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From the Mayor

Dear Larchmonters,

Happy Spring! In local government this is when the new year really begins – we finish fine-tuning the budget, begin regular annual maintenance around the Village and start rolling with our capital projects. In the spirit of spring and new beginnings, this month I asked Village Administrator Justin Datino to write a portion of the monthly newsletter. Enjoy – I’ll be back at the end with some additional news items.


From the desk of Village Administrator Justin Datino

2022/23 Tentative Budget

Each year the Village Board, along with its Finance & Budget advisory committee and the Village’s professional staff, review the budget in detail. Typically, this review coincides with the preparation of the next year’s budget, which we begin in January and complete in April. The annual budget preparation process ensures that essential services are being delivered according to the quality and efficiency standards set by the Village Board.

Like households in Larchmont, the Village is feeling the financial pressure of the current times. The cost of electricity is up 25% for 2022; fuel costs have doubled in one year; health and general liability insurance are expected to increase 10-12%; all in addition to inflationary pressures realized on the procurement of goods and services.

Despite these significant obstacles, a “New York State Property Tax Cap compliant” tentative budget was presented to the Village Board at its March 14, 2022 Board Meeting. It proposes a tax rate decrease of 1.43% with a tax levy increase of 2.38%. Strong home sales and improvements to private properties are driving factors in a 4.57% increase to the Village’s total valuation, which in turn creates a broader base upon which to collect the property tax revenue needed to operate the Village.

As proposed, the 22/23 Tentative Budget maintains all services and funds significant capital improvements in the Village. Improvements to emergency communications, purchase of hybrid vehicles, road paving, sidewalk repairs, and sanitary sewer and stormwater improvements are all included in the 22/23 Capital Budget.  The tentative budget has been posted to the Village’s website and the Village Board will be holding a public hearing on April 18, 2022 at 7:30pm to receive comment on the budget in advance of considering its adoption. New York State Law requires that the Village adopt a budget no later than May 1st.

State / Federal Investment to Village Infrastructure

The Village’s elected officials and professional staff remain diligent in their efforts to advocate for State and Federal assistance as it pertains to the burdensome, multi-million-dollar cost to maintain our 100+ year old infrastructure and facilities. Recently staff discussed the Village’s infrastructure concerns with Congressman Bowman’s office, where we highlighted the following needs:

·      Our drinking water and sanitary sewer infrastructure is over 100 years old and requires immediate investment to remain fully operational.  
·      The Larchmont Reservoir’s two dams are a constant concern, for which the Village needs resources from the State and Federal Government to properly maintain these structures.
·      The Village’s sidewalks and roadways, which are essential to transportation, recreation, and quality of life, are in need of repairs and replacement.
·      Village Hall and DPW buildings, both around 100 years old, currently require major repairs and replacement of the roofs, gutters, windows, HVAC, and other building systems which have simply out lived their useful life by decades. 

The mounting cost of these capital investments to Village infrastructure are significantly more than what our 6,600 residents can shoulder alone.

We encourage our residents to also advocate for their Village directly to your State and Federal representatives.

Capital Projects

While we anticipate and hope to receive State and Federal support to repair and improve our infrastructure, the Village is chipping away at some of this work within the resources it can allocate for several projects.

The Village’s annual road resurfacing program was delayed in 2020 due to COVID, but work is underway to prepare for paving this spring. Prior to paving a Village roadway, all the sub-surface utilities are assessed, and repairs are made to reduce the need to “open up” the road in the near future. Currently, the Village’s DPW is reviewing the sanitary and storm sewer pipes within this year’s planned paving areas and making any repairs that are needed. The Village is also proactively replacing any known lead water service lines with copper lines. 

The Village’s paving contractor has completed repairs/replacement of the ADA ramps within the paving area, and the curbing contractor will start work in April to reset or install curbing as needed. This “curb to curb” approach ensures that the investment in infrastructure will provide the longest useful life possible, protecting the community’s investment for decades to come.

