The AMLJIA would like to extend our invitation for membership participation in an exciting opportunity to collaborate, develop, and implement a new safety program similar to our Loss Control Incentive Program (LCIP). This program aims to decrease workplace accidents, decrease claims, decrease workers' compensation costs, and build a stronger safety culture for our workforce and communities.

Members currently participating in the LCIP program may earn up to a five percent credit based on their annual contributions with the savings applied towards next year's contribution. That's a significant cost savings!

We have a 3-year goal to create a pilot cycle complete with assessments and adjustments through 2025. Within this first year, our goal is to develop a new safety program which will be implemented by our pilot members.

This is an awesome opportunity to discuss what safety programs have worked or not worked with your employees, collaborate with your Risk Control Specialists, and become involved in a new member-driven safety program with the AMLJIA. You do not need to be an active LCIP participant to join our pilot program. If you would like to learn more about our Loss Control Incentive Program and start cost saving on your annual contribution, email Risk Control Specialist, Amira Goldstein, or call toll-free at 1-800-337-3682.