March '22/ Trailside Update
Spring Classics/Equipment Care/Training
Spring Classic Header
Spring Fires Off
The Classics
In Wisconsin, it's the anticipation of warm Spring weather and cycling events that gets us pumped. Globally, 2022 cycling events will be entertaining. From snow to beach, to across the big blue, cyclists are racing. The Fat Bike Birkie, on March 12th will ride out on the world famous Birkie Trail. Then, wait for it.....roll down the east coast onto Block Runner Beach, NC, where the US Fat Bike Beach Championship is gearing up for March 18-20th. Across the great waters, the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) features races for all disciplines; road, track, mountain bike, bmx, indoor and esport. Fire off the season with Spring Classics. The 3 grand tours of road racing are Giro d'Italia(May), Tour de France(July) and Vuelta a Espana(August). Ending the circuit with the mother of races, the World Championships (September) held this year in Australia.

It's competitive and exhilarating. We love it! These events all share our vision: to promote a healthy lifestyle worldwide. You can join in by biking in your community. Watch for announcements of upcoming rides to participate in. For the circuit schedule of the Spring Classics and to find out who has live coverage....
Protect Your Investment
Do you have a protective case for your phone? Sure and why? Because the cost, time and hassle to replace the device is an expensive alternative. If you've done this, you know the headache. Consider your sport equipment the same way. Avoid the damage and the headache of replacement by properly
caring for your equipment.

These basic services we offer will prevent seasonal neglect of your investment.
Nordic Skis
Storage Wax Service

for storage wax
before March 31

Add Level 1 wax
for Next Season
Return before Oct 15

ADD $18
Tire Sealant
Tubeless Sealant

for 2 wheel
sealant injection

4oz - $ 9.99
8oz - $12.99

Usual sealant injection
is 2oz per tire
Ebike maintenance
Firmware & Diagnostic

Firmware Update
on certified brands

Diagnostic Evaluation

Protect Yourself
How's Your Helmet Health?
All that apply
🔲 Purchased before 2018?
🔲 Is the plastic shell loose?
🔲 Is the plastic shell dented?
🔲 Is the plastic shell cracked?
🔲 Did you hit your helmet in a fall?
If you've checked any of the boxes, it's time for a new helmet. A safe ride is our top priority. It's so important, we're giving you
$10.00 towards the purchase of a new helmet.
*Offer ends March 31st
$10 OFF
Keep Safe

Test Your Helmet

Save Your Head
Improve Yourself
Conveniently ride inside with the deals we have on trainers.
*Offer ends March 31st
March '22 / Trailside Update