The Importance of Time
Element Insurance
Friday, March 27, 2020
10:00 am – 11:00 am 
This one hour webinar will show how several recent geophysical events have affected consumers physically, even far from the actual damage, as supplies of many products have been disrupted. This webinar will also include a risk management approach to the exposures facing our commercial customers. By taking such an approach, an agent can avoid many potential errors & omissions exposures of their own. This will be an interactive presentation, so questions are welcome.
Presented by Bruce Thomas
Offered for One RI CE Credit
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Notes from an Independent Agent during the COVID-19 Crisis
Sean P. Daly, CPCU
President & CEO of Affiliated Insurance Managers

As I am working on staff reviews, and salary adjustments, while also telling customers that their claim for business income and civil authority losses are not covered, I thought how fortunate we are to be in that position and not one of the business being forced to close or seeing sales erode away.
Just wanted to share these thoughts, because we have all been there at some point;

I know right about now that you might be thinking, why did I get into this crazy industry, a pandemic is occurring around me, financial markets are plummeting, and instead of it being quiet, the phones are ringing off the hook, from upset customers whose claims are not covered. I have to dig through several company policies, submit claims and think about my plans for possibly working at home. All of that, on top of my usual daily responsibilities.
The opposite is actually true. You may have made a great decision in getting into this industry. The fact is that our customers need insurance, it’s mandated, by law in most cases, therefore we are needed on a continual basis, regardless of the weather, economy or other unforeseen event. As our clients’ businesses; restaurants, bars, nightclubs, health clubs, wholesalers and retailers all see their sales falling, with some forced to close their doors, ours remain open. As their employees get laid off and have to find way to make ends meet in the meantime, we continue to be gainfully, employed. We also have our health care, our dental and our 401K contributions.

We are fortunate that we work in an industry that is needed. Like other catastrophes that we have been through, be it windstorms, microbursts, power outages or the floods of 2010, this catastrophe will pass as well. In the meantime, our paychecks will continue and our customers will need us. 

It might not be an exciting industry, but in these times, I am glad that it is pretty damn reliable!
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A Picture is Worth…
Way More Than You Think If You are Sued for Using it Without Permission
Almost every business has a website and/or Facebook page these days because having content that entices people to visit is important. But using photos of celebrities, models or other stock photos without permission can cost you.

It may seem harmless to surf the internet and find photos to copy and use on your site to promote your business. However, using others' photos without credit is illegal. People are beginning to fight back by taking legal action. If you have photos like this on your site, take action to remove them immediately, before you are facing legal action.

Want to know more about this topic and how to protect yourself?

Click here to see our risk management flyer titled "Posting Photographs of Others Without Permission is Illegal." Any questions, contact Lori Kaufman at
Looking for some free photo resources? IIARI staff recommends the following sites :

RI DBR Extends Producer License Renewals

Producer License renewals up on March 31 have been extended to April 30. All in-person Pearson Vue training centers are currently closed.

Low-Interest Federal Disaster Loans available in Rhode Island by the SBA

For more Information on these low-interest disaster loan programs please visit:

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Working from Home Creates New Cyber Risks

Many cyber-security teams are facing the unenviable challenge of securing sprawling, vulnerable networks during the coronavirus crisis.

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