March 1, 2018

Dear Stanwich Families,

We are all horrified and dismayed by the continued senseless carnage in schools, churches and public places. As an independent school with a diverse population of families, we try to avoid political positions whenever possible. However, it seems to fair to say that as contributing citizens, Americans need to communicate their perspectives respectfully to their elected representatives.  

Meanwhile we continue to refine and improve our school security efforts however possible. Stanwich's security strong suit is our small size and familiarity among individuals involved at school daily. As we now require all employees to wear identifying nametags in the event of an emergency, please remember during the regular school day to sign in at the office and to receive a visitor badge.  

Director of Operations Ms. McFadden met recently with Greenwich Police Department officials to tour the facility and to make recommendations for safety improvements and to update our emergency policies and preparedness. We continue to keep our new heavy-duty exterior doors locked while school is in session.   In accordance with the most recent recommendations by the State, we hold regular emergency drills and require all employees and outside professionals working with students to complete comprehensive background checks prior to working on campus.   Most recently we have begun working with GCDS Director of Security Mike Reynolds to update our faculty's emergency preparedness according to the most recent guidelines. Once that training has been completed, we expect another lock down drill in the next two months.  

Although we do not have a guard on duty all day as some schools do, a police officer directs traffic during the busiest times of the day and is available to assist otherwise if needed. Plans for physical plant renovations and expansion on the Stanwich campus are still being developed, but undoubtedly the security systems will align with those on the GCDS Old Church Road campus and be more extensive than those currently in place: no doubt involving swipe badges both interior and exterior cameras campus wide, and designated security personnel.  

As we begin to prepare for the 20th Anniversary Annual Benefit Gala on April 27th (please save the date), we are wrapping up our 2017-2018 Annual Fund effort. Several times I have been asked why should current parents give to Stanwich in light of the consolidation process underway with GCDS. Please remember that, despite some comingling of the two community in advance of September 2019, the Stanwich educational program remains autonomous. We therefore must continue to depend on the charitable giving within the Stanwich community to underwrite the many soft costs - professional development, special activities, etc. - that enrich the daily lives of our teachers and children. If you have not yet participated in this year's Annual Fund, please go to our website and join in.  

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please call me or arrange a time to meet. I hope that everyone has a wonderful spring break.  


Charles Sachs
Head of School