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Making the Client Experience Even Better

The past year was a busy one for Solano Law Firm. We helped many people overcome countless obstacles, assisting them through the immigration process and fighting for their rights.

Within the law firm itself, we made a few big changes aimed at improving the client experience. We recognize that client experience is everything, so earlier in the year, we sat down and looked at the client onboarding process ... CONTINUE READING

What’s Your Resolution for the New Year?

If you have been a lawful permanent resident and living in the U.S. for several years, you may be in the best place to apply for naturalization, aka official U.S. citizenship. As people set their resolutions for the new year, one of the biggest goals for permanent residents is to apply for naturalization. It's a huge achievement and one worth setting. The road to naturalization is long and takes a lot of work ... CONTINUE READING

Office Events

Congratulations to Rosa Guzman, voted Employee of the Quarter by our team! If you are a client from Alabama you have probably met Rosa when she greeted you with an energetic smile and helped during your appointment. Rosa works on family petitions, trains new employees in Alabama, and helps our New Client Services team. Here are some comments from our team ... CONTINUE READING

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