March, 2019
Monthly Focus
Restorative Discipline
This month's newsletter focus is on restorative discipline.

We'll start with a brief video introduction explaining what restorative discipline is, offer some tips about how to begin to implement it within your current structures, and share the successes of a teacher who's made restorative discipline a feature of her practice.

Happy exploring!
Introduction to Restorative Approaches

A short film to help explain restorative approaches

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Teacher Shout-Out
Restorative discipline often has the most impact when done naturally as an integral part of a classroom culture led by high quality educators.

Kassandra Villalaz at Abraham Lincoln Middle is one such instructor. Kassandra's determination to actively teach students more appropriate ways to deal with conflict fosters an encouraging environment in which students can learn to be both better students and better people. Check out what Ms. Villalaz's students and colleagues had to say about her!

Kassandra Villalaz
Social Studies
Abraham Lincoln Middle
If you do something wrong in class, Ms. V will speak with you one-on-one and try to understand what’s going on.
-Student Z

If you’re upset, Ms. V will give you space and let you calm down. She cares about what you’re going through.
-Student T

She builds relationships with students and she cares. She embodies our new motto-- every child, always --she really takes it to heart. She invests in every child, even beyond the classroom, supporting them after school and in their extracurricular activities. She is always doing “check and connect”...disciplinary referrals are not her go-to solution.
-Terrie Ellerbe, Dean, Abraham Lincoln Middle School

Her ability to establish relationships with every student, whether hers or not--it can be a student who is in her classroom for a timeout or who’s passing in the hallway--that’s her #1 golden gift.
-LaTroy Strappy, Principal, Abraham Lincoln Middle School
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