March 2020
Committed to the growth of women’s entrepreneurship, the Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada works with women’s enterprise support organizations to champion innovation, broaden expertise and enhance collaboration.
WEOC’s members support women entrepreneurs by providing an array of services, including business skills development, access to financing, networking and export opportunities.
We're All in This Together

Today is March 19 and the world looks very different than it did a few weeks ago when I boarded a plane from Winnipeg to Ottawa.

On March 9 and 10 I was joined by members of the WEOC Board in the nation's capital for a series of crucial conversations with government ministers and other leaders. We spoke about the necessity of supporting women entrepreneurs and ways in which we could collaborate moving forward.

Today, as we digest evolving messages about government support packages, supply chain changes and travel restrictions, we continue to look for ways to support women entrepreneurs.

Over the next few weeks our focus will be on providing up to date information and expert insights related to the changing face of business in Canada. I encourage you to reach out if you have specific questions and to keep checking our website and social media channels for new content.

Finally, please remember to take care of yourselves. Find time for a laugh, a conversation with a friend, a walk outside, some quiet meditation, or anything else that stems the anxiety that comes from uncertainty and change. Remember that you are connected to a large, wonderful community of women.

Until next time,

Alison Kirkland, CEO
Laurel Douglas Leaving WEC
For 15 years, Laurel Douglas has served the women of British Columbia through her leadership of the Women's Enterprise Centre of B.C. (WEC).

The recipient of myriad awards and honours, Laurel is a global voice for women entrepreneurs and has been a part of the W20, the G20 women’s engagement group, since 2016.

We join the entire WEOC community in thanking Laurel for her years of leadership and wish her well in her next endeavour.

Jill Earthy, who has been on the WEC Board since 2012, will step in as Interim CEO in April. Welcome aboard Jill!

Are you worried about the economic impact of COVID-19?

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Instagram Spotlight
Each month we profile a favourite post from a Canadian woman entrepreneur/organization, this month we highlight Ontario's PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise

PARO remains alert to all supports for entrepreneurs and communities during this difficult time. Are you a business owner having difficulties adjusting your business strategies in the wake of the pandemic? If so the Ontario Chamber of Commerce has developed a COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit for Ontario Businesses. These are guidelines and resources prepared to help businesses plan for and adapt to the disruption of COVID-19 and any future influenza pandemics. Please refer to the link for details.

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