Texas TreEmail - March Update
Mark Chisholm
Cranes and Trees Workshop 
ISAT teams up with Mark Chisholm
Next Saturday - April 6, 2019 - San Marcos

This one-day workshop focuses on practical and advanced rigging, estimation of weight, and proper cuts associated with crane use. It will include class time and an outdoor demonstration. Mark Chisholm, working arborist, instructor and ISA World Champion Climber will lead the workshop. 

Another ISAT Master's Series Workshop - Register Today!

Wildfire Risk Assessment Qualification Course and Assessment
May 1-2, 2019 in Lubbock

The threat wildfire poses to residents of Texas increases everyday as more people move into once natural areas. We know that it is not a question of if a fire will start, but when.
The Texas A&M Forest Service and Texas Chapter ISA have developed this credential to introduce you to new terms and principles to incorporate into your arboriculture practice.   As an ISA Certified Arborist, have you considered how your skills and experience can improve the safety and quality of tree care to protect Texans and ecosystems from wildfire? By taking the Wildfire Risk Assessment Qualification course, you will become more knowledgeable about how to evaluate and mitigate property from the threat wildfire poses. 

Bilingual Tree Care and Safety Workshop -
(Taller Bilingue del Cuidado y Seguridad de Arboles)
April 5, 2019
Schertz, Texas

It is time for the 10th Bilingual Tree Care & Safety Workshop in San Antonio. Learn from tree care leaders Mark Chisolm and Eduardo Medina to take your knowledge and career to new heights.  Keynote speaker Mark Chisolm and Eduardo Medina will conduct 'Basic Rigging' and 'Rigging in Compromised Trees' indoors. In the field demonstrations will visually show the rigging forces present under load.  Molly Keck will discuss 'Important Insects of Central Texas' and Emmett Muennink will demonstrate tree injection equipment that can manage insects and disease.

Texas Tree Climbing Championship 
May 16-18, 2019
Attn: Volunteers and Exhibitors

Mark your calendars now for this year's contest, pre-climb workshop and Arbor Fair. The winner of this year's competition will represent the Texas Chapter in the International Tree Climbing Contest. This is a great event to attend if you are a working climber and want to improve your skills.

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Contact Markus Smith, TTCC Chair at 512.467.8733 or markus@justtrees.com 
Neville Mann - Team ISAT Captain
TREE Fund - Tour des Trees 2019 
September 15-21, 2019
Kentucky Tennessee Loop
Join Team Texas!

Support tree research and scholarships - Make your pledge to support  Neville Mann, our Team Texas Chapter ISA Tour des Trees Captain!

The Tour des Trees is an annual long-distance cycling adventure which serves as the primary public outreach and community engagement event for Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund). Since 1992 Tour riders have cycled through communities in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., planting trees, educating children and shining a light on the work done by arboriculture professionals and the importance of science-based tree care. TREE Fund has been able to disburse nearly $4.0 million in grant and scholarship funding since 2002, and the Tour des Trees has been a key component in the organization's ongoing success.

What's The Tallest A Tree Can Grow?
A 5 minute animation

What makes a tree grow tall? And do trees ever stop growing? Explore how photosynthesis and gravity can affect and limit the height of trees. 

Reaching heights of over 100 meters, Californian sequoias tower over Earth's other 60,000 tree species. But even these behemoths seem to have their limits: no sequoia on record has been able to grow taller than 130 meters. So what exactly is stopping these trees from growing taller, forever? Valentin Hammoudi investigates why trees have limited heights.

Need to Hire Good Help?
Competing with large firms?

Is bigger always better? Not necessarily when it comes to recruiting talent. Today's job seeker is looking for more in a new position than just how big a company is. Just as David killed the giant with a strategic blow to the head, small companies can beat their larger competition by knowing their strengths - and the competition's weaknesses.

A quick scan of job postings will confirm that the competition for talented professionals is fierce. As the saying goes, "The war for talent is over ... and the talent won." With next to full employment, most candidates, including entry-level workers, have more career options than ever before. That means companies have to up their game to fill their open positions.

This represents a unique challenge for the green industry as over half of it is comprised of small businesses. Competing for talent against companies with bigger name recognition and fatter recruiting budgets can feel like a David versus Goliath scenario. But it doesn't need to be that way.

Savvy small business leaders can create compelling offerings to candidates, but they need to be proactive and carefully plan their approach. Here are five tips that can help you bag that highly coveted talent.

A Pathogen is Destroying Italy's Olive Trees
Millions killed by Xylella fastidiosa

The same bacteria that is killing our Texas wine grape vines is now killing the olive oil industry in Italy.

Xylella causes plants to die of thirst from the inside out. The bacteria get passed from tree to tree by tiny pests called spittlebugs, which latch onto their hosts' xylem-the straw-like tubes inside plants that transport water from roots to leaves. If the bugs suck liquid out of an infected tree, they can carry the bacteria in their maw and inject them into the next plant they feed upon. The bugs are native to the region, and before Xylella arrived on Italian shores, they weren't seen as a problem. Now, their presence incites fear.

Once planted in the tree, the bacteria spread slowly, colonizing the xylem tubes and thickening into a sort of biofilm-a gloppy mass that blocks water from flowing, starving the tree's extremities of water. Sometimes, the trees die outright. Other times, they linger in a shadow-like state, too weak to grow fruit but ripe with bacterial loads.  There is no known cure. Once the bacteria infiltrate a host, the plant stays infected until it dies.

State Champion Bald Cypress
Is Everything Really Bigger in Texas - Including Trees?

The Texas Big Tree Registry recognizes the largest known tree of each species growing in the state.  In some cases, these trees could be the largest in the country! Of the 653 Texas Big Tree Registry Trees, 274 are State Champions and 74 are National Champions.


Arborists are encouraged to contact the Texas A&M Forest Service to nominate big trees that they think may be Texas or National Champions.

Click here for the Big Tree Registry homepage

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ISA News

ISA Headquarters has moved - Their new physical address is 270 Peachtree Street NW Ste. 1900 Atlanta, GA 30303.  The mailing address is PO BOX 191, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

2019 ISA Conference Annual International Conference & Trade Show -  The ISA conference provides a forum for the exchange of information and opportunities to network with others in the arboricultural profession.  The event provides a lineup of educational sessions led by industry leaders from around the globe.  The conference will be on August 11 - 14, 2019 in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Knoxville Convention Center. Click here for more information

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