Month of Giving Fundraiser
Jersey Mike's has chosen The Literacy Council for the Month of Giving. Visit Jersey Mike's each day in March and a percentage of sales is donated to The Literacy Council. On March 31st, Day of Giving, 100% of sales is donated! Please spread the word!

Visit our website to view event flyers, the press release, an awesome Radio PSA and weekly coupons.
TLC's Website!
Please check out our website. We have made many improvements! You can now refer anyone who would like to become a tutor as well as anyone who would benefit from our services (register for a tutor or classes). The monthly form to record hours is available as well as in-services and other tutor events. Resources will be coming soon.
Register Today!
IACEA's March Conference is virtual and FREE for 2021!
This is a great opportunity to join virtual workshops. These workshops are wonderful and loaded with new activities and resources for you to use. Please let us know you attended and we will add it to your volunteer hours.

The conference is two days: March 12th and March 19th.
New Tutor Workshops
First of all, we would like to thank all of our tutors who have been helping the new tutors. The tutor Q&A sessions have been super helpful! The in-services and session observations have made a world of difference, too! Thank You!!!

If you know of anyone who would like to become a tutor, please share our link to the upcoming workshops. We have changed these to include more virtual activities. Also, the workshops are finished within a week instead of a month. We are hoping a shorter time to become a tutor will make a difference.
Thank You!!!
Forms to Complete
Monthly Tutoring Hours Report
Please complete your tutoring hours monthly (even if you are not meeting).

Updated Goals Form
Complete the Goals Form with your learner. This should be done together. This is the same form as the paper copy but with some updates. I will email you a completed goals form shortly after submission.
Update on Tutoring in-Person
The Literacy Council's Learning Center
TLC is still closed for in-person tutoring due to Covid-19. We will update you when we open it back up. Tutors are able to come in to get any material they need. Please call the office first to make sure someone is there as many of us are still working virtually. 815-963-7323.

North Suburban Library (NSLD)
NSLD will be closed to in-person tutoring for quite a bit longer. They are not sure when they will reopen. When the weather gets warmer, tutors and learners are more than welcome to bring lawn chairs and meet outside in that grassy patch by the former North Suburban Women’s Club building parking lot. NSLD extended their Wi-Fi so that there is a strong signal in their NSLD parking lots.

Call ahead and see if the rooms are available for tutoring. The libraries that are open right now are Hart Interim at 214 N. Church, East Branch on East State St., and Montague Branch on the west side. See more information below.

Hart Interim
Hart is allowing walk-ups who need to use a laptop, read the paper, or other library-related needs, to use a room for 45 minutes. No advanced reservation (except special cases, like test taking or doing a work training, that requires extra time). Staff keeps a close eye on the time. So far customers have been far between and are respectful of the 45 minute rule and mask requirements.

East Branch
No study rooms are open yet.

IDA in Belvidere
If tutors want to meet in person, tutors need to call first to set it up. IDA is allowing two people at a table for one hour. (815) 544-3838
Connect To TLC
Do you have Facebook? Have you "liked" us? Are you part of our closed (private) group for tutors on Facebook? If you aren't, you don't know what you are missing! Please connect to us. If you have problems, we can help.
Facebook: @TheLiteracyCouncil 
Closed Facebook Group: TLC Tutors (I can add you if you can connect to me on Facebook (Bonnie Jensen) or you can ask to join the group.)

Why do we have a closed Facebook Group for tutors?
We share resources. There are many activities and resources for you and your learner. We also share community events coming up as well as posts about food pantries and other related events.

Is TLC on other social media channels?
Yes! The other two main channels are Instagram and Twitter. Please follow us!
Instagram: theliteracycouncilrockford
Twitter: @the_literacy
Citizenship Test Update

Some of you attended the tutor in-service about the citizenship test. There is updated news to share!

On February 22, 2021, USCIS announced that it is reverting to the 2008 civics test. There is no need for any of your learners to study for the 2020 version of the test (the 128 questions) since any impacted applicants will be given the choice of which test to take. 

From the Public Engagement Division, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service: "Applicants who filed their naturalization applications on or after Dec. 1, 2020, but before March 1, 2021, with an initial examination (interview) before April 19, 2021, will have the choice to either take the 2008 civics test or the 2020 civics test. We will notify applicants who are affected by the change. If the initial interview is scheduled on or after April 19, 2021, applicants will take the 2008 civic test."

Additional information and study materials are available on their Citizenship Resource Center page
Did you know?
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