Also on-going are sidewalk repairs. The Village recently engaged the services of Precision Sidewalks. This company grinds out minor to moderate tripping hazards on Village sidewalks for a fraction of the cost of a complete section by section replacement. Using this process, identified defects will be repaired more quickly and with the savings realized many more locations can be fixed each year.

The Village’s DPW recently completed a project to convert all 750 streetlights in the Village to high efficiency LED streetlights. It’s estimated the Village will use about 60% less electricity for streetlights than it used prior to the conversion.

Additional projects are identified in the Village’s Annual Capital Budget and 5-year plan, which is located in our annual budget document.

Sad news
On March 11, 2022 Larchmont firefighter Lt. John Veteri passed away from 9/11-related illness. Lt. Veteri was a 22-year veteran of the LFD who volunteered to work on the pile at Ground Zero. Lt. Veteri received a Line of Duty funeral in Carmel, NY on Wednesday, March 16. RIP. 
Crime in Westchester
Westchester County Executive George Latimer has released the 2021 crime statistics and the news is good! Although we have been experiencing increases in certain crimes of opportunity from time to time, it is comforting to know that crime rates across the board are down throughout Westchester County! From the press release:

“The Westchester County Department of Public Safety compared January - September 2017 vs. 2021 and saw a decrease across the board.
  • Total Index crime has decreased 26.5 percent
  • Total violent crime has decreased 27.6 percent
  • That includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.
  • Total property crimes have decreased 26.3 percent
  • That includes burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.”
Proposed State Zoning Mandates
The Governor’s Executive Budget – the proposed mandates regarding local zoning law, which I wrote about in February’s newsletter, have been removed in Governor Hochul’s 30-day amendment to the executive budget. There is proposed legislation which addresses both Accessory Dwelling Units and Transit Oriented Development, but it seems that action will not be taken this year. 

Our Congressional District
New York State Legislature has voted to approve a new congressional district map and Larchmont will be moving from CD16 to CD3. See the map below, which shows that this district combines most of the communities along the LI Sound Shore – from Port Chester in Westchester to Nissequogue in Suffolk. The originally proposed maps had the Westchester Sound Shore communities divided into 3 districts and split Larchmont from the Town of Mamaroneck. It is a very good outcome that we will not only remain in one district with the Town and Village of Mamaroneck, but we also have a lot of issues in common with the communities who share the Sound with us – such as water quality, flooding, sewage treatment, and storm protection. An interactive map can be found HERE.

Information about the slate of candidates running for the Congressional seat for CD3 can be found HERE.
Good News!
We celebrated the Grand Opening of Atelier Modern at 2091 Boston Post Road on Wednesday, March 16th. This was a special ribbon cutting since the retail shop, specializing in home goods and modern art, was opened by Larchmont’s Deputy Mayor Sarah Bauer and her sister Ana Zampino O’Neill, also a Larchmont resident!
The Sound Shore St. Patrick’s Day Parade returned after a 2-year COVID hiatus, and it was a fine day for marching! Trustee Dana Post and I represented Larchmont in this merry band of elected officials.
Finally, on Saturday April 2, the Larchmont Chamber of Commerce will kick off Arts on the Avenues at Addison Park on Chatsworth Avenue. Details can be found HERE.

See you around the Village,
Mayor Lorraine Walsh
Village Notes
Community Choice Aggregation Program: Larchmont's participation in this program from Sustainable Westchester for electric supply is paying dividends now! Those enrolled in the CCA ESCO (default for Larchmont) pay 7.48 cents/kWh and the going bundled rate otherwise is 11.89 cents/kWh. That is a savings of 63% for this month!

Lot 3 (Upper Parking Lot at the Train Station): The Down to Earth Farmer's Market is held every Saturday in Lot 3 (and will continue this year through the winter), so if you park your car in Lot 3 on Saturday or overnight Friday into Saturday, please park at the far end by the elevator to avoid being ticketed or towed.

