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March Newsletter | 2023

Check out what we have going on this month!


The days are getting longer and we're kicking off two new sessions of programs!

Spring 2 and Summer registration begins on Wednesday, March 15th at 10AM

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Disc Golf Club - A deeper dive into the fundamentals of disc golf. Each week will focus on a different skill. Play short rounds in our field and skill based games. The program will culminate with a trip to Clement Farm Disc Golf Couse in Haverhill!

Ultimate Frisbee - Come play Ultimate Frisbee! We will teach you the basics of the game, run simple drills, and of course get some pick-up games going! Whether this is your first time or you're a veteran, come have some fun with this fast paced, high-flying game!


Pitchers & Catchers Clinic - A great opportunity for pitchers and catchers to stay sharp and get ready for the spring season! Pitchers will work with Dawy Lebron - former NCAA Division 1 baseball pitcher and Independent baseball player.

Hitting Clinic - Work with Dawy and baseball instructor Nick Bain to improve your hand-eye coordination and learn hitting techniques to gain power, contact and confidence as we utilize the newly installed indoor batting cage in the CYC gym.


Check out our new programs with Athletic Evolution! Train and develop your skills and athleticism with the following programs:

C.R.E.E.D. (Courage, Respect, Energy, Enthusiasm, Discipline)

A holistic strength and conditioning program, C.R.E.E.D. is designed for young athletes to assist in their mental and physical wellbeing. This program incorporates mental components from Karate and MMA disciplines, including Bashido, and the way of the warrior, into athletic performance and sports settings to help kids of all ages build self-confidence, create a healthy mental and emotional environment, and build important character traits that will serve them for the rest of their lives in any sport, career, or sports' setting they encounter.

Linear Speed Development

Speed is king! No matter what sport you play, getting faster is most likely a prerequisite for improvement. This program will not only set the building blocks for proper running mechanics, but it will also increase speed and decrease injury risk as a result. Athletes will be tested regularly, so results may be tracked with the program focusing on improving mechanics, strength, and power as they relate to linear speed development.

Athletic Performance Training (APT)

This Strength and Conditioning Program is based on age and skill, and includes functional training (bodyweight), resistance training (free weights, cable), plyometrics, change of direction/agility, conditioning, mobility, core, and injury prevention. The primary goal of APT is to increase athletic performance and decrease the risk of injury in a fun, learning environment that builds self-confidence and teaches athletes the fundamentals they need to be successful in any weight room. This program is complimented nicely by the Linear Speed Development Program.

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🕺 Middle School Silent Disco 🕺

🕺 High School Silent Disco 🕺

Sponsored by the AHS Key Club with proceeds to benefit Camp Sunshine!

🏂 Night Riders Skiing ⛷️

Block Party & High School Hangout

Upcoming Facility Closure Dates:

AYS & CYC will be closed on:

Monday, March 27th

Tuesday, March 28th


Please pre-register for the AYS shuttle service on MyRec.

There are stops at Wood Hill and West Middle School on weekdays after school, which bring kids to the Cormier Youth Center. This service is FREE for AYS members and $5.00 for non-members.

Please note that this is a separate registration process from Block Party registration. 

Children MUST be pre-registered by 1PM on the day of service due to limited seating on the shuttles.


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