TIDE Newsletter - March 2021
Spring is the time of plans and projects. ― Leo Tolstoy,
Anna Karenina
It is time for every artist to be the positive change we all desire in 2021! The practice of change through art is about collaboration and community. Sharing your ideas. Being involved in projects. Turning your vision away from sources which feed despair. PBAA challenges each of our members to take time to embrace nature, art and our wonderful community. Spring forward....don't fall back.

No General Membership Meeting in March

Classroom panels are available for March-April. Panel rental is $25 for the two month period. Panels 2,5,6,& 7 are available. Please contact Denise Ortega at denisekerfoot@gmail.com or call 707-280-3120 and leave a message. Change out day is Monday, March 1 from 10-noon. You are responsible for hanging your own work; you keep 100% of the profits.

2nd Saturday is set for March 13th from 4-6pm. We still have mask wearing mandates in place and social distancing requirements so please be considerate.

Art Panels for Art at the Port will be available at Wright’s beginning March 3rd.
More information follows.

Painting for the Port Starts Sunday April 4th. Keep reading for more information!

President's Message
I had an inquiry from a member this month about staffing for the Manley Art Center. While hiring a staff person is one of the goals of our Strategic Plan, this is not something we can jump right into. If we hired someone now, we would have to use the Mosby legacy funding and in a few short years, we would use up a significant amount of it. Instead, we are looking into grant opportunities and this is going to take a year or more. There aren’t many grant sources that will fund staffing and those that do, want to see a plan for becoming self sustaining. Our current budget does not sustain a staff person without increasing our revenue and so that is the conundrum.

You may recall that our Strategic Plan also identified possible renovation of the Manley building.
We have earmarked $80,000 in a building fund and this is designed to leverage other funding sources. Sharon Guy and Pete Chasar are active on the Building Renovation Committee and I am joining them as an ex-officio committee member. First steps are determining the structural integrity of the building, understanding any constraints such as lot line issues, setbacks and any recorded limitations on use of the remaining land. Then, the committee will know what opportunities are possible. As we all know, lining up contractors to schedule the work will take a year or maybe more.

So what about things that are happening now and in the near future?

  • Sharon Guy is working on a pilot project to bring the Children's Art program to Kalmiopsis
Elementary School.
  • As we emerge out of the Pandemic, we will be able to offer workshops and classes at the Manley again. In the meantime, several informal groups continue to meet in the classroom each week.
  • Art at the Port is happening.Registration and Panels will be available starting March 3rd at Wright’s.
  • The Festival of Art is shaping up- This time it will be at Azalea Park.
  • The Gallery is alive and well- March will be our third month with a featured artist and with better weather, we will be part of the Second Saturday Art Walk.
  • The Board has adopted an Investment Policy for the Mosby legacy.
  • Our VP-Tory is working on a much needed PBAA Operational Handbook.
  • We have launched the new website https://manleyartcenter.com/.

We need your time and talent to keep things rolling for PBAA. I may be calling you to find out what you can do. I will also continue to mention in this message- members are the key to our success, not just in displaying your own art but in keeping things running. Please don’t feel shy about contacting me to talk about ways you can help, to ask a question or to make a suggestion.

Thanks for reading! See you at the Manley for the new show!

Chaney Delaire
(707) 695-7331
Patty Nance- The Woman, the Myth and the Legend
A bookkeeper is responsible for recording and maintaining a business’ financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices, and payments. The bookkeeper records financial data into general ledgers
used to produce the balance sheet and income statement. The bookkeeper is generally responsible for overseeing the steps of the accounting cycle.
Heck! A bookkeeper makes a Treasurer look good. So, who makes your PBAA Treasurer look good?

Patty Nance, a PBAA member volunteer-

Patty has been directly responsible for moving PBAA into a much needed financial software upgrade. With the Mosby legacy came a need for non-profit accounting software to satisfy the fiduciary responsibility of your PBAA Board. Without Patty, we would have certainly been lost and not in compliance.
It may seem a bit strange that such a creative and artistic person such as Patty could be such a fantastic bookkeeper. Well, maybe not so strange if you believe in Unicorns! - Leslie Wilkinson
Painting for the Port-
Starts Sundays April 4th through April 28th from 1-3pm at the Chetco Grange located on the corner of Hwy101 and Shopping Center Ave in Harbor. Buy your panel at Wright's for $10 and bring it to class with photos or drawings you would like to use for your submission to the Art at the Port exhibit. The class will help you lay out your painting, sketch it in and will start you painting. Acrylic paint and brushes will be provided. All ages....$15. 
Register at sigart573@gmail.com before March 28th.

Art at the Port- Start planning now for your 2021 entry. More than $1000 in awards will again be presented to winning participants. Art Panels will be available at Wright’s beginning March 3, 2021. Art Panels are 16” X 24”, primed and ready to paint. For complete specs, guidelines and tips go to the Art at the Port website: https://www.artattheport.com.
Under “How to Enter” click on the red Download link for “2021 Artists Agreement”.
Gallery News by Rachel Gates
We are going to try for an in-house 2nd Saturday guest artist from 4-6pm, March 13th.
We will update you as we get closer.
Art Change Out is March 1st 10am-noon.
David Galchutt
Artist/illustrator David Galchutt was born and raised in Southern California by artist parents. His father was a graphic designer and his mother studied costume design. He graduated from art center college of design in Pasadena in 1981.
He has worked for 40 years in various fields of illustration. David has extensive experience in the toy industry (Mattel, etc.), the children's literature field, and the gift-ware industry. He has illustrated many issues of Highlights magazine for children. 

David wrote and published a children's book for Simon & Schuster as the illustration field shifted to art being done digitally, he shifted his field of interest to fine art painting and art licensing. David is represented by art licensing international in Vermont and divides his time by painting for a fine art audience and a licensing market. Many of his designs have been turned into rug hooking patterns, puzzles, greeting cards, needlepoint kits and garden flags.
David moved to Brookings in 2014, happy to be away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. David now paints full time and enjoys the quiet beauty of the Oregon Coast.
David sells his artwork on: 
His website can be viewed at:

He will be offering his artwork for sale at the Manley Art Center during the month of March.