Do You Have the Time? 

Is it time?

How much time do I have to be and do what I want before I run out of time?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the query, "does a fish know it’s in water?" Google says no! A fish can’t understand water because out of it, it doesn’t survive. 

Do we know our lives depend on time, and that everything in our lives is measured by time. The time you were born, walked, drove a car, graduated, married, had children, STOP! Nothing measures a life in time as having and raising children. Today I am writing this article on the day my son Ron was born fifty-one years ago. From the day of his birth to the day I became a grandmother, twice, until today, my life has been a measurement of our lives spinning through a reality we create one timely decision after another. 

Take time and think of your children and the width and depth they have created in your timeline. How much more are you because of their lives? 

And then there are other relationships; our family, spouses, friends, partners, and co-workers and of course the relation to nature and the seasons that reinforces our connection with time. There are no shot cuts, You can’t force nature. It blossoms, grows, lives and dies on its own time. Similarly, you can’t push relationships to be something they are not…. they take time.  

This week two clients inspired my thoughts on time. 

Mary Lee, returning from a ten-day trip to Israel, stated the trip was a life changing time for her and her husband. Listening and watching her describe their experiences inspired us in the salon to want to travel and expand our lives…to make the time. 

Gandolfa, our ninety-one-year-old client/friend/confidant/mentor began her most recent career only three years ago as a life coach. She and a friend, a sixty-year-old, flew out on Tuesday to New York City to attend the play, A Beautiful Noise, a tribute to Neil Diamond. They spent two evenings and returned on Thursday and Gandolfa was back in the salon Friday for her weekly shampoo and style. She boasted on what a great time they had. They are planning on traveling again.  

I can’t help but ask, "where I am wasting time?" Such a precious commodity, and once it is spent, it’s gone. Is it time to let go of worry, procrastination, expectation, frustration, and condemnation. Whose timeline is taking my time? What trip, adventure and experience are waiting to take up some of my time?


There is no time like the present time. And it is indeed a matter of time. 

And I'm celebrating the time I have with you.

With love,


Eufora Products of the Month

Formation, Styling Foam and Pure Polish a shine emollient-a Eufora Cocktail before styling. 


Dial Up the Fun -I came across a fun article by Barbara Danza on having fun…I thought it was timely. Here is a synopsis.

Dial Up the Fun. There’s no age limit to having a blast. Think about it—when’s the last time you actually had some honest-to-goodness fun? How often do you enjoy being silly or playful or childlike? If you’re like most adults these days, it has probably been quite some time. You can still have fun no matter the state of the world or the year on your birth certificate. Here are a few simple ways to bring back the fun. 

Prioritize Fun: It can be helpful to remember the benefits of fun. Fun is actually good for your productivity and adult responsibilities. So why not put fun on your to-do list? 

Define your flavor: The thing about fun is that it isn’t the same for everyone. Define what’s fun for you and then make a point of incorporating more of that in your life. 

Joke around: Having fun doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate. Sometimes all you need to lighten things up is a good chuckle. 

Boogie down: Fun can seem elusive if you’re low on energy. One simple way to amp your favorite dance tunes—you know the ones-and move your body to the beat. You’ll lift your spirits and mood and probably catch yourself having fun. 

Exercise differently: If you’ve been doing the same routine at the gym or running the same route for your exercise regimen, mix it up now and then with fun activities. 

Reminisce: If having fun doesn’t feel like it’s coming naturally to you, take some time to remember what it was like to be a young child. Remember your toys, games, siblings and friends. 

Bring fun: At the end of the day, fun is a state of mind. You can have fun wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, if you bring the fun with you. 

Quote of the Month

If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money. -Abigail Van Buren

Yes, We Wax!

Are your eyebrows a little out of control? A nicely shaped eyebrow adds lift to your face and makes the eye appear larger and more youthful. Contact us for an appointment.

Pluma Book Club

The Second Mrs. Aster by Shana Abe 

Personal Development: Food Fix

by Dr. Mark Hyman MD

Culinary Creations by Connie

Recipe of the Month

Connie Thibault.jpg

Hasselback Apples

This month Connie features Hasselback Apple Dessert --easy, guilt free, and gluten free!

Click here for recipe and enjoy.

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