March Newsletter
Tuition Due 3/1
3/2 Spirit Week
3/9 Pen Pal Week
3/16 Fun Bun Week
3/23 Sports Week
*Spirit Month*
Performance Season
This month kicks off Performance season for our Teams! We are all so excited they have competitions, hometown events and recital. Let's celebrate the season together!
Spirit Week 3/2
Dress in your FFD school colors, get creative with face paint, hair chalk and accessories. Be sure to be in dress code underneath your spirit wear.

Write a good luck message on a sparkle shamrock, pass it in to us and we will give them to each dancer on their first competition day!

Are you a Performance Team Member? You can write competition kindness notes for dancers from other schools for Starquest! Turn them in and we will make sure they get to you to pass out on Day one of Starquest.
Pen Pal Week 3/9

We all know getting mail is AWESOME! Well as long as it isn't junk or bills lol. How fun would it be to get mail from a dance peer? We have put a sign up list in the lobby and you can sign up for a pen pal.
Fun Bun Week 3/16

Alright moms and teens time to go on Pinterest and find some crazy fun bun ideas! The purpose is to have fun and be creative. Best bun at the end of the week receives a prize from our apparel shop.
Sports Week 3/2
Sports week is just that! Show your love for your favorite sport team however that may be. Please be in dress code under your sports wear.
Sign ups & Special Events
2020 Spring Show Magic & Mystery
Picture Day May 30th
Dress Rehearsal & Show*
We have worked tirelessly to find our students and families the perfect venue for recital but unfortunately we were just dealt a bad hand this time around and due to the Derryfield double booking and forcing us out of our dates we have decided to not use them this year or anytime in the near future. Due to the late nature of the situation it was extremely difficult to find an appropriate theatre for June 19th & 20th. We are very sorry we couldn't book these dates as it has been our recital weekend for 5 Years! For this year only recital has moved to June 12th & 14th at Nashua North High School. We are already contracting next years Spring and Winter show to try to give people some peace and security. At the end of the day we are blessed and relieved to have a spring recital. We will still be holding classes the week after recital and we thought it would be a blast if it was a JUST FOR FUN WEEK! So the week after recital will be HAWAIIAN WEEK. We will be handing out leis and celebrating and reflecting on the past season together. Your dancer will be welcome to take any class in their level to try new things or just for fun. We would like to thank everyone who helped look for venues and everyone for their understanding.

We have a slightly new schedule as it is that time of year for classes to get a good grooming. See link below. We are now offering some new entry level classes. Enrollment for these and all of our classes will be open until the 3rd week of February.

Musical Theatre- Fridays 5:00-5:30pm
Musical theatre dancing can be described as a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through acting & music.

Lyrical 1- Fridays 5:45-6:15pm
Lyrical dance is a combination of Jazz and Ballet styles with a deeper emotional component. *Students must be enrolled in a Ballet class to participate.

Tap Club- Fridays 6:15-7:00pm STARTING 3/6
Tap club is a 7 week club that is student driven and teacher directed. Each week the teacher will give patterns and challenges to the club. They will also be tasked with creating their own patterns and rhythms. The club is $42 total. All ages are welcome as our program is designed for multiple ages and levels.
Student Accolades
The Superstars program is a monthly award given to students who have shown extraordinary talent, effort, and all around role model behavior. Students must have perfect attendance that month to be considered. We announce Superstar every month by announcing each winner in the newsletter and on our website!
Abby M -
Abby has recently been killing it in her classes! It is like something recently clicked and we are seeing a whole new side of her complete with muscle control, wonderful posture and facial expressions. Keep up your progress Abby! Thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone.

Hannah C -
Hannah is new to us this season and we love her! She is sweet as can be and full of life and love for dance. Thank you for always trying your hardest with a positive attitude Hannah!
Following a dress code teaches students structure, discipline, and responsibility. We like to applaud dancers who regularly follow our dress code! We announce Best Dressed every month by hi-lighting each winner in the newsletter and on our website!
Emma W-
Emma attends class each day in her correct dance attire with her hair perfectly pulled into a bun. She even participates in the theme weeks with style! Thank you for dressing for success Emma.
Photo of the Month (Feb)
Although this picture wasn't taken in February we found it in February. Want us to use your photo for Photo of the Month? Be sure to use this seasons #ffdseason6 so when we look for pictures we see it!
Nothing says Fortitude Dance Family/Friends like this picture. We love that inside and outside the classroom we are all one big family. It is what makes FFD such an amazing place. Thank you all for being a part of our family.
Family of the Month (Feb)
The Neuman/Gardner Family!
Kensley & Carrie came to us last year and we have been so happy to have them in our dance family! They do these little sweet things that brighten the class room and lobby and their kindness has truly been noticed. Thank you so much.
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