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Nassau Grouper & Striped Grunt; Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel, Mexico; Paul Mila Photo
Welcome to the March edition of Sea-gram, from  .

March found us in Cozumel, exploring the depths diving Santa Rosa Wall with  dive buddy Fulvio.
Fulvio & Paul

On our way to the edge of Santa Rosa Wall I peered under a coral ledge and found a Nassau Grouper hanging out with his own dive buddy, a striped grunt, in this month's headline photo, above.
My SeaLife DC1400, with digital strobe & wide-angle lens, made it an easy shot.

For even better underwater photography, stop by the SeaLife booth at Beneath The Sea this weekend, and check out the new SeaLife DC2000 camera system:
The New SeaLife 2000
The New SeaLife 2000

We were diving in Cozumel when I noticed another diver photographing something. I finned over to check out the action. That's when I saw what he was shooting -- a lobster on the run. 
Lobster on the Run
Lobster on the Run
Usually, spiny lobsters remain hiding in nooks & crannies during the day. But this one had some destination in mind. One member of our dive group, Cristen Forrester, swam over to check out the action, in the background. 
For this video I simply pushed one button to put my SeaLife DC1400 into video mode. I used ambient light rather than an external light because all the sand might have created glare.


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Paul J. Mila
  Conservation Corner . . .
           Whales Still in Danger                                                                    
PEW Charitable Trusts, published some great photos of the endangered Blue Whale to inspire conservation.  A great story!

On the other hand,  we also received a disheartening story from Sea-gram reader Karen Sunde, published by, about the threat Norway now poses to whales -- even worse than by Japan. 

Avaaz reports that:
While the international community was focusing its attention on whale-hunts in Iceland and Japan, Norway has quietly become the biggest whale-killer in the world! Now the government wants to double the slaughter.

New horrific reports reveal that 90% of whales killed are female, and almost all are pregnant. These revelations are so shocking, public opinion is turning away from whaling, and with elections upcoming that's leaving the government isolated. If bring voices from around the world together now, and speak out against the whale slaughter, we can finally push national politicians to speak up and stop this horror!

The whaling season is just weeks away. Our only chance for change is to make this huge in international media so that enough Norwegians know about their government's actions and demand change! 

In just the last year, our community got a major Icelandic whale hunter bad boy to shut down his operations, pressured the International Whaling Commission to clamp down on "scientific whaling", and helped set a path to have 30% of our oceans protected by 2030. This is winnable, and if we keep fighting, we can end whaling for good.

Some argue that whaling is a cultural tradition in Norway. But so few Norwegians eat whale meat now that new investigations show they end up using it to feed animals! And the Norwegian government even had to introduce subsidies to bolster the internal market.

You can sign a petition to make your voice heard on this issue:

My anti-whaling novel, Whales' Angels, delves into some of these issues. 
Click the cover image for more information:

 Story Behind the Photo . . .
                   "A Colorful Lionfish"
                       By John Hand, Long Island, NY
Diver John Hand sent us this month's photo story, diving in Turks & Caicos this past January:

The photo was taken while we were diving in Turks and Caicos
 with Provo Divers.
Since Lion Fish are invaders and harmful towards native fish, I usually ignore them all together.  However, I liked his positioning and the fact he hovered above some colorful sponge I figured it made for a nice color combination picture. 

Again, remembering your expertise, I tried to shoot in an upward motion . The pic was taken at 35-40 ft., and I was about 3 feet in front when I took aim and shot. 

Photo Equipment:
I used a Canon G16 camera with the FantAsea FG16 housing, and a Sea and Sea YS-03 strobe.  

Thanks for sharing your great photo, John!
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Conservation Corner:

                           Whales Still in Danger

Story Behind The Photo:

                            Colorful Lionfish

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Mystery Explained.
Last month we included this YouTube link to a fascinating little creature sent to us by Sara Helmke, titled, "Underwater Hippos," and asked if anyone could ID them.
Underwater Hippos = Magnificent Cuttlefish
Underwater Hippos = Magnificent Cuttlefish

Sea-gram reader Kathy Coyle replied that they are called Magficicent Cuttlefish, common to Indonesia.
Kathy wrote:
"This is a tiny creature. It can squirt along quickly when stressed, but when hunting it "walks" along the bottom like the video showed. I know that you love Cozumel, as do I, but nothing compares to Indonesia muck diving.  Safe Diving and keep up the good work. Kathy."
Thanks for helping us out, Kathy!

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Rare Beaked Whale Photographed

Scientist in the Azores shot the first-ever video of the rare Beaked Whale.  Check out this fascinating story and video.

Rare Beaked Whale
Rare Beaked Whale Video

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Shark Conservation
Bonaire resident, and 
Sea-gram reader, Tish Dace sent us this great update about shark conservation efforts in Bonaire:

* * * * * * * * *
 Sea Shepherd Update

Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization protects whales, sea turtles, the rare vaquita porpoise, and many other endangered species.
Read about their recent efforts to protect sharks in the Galapagos:

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