Volume III | March 31, 2020
The Role of Individual Advancing the
Sustainable Development Goals
Individuals efforts can greatly contribute towards advancing the sustainable development goals. We are often faced with the doubt of how we can positively influence our sustainable development behavior, it is necessary to understand that the problems that affect sustainability are not restricted to large companies, in one way or another we all contribute to our grain of sand.

The solutions to the problems that affect sustainable development should not be limited solely to the policies, strategies and standards designed and established in companies.

Although they seem insignificant, our individual actions can contribute significantly and positively to sustainability, our commitment and awareness is needed to achieve truly sustainable development.

At Developing Our World, we present a set of measures that we must contemplate to contribute to this very important cause.
Reducing Inequalities
Moving towards the reduction of inequalities is a commitment assumed and embodied in the Sustainable Development Goal 10 of the 2030 Agenda: “reduce inequality in countries and between them”, and clearly expressed in the slogan “that no one is left behind " We cannot achieve sustainable development if we exclude some part of the population. Inequalities threaten long-term social and economic development, affect poverty reduction and destroy people's feelings of fullness and worth. Developing Our World is committed to help make the world more equal.

Make Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable
All over the world, these urban spaces today face five major challenges, to meet the needs and expectations of their inhabitants: social, economic, cultural, environmental and resilience. All our cities are affected by many challenges: combating social exclusion, reducing poverty, promoting access to education and culture, creating employment and value, making it easier to get around, adapt to climate change, integrate nature and biodiversity, offer new services and uses that improve the daily lives of all generations, cope with crises, etc. Developing Our World is working day and night to help the world achieve SDG 11.

Sustainable Development Goal 12
Responsible Production and Consumption
Given the reality that pressures humanity, there are local, national and international efforts to promote sustainable consumption and production modalities, which represents a niche of opportunity for companies, but also represents an alternative for consumers. Developing Our World is making efforts to ensure responsible production and consumption for sustainable development.