Hello, Boys & Girls Club of the Siskiyous\' Supporter!

We hope you are doing well, staying safe and keeping warm this winter after the big storms that we have had. Our members have enjoyed the Winter Ski and Snowboard Program with the abundance of snow we have been getting on the mountain. Yay! The excitement at the Club is in full swing this Winter season with new programs at the Club and many more opportunities for fun just around the corner!

Thank you all for your continued support!

Be a part of our community; reinforcing values, culture
and enhancing the quality of learning opportunities for the
youth of Siskiyou County.

By rounding up through Rite Aid's KidCents Program, you are supporting the youth in our area by simply shopping at Rite Aid in-person or online. We invite you, your friends and your family to participate in this program.

Imagine the change
that your change can make!

Together we can create
a brighter tomorrow for
children in Siskiyou County!

Enroll now to donate your change to the Boys & Girls Club of the Siskiyous by clicking the link above!

Thank you for your support!

Since introducing the program Project Learn to our Club in September, we have seen more Club members participating in our Power Hour homework assistance program and engaging in high-yield learning activities such as reading comprehension, writing, homework assistance and STEM including 3D Printing.
All Club Members who participate in Project Learn receive educational mentoring, which includes daily homework help and tutoring, assistance with setting and achieving educational goals, and constant encouragement to improve in their academics.
Encourage your Club kid to participate today!

Music by the Mountain and the Boys & Girls Club of the Siskiyous have formed a partnership to bring a high-quality violin program to the Club. Both non-profit organizations have partnered in the hiring of a violin teacher, Carolyn Carl. Carolyn graduated with a B.A. in Music from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Music Performance in Violin and Viola from the St. Louis Conservatory of Music. The first session of this program launched in October, and the second session is currently being offered at the Club.
Music by the Mountain and Boys & Girls Club of the Siskiyous are also partnering up with the possibility of introducing a choir program that is open to all Club members which will be taught by Gloria Mendieta Gazave. Gloria is is an alum of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and a classically trained soprano with a background in Musical Theater. She has performed such roles as Chava in Fiddler on the Roof , Aldonza in Man of La Mancha, and Maria in West Side Story in Bay Area theaters . Gloria sings in Italian, French, German, and Spanish and her repertoire spans Opera, Oratorio, Art Songs, Broadway, and Popular Ballads. Gloria brings her love of music and children together by teaching choir to share her knowledge and love of singing.

Please let us know if you are interested in enrolling your Club kid into a choir program at the Club! Once we gain enough interest from Club members, we will send out more information regarding this exciting opportunity!
We are offering a new and exciting program at the Club, Hula Hoop Dance Class, taught by Tulasi lagares. Tulasi has experience teaching dance, including hoop dance, and yoga. She has a background in Childhood Education, and loves to bring her passion and knowledge of dance to kids through her classes.

During our demo class last week, Club members got to experience the excitement of hoop dance and learn how to do fun tricks on and off the body. Hula Hoop Dance improves youth’s coordination, increases flexibility and builds core strength. However, these classes are so much fun that Club kids won’t even know they’re exercising! You will see their confidence and self-esteem skyrocket as they show off new tricks and mastered skills. This program can accommodate any level of student, from beginners to advanced and is offered to all Club kids. Have your child join in on the Hula Hoop fun!
Ben Stern
Unit Director

Benjamin Stern grew up in Petaluma, CA before moving to the Humboldt Coast to study Environmental Engineering. While at Humboldt, Ben discovered his true passion for working with kids.

When not at the Club, Ben enjoys trail running with his wife, Joanna, and dog, Dalia, or playing around in his woodshop. Ben has competed in over 10 ultramarathons and hopes to qualify to race the Western States 100 miler this next year.

As Unit Director, he loves sharing his enthusiasm for exploring the outdoors, growing his own food and solving challenges and problems with all of the youth that come to the Club each and every day.

Donna Boyd

Donna has been volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of the Siskiyous since we opened our doors. Her dedication to our Club kids is inspirational. Every week, Donna comes to the Club to provide tutoring in math for any youth that needs assistance. This winter, Donna was also a volunteer for our Winter Ski and Snowboard Program at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park. On top of all of her volunteer hours with our Club members, Donna also donates her time providing our Club staff with First Aid and CPR Training alongside her husband, Randy.

On behalf of all of our Club kids and Staff members, all of us at the Boys & Girls Club of the Siskiyous wishes to thank you Donna for your continued support and your willingness to always go the extra mile!

Thank you Mount Shasta Union School District for your continuous support of the Club! From providing us with a safe, fun space for our Club members, to assisting us with transportation for our Winter Ski and Snowboard Program, we appreciate all that you do for our Club kids.

A big thank you to the RiteAid Foundation for selecting us to be an official KidCents Charity, and for your generous donation to the Club. We are deeply grateful!
Many thanks to Banner Bank for your continuous support of the Boys & Girls Club of the Siskiyous through your donations, your promotional display at your Mt. Shasta Branch and for hosting a Money Matters program at the Club.
A special thanks to Alpine Business Equipment for your generous donation of several boxes filled to the brim with reams of assorted paper.
We wish to thank the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce for inviting our Torch Club to participate in this year's Crab Feed Event as servers. Torch Club members raised over $800 in tips and donations from the event that will benefit the Club. Many thanks to everyone at the event who generously tipped our Club kids!

Many thanks to Great Northern for their monthly donation of various snacks and food items for our Club members to enjoy!
And a special thanks to all of our individual donors this month! Your kindness and generosity assists us in building Great Futures!

We envision healthy, empowered and engaged youth who appreciate and respect themselves, each other, their families, the community and the environment.

We empower youth to reach their full potential as responsible, caring and productive citizens through professionally led programs and activities that are fun, positive and relevant in a safe, supportive and healthy environment.