Dog Waste: As a reminder, Village law requires that individuals pick up after their dogs. Dog waste should be thrown either in your own trash or in Village trash bins. Please do not leave the waste on the sidewalk or throw it in other residents' bins.

Electric Powered Leaf Blower Grace Period: In response to recent conversations among community stakeholders including residents and landscaping service providers, the Larchmont Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a grace period that allows for the use of Electric Powered Leaf Blowers in the Village as early as March 15, 2022. Use of electric blowers will be permitted, in compliance with all other existing regulations (Section 180 of the Village Code), through April 30, 2022.
Please join us on Saturday, April 16 for our Annual Spring Egg Hunt in Constitution Park hosted by the Larchmont Volunteer Fire Department and the Larchmont Event Team. Details on how to sign-up coming soon!
Volunteers Needed!

The Village is looking for volunteers for the following Committees and Commissions:

Coastal Zone Management Commission: The Coastal Zone Management Commission is comprised of eleven members, each serving a term of three years, with the chair serving a term of one year. It was established in 1986 to monitor and coordinate the implementation of the New York State approved Local Waterfront Revitalization Program of the Town of Mamaroneck and the Village of Larchmont. Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month.

Village Recreation Committee: This Committee helps plan and execute many of the recreational events in the Village, including Halloween Window Painting and Sprint to Flint.
Larchmont-Mamaroneck Human Rights Committee: This Committee exists to uphold the right of all community members to be free from discrimination based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, creed, age, familial status, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, immigration status and disability. The Committee works in partnership with other local organizations, individuals, and elected officials working to advance the human rights of everyone in our community. Meets once a month, via Zoom. 

Larchmont Event Team: This Team is looking for assistance with upcoming events in the village of Larchmont, including the Spring Egg Hunt.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected]
Committee and Department Updates
Larchmont Fire Department

“Make a 900 Degree Difference”
For years, firefighters have stressed the importance of working smoke alarms, safe meeting places, and practicing fire drills. While those remain as important as ever remembering to close the door behind you during a fire can dramatically reduce smoke and fire spread, lower temperatures and even give firefighters precious time to save a life and extinguish the fire. A closed door can mean reducing temperatures during a fire from 1000 degrees to 100 degrees. Attached are two pictures showing the difference of a closed-door vs open-door. For more information visit, and
Larchmont Volunteer Fire Department

The Larchmont Volunteer Fire Department is in need of fire fighters! The Larchmont Fire Department Volunteer Application is now on line! If you are interested in becoming a future volunteer fire fighter fill in the application. Don't delay, do it today. For more information, call Bubba Fanelli: 914-403-2387.
This May, the Oresman Gallery at the Larchmont Public Library will showcase the work of local artist Stacey Creem in an art exhibited entitled “The Victory Farmers.” The Victory Farmers, made possible with funding from the New York Council on the Arts and Westchester Arts, is a series of painting and photographic portraits of members of the Larchmont and Mamaroneck community who, last Spring through Fall, took part in a community effort to plant home vegetable gardens and donate the produce to the Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force. The exhibit, on view during the month of May, is an amalgamation of large and small oil paintings and photographs depicting men and women of the community who joined in the project sponsored by Victory Farms at the Grange. The portraits tell a story of hope and inspiration, and an urgency to preserve the land and feed each other.
Village Calendar

3/30 Architecture Review Board Meeting
4/4 Board of Trustees Budget Meeting/Work Session
4/5 Larchmont Environmental Committee Meeting
Traffic Commission Meeting
4/6 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
4/14 Parks and Trees Committee Meeting
4/15 Village Hall Closed - Good Friday
4/16 Spring Egg Hunt in Constitution Park

For times and locations of meetings, please visit the Village Website.

Minutes for previous Board of Trustees meetings can be found HERE.