JWA March Passover Newsletter 

Dear Friends,
Passover is almost here, and many of us are cleaning and preparing for this special holiday in anticipation of the demands of this festival. One special requirement of Passover  is Tzedaka (charity) called
Kimcha D'Pischa, a form of charity to ensure wine and matza is provided for all.  You can help the JWA in its annual fundraising campaign to donate to support women and children in need at this time by clicking here: http://jwa.org.hk/quick-donate/  

Speaking of women, the JWA is thrilled to be hosting another Women's Event on May 10th, "Celebrating Women in our Community"   http://jwa.org.hk/womens-event-may-10-at-700-pm/. We will be honouring the women who make our community the special place that is our home.

For those of you who are travelling, travel safely.  Wishing you all a very happy Passover,  Chag Pesach Kasher ve sameach .

With warm regards,

Shani Brownstein and Marissa Gomez Raccah

Sad News

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of past JWA Chairw oman Anneke Patria.

Anneke was born in Amsterdam, Holland in September 1938. An accomplished dancer and entertainer, Anneke came to H ong Kong in 1969 to perform and never left. She soon met  her husband Rae Patria and thus began a relationship 
that l ed  to almost 50 years of  marriage and a life in Hong Kong. Anneke taught dance, as well as  performing, until her mid 70's.
Anneke was fully committed to the JWA before and after becoming its Chair in 1970. A beautiful smile and a warm heart, Anneke's special presence will be sorely missed.

We send condolences to Rae. May her memory be a blessing.
JWA Pesach Flower Sale

Thank you so much to all who supported our initiative of flowers for Passover! Our beautiful arrangements were well received and as all proceeds go to charity ... this really is a gift that keeps on giving in many ways.

We look forward to counting on your support again in the future. With special thanks to the JCC for the support & allowing us to set up collection in the carpark.

A special thank you goes to Sharon Maghnagi and Marissa Raccah for organizing.

Join us to honour the Special Women in our Community: "Celebrating Women"
A wonderful evening is in store for all as we recognize the women who have pioneered and contributed to Hong Kong's institutions.

Don't miss this special evening honouring Debby Amias, past JWA Board Member and past Chairwoman of the HK Jewish Film Festival and April Kaminsky, first Carmel School PTA Chairwoman, past Board Member of the Holocaust and Tolerance Centre, the Jewish Historical Society, the JCC and Island School PTA.
Without these women , many of these institutions would not be here for us today.

Date: May 10, 2018
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: JCC Garden Room
RSVP: Email:  info@jwa.org.hk or call: 2589-2628 
Meet and Greet Walk

Welcome! Many newcomers continue to arrive on our shores. Whether you are a very recent newcomer or a veteran, j oin us for a walk around The Peak followed by tea at Hong Kong Park Tea House.

Meeting: In front of The Peak Lookout restaurant
Date: April 25, 2018
Time: 1:30 pm
Duration: Approx 2.5-3 hours
RSVP:  info@jwa.org.hk or 2589-2628 (or in case of rain)
ALMA is a special program helping young women post secondary school from difficult circumstances who are at risk, cope with and prepare for their future education and lives. 

This year the JWA has sponsored an educational scholarship at ALMA.   Anna Foxman, a 21 year old graduate of Hadasa Neurim boarding school, was  chosen as the scholarship beneficiary Anna shows great resilience and commitment in her life, and has been an exemplary student and soldier despite her personal hardships. 
JWA is sponsoring her tuition for her Bachelors Degree in Education this year, as she hopes to become an educator who will help youth at risk. 

The sponsorship award ceremony was held in Israel Thursday March 22, 2018 as part of the Israeli Spirit Scholarship ceremony.
Scholarship Award Ceremony
Ann a Foxman a nd Riva Fridman of Spirit of Israel  

JWA Members Update - Benefits for JWA Members

Gleneagles Hospital (GHK)  - JWA members can join a tour of this new facility. 
GHK is a state-of-the-art, multi-specialty private tertiary hospital designed to provide the Hong Kong people with high-quality and accessible healthcare services located at Wong Chuk Hang on Hong Kong Island South, GHK provides 500 beds, cutting edge medical technologies and a comprehensive range of clinical services spanning more than 35 specialties and sub-specialties. 
Special packages for JWA members will be offered.
For more information, contact info@jwa.org.hk

Windmill Training - Windmill is all about your Mind&Body development ( www.windmillge.com)
Exclusive promotion for the JWA community valid 2018-2019: Double your tools for success with Fitness Workout and Coaching:
  • Free trial of 45min Personal Training + 15min chemistry session to understand how Coaching works for you.
  • JWA Members that engage in both services have a reward of 1400hkd in services.
  • For more info, contact lidia.ribeiro@windmillge.com
Evolve Personal Training - Lee & Jen from Evolve Personal Training offer JWA members 10% discount on their first package of personnel training. For more information, call Jen: 9641-2065 

Protelicious - Benefits for members for purchasing Gou rmet Whey Protein  (From NZ grass fed cows) and Kosher. 
For more information, contact info@jwa.org.hk
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