $13.5 million. ( The actual bond sale is expected to occur on or about June 12 th.)
Grand Haven Charter Township’s allocated portion of the bond debt will be about 7.54% of the $13.5 million bond ( or about $1.01 million).  The other municipal units will be responsible for the following percentages:
  • City of Grand Haven 27.46% (or about $3.70 million)
  • Village of Spring Lake 9.30% (or about $1.25 million)
  • Township of Spring Lake 36.08% (or about $4.85 million)
  • City of Ferrysburg 19.62% (or about $2.65 million)
Grand Haven / Spring Lake Sewage Treatment Facility
Sewer Facts
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