March 25, 2016
PACE Case: Risperidone Alternatives for Elevated QTc
A 75 year-old female participant with a history of Type II diabetes (uncomplicated), depressive psychosis, and dementia with behavioral disturbance experienced a syncope episode while at the PACE Center. 

Her medication regimen was: 
Insulin aspart 100units/ml as directed per sliding scale
Metformin 500mg daily
Pantoprazole 20mg daily
Mirtazapine 15mg daily
Lisinopril 5mg daily
Risperidone 0.5mg twice daily, PRN

After receiving a dose of risperidone, the participant's QTc was elevated to 485ms. (Normal for a female is <450ms.) The physician contacted the CareKinesis clinical pharmacist for recommendations.  Click here to read the full case.
Quote of the Month
"Thank you for all of the fantastic work you have done for us.
You have been instrumental in the success our organization has had
in our first 15 months of operations."

 - John Tucker, MHA
   Executive Director, Staywell Senior Care
  ( a note to CK clinical pharmacist, Dr. Lauren Staley)

Medication Formularies
Historically, formulary proponents argue that patients simply do not need the variety of available FDA-approved medications. They assert that every medication in a drug class is interchangeable enough and that the cost of allowing all drug options does not justify the health benefits. 

In 2016, however, these arguments are weak.Today, we know a one-size-fits-all approach to pharmacotherapy is not appropriate for all patients and that reducing drug spend does not always reduce overall healthcare costs.  Click here to read more.
Sharing PACE Outcomes at APhA
Dr. Bob Alesiani, CareKinesis Chief Pharmacotherapy Officer, was a poster presenter at the American Pharmacists Association annual meeting in Baltimore. Dr. Alesiani presented on the experience and outcomes of our PACE pharmacogenomics services with one of our Pennsylvania clients, including drug-gene interactions found by drug class and pharmacist recommendation acceptance rates.

Click here to see the poster that was presented (which was also presented at NPA in October).
NPA Policy Conference - April 4, 2016
This year, PACE vendors and partners have been invited to exhibit in April at the NPA 2016 Spring Policy Forum in Washington, DC.

Come see us at booth #14 to learn how 2016 is the CareKinesis Year of Measured Outcomes - we hope to see you there!!
CMS Medicare Enrollment - Deadline Extended!!
The deadline for CMS prescriber enrollment has been extended to February 1, 2017!

Some PACE organizations contract with specialists (dentists, podiatrists, etc.), who may need to prescribe for a PACE participant and therefore must complete the enrollment process.
CareKinesis is happy to assist clients with policies/procedures to ensure that new employees or contractors have completed the CMS enrollment process. Contact your client liaison for a list of EireneRx prescribers who are currently not enrolled.
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