Trinity Tidings March 2019   Volume 33, No. 3
Welcome to our online version of Trinity Tidings.

Upcoming Events at Trinity:

March 3
Communion Sunday

Basketball Recognition Sunday, 11am Service

YWE Movie Night at Trinity

March 6
WNL Dinner, 5:30pm
Ash Wednesday Service, 6:30pm

March 15-17
Montreat Sr. High Retreat

April 7
Communion Sunday

April 13
Children's Easter Event

April 18
Maundy Thursday Service, 7pm

April 21
7:00am Easter "Sonrise" Service at Trailblazer Park Amphitheater

Trinity's Easter Services
9 and 11am

Ash Wednesday Worship Service
Join us this Wednesday, March 6
at 5:30 for the WNL Dinner 
and at 6:30pm for the
Ash Wednesday Worship Service
   Our worship will include the imposition of ashes.
*Children will meet at 6:30pm for WNL activities and then attend the service together. Also, there will be no Sounds of Joy or Chancel Choir Rehearsal.
New WNL Adult Bible Study

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic
A Study Led by Theresa Horton
Beginning Wednesday Night, March 13th at 6:30pm, Thorpe Building
Jesus' native language, Aramaic, was not available to Biblical scholars after about 500 AD, due to historical events and the geography of the isolated pockets of immigrants to the mountainous regions of the Middle East (Iraq, Turkey, and Syria). 
However, British explorers in the 1800's found small villages in these mountainous regions where the people spoke an "unknown language" that turned out to have very old roots indeed.
Modern scholars have studied Aramaic extensively, and for Christians, its multiple meanings for nearly every word have opened such words of Jesus as the Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, and the I Am sayings in John to other interpretations. This is not to say the Greek is wrong; it isn't; but it is to say that, for purposes of prayer, meditation, and inspiration, alternate meanings available through the Aramaic can lend a freshness to the words of Jesus. 
Theresa Horton has been an off-and-on student of this subject since the late 1990's and is pleased to offer a class on the Lord's Prayer. Please bring a writing surface (like a tablet or a magazine) and a pencil or pen to class. We'll be handing out transliterations of the various lines of the Lord's Prayer, but Theresa would like the class to make its own notes as to alternate meanings