March '23/ Trailside Update
March Promotions & Birkie Deadline

It's just your luck that March at Bicycle Doctor offers more promos to help you save. We have a remedy for that rhetorical winter itch; think BIKES! This month is Bike Month for everyone!--for the experienced 1000s-of-miles road cyclist, the competitive cyclist, the recreational pedaler, the off-the-road trail cyclist, the bike commuter, the "family-that-bikes-together" cyclist, the cyclist that wants electric assistance, and the novice cyclist who can find a bike to grow into.

March is the perfect time to buy a bike at Bicycle Doctor. Buy with confidence, knowing you won't need to spend days searching for the best price and the best value. If you're holding off buying your bike until warmer weather, our great bike selection, offering you choices of design, size and color, will go away like the melting snow. Buying in March also rewards you with the benefit of a F-U-L-L Spring to Fall riding season. The late shoppers will be wiping the winter sleep from their eyes waiting for the snow to be completely gone and you'll be ready to roll!

All promotions applicable while in-stock supplies last
Offers good until March 31, 2023
Spent All My Money
On A New Bike Promo
Having just the bike alone doesn’t give you the security, the enjoyment, the full comfort. A bike makes you mobile & gets you from Point A to Point B. What about the equipment that will add safety and protection, that takes you out and back with confidence, OR that elevates your ride experience to a decked out level? We appreciate that the experience goes beyond just owning a bike. We want you to keep enjoying biking. After spending money on your new bike, enjoy a $100 Store Credit to purchase any of these Add-Ons or Enhancers.
Spent All My Money On A New E-Bike Promo
You'd have to get an E-bike to keep up with the fast growing list of benefits the comes from owning one! Ebikes have surpassed the ideology of just helping you keep up with the group. The commuter, who enjoys avoiding traffic jams while saving money on gas, insurance & storage of a car, gets benefits. The caregiver, who works out while pulling a child trailer, gets benefits. Even the mountain biker, who climbs faster & quieter to blaze down the slopes, get benefits. The smart shopper (that's you), who gets $300 towards the purchase of an ebike, get the benefits!
The Great Upgrade Promo
Did you buy your current road bike or mountain bike with a "this is good enough for now" and now are wishing for the upgrade? Now is the time for the bike that will take you farther and give you more in performance and response with the energy you're putting into it?

Upgrade for features like shifting, tires, geometric design and we'll repurpose your old bike. We'll find a new home for it--after all it has served you well.
Registration Promo
Ride Across WI 2022 & what we saw at our rest stop inspired this promo - the need for ride options. Whether you've done the RAW in the past or planning to do in 2023, or maybe just mulling over the idea, Bicycle Doctor wants to inspire you! For the cost of $235 RAW registration, we want to give you that savings back towards a Trek Domane or Checkpoint. Give yourself the option to enjoy all the rolling roads you want or switch to grind on the gravel with 2 bikes that will handle, perform and hold-up to long miles. Let the surface be the challenge; not the ride. Test ride one of each to see which option is best for you.
Better To Replace It Promo
With any machine that has moving parts, there comes a time when replacing the parts is no longer fiscally responsible. We've serviced bikes annually that are well-maintained (& some not so well taken care of). Those bikes provided miles and memories to treasure. What's the trade off though for repetitive servicing? How much is too much when your dollars can go towards a new bike for better value and more enjoyment? We'll help you with the savings by taking $200 OFF the purchase of a new bike. New designs offer features like step-through or slacker frame, or the isospeed frame for soaking up bumps in the trail or road, or even a 1x gear shift design for simpler more efficient gearing. Hold on to the memories but grab the opportunity for savings. All trade-ins will be repurposed.
What?! Birkie Week Is Almost Here!
And...the drop off deadline for ski Race Wax Service is just days away! Sunday, February 19th is the deadline to get your skis in. As a loyalty reward for using our wax service, you'll receive a Birkie Blast Sale Coupon for 50% all in-store Ski Wear. For the "at home" ski waxers, build up your wax set up with 20% off ski wax and wax accessories including tables, profiles, iron and tools.
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March '23 / Trailside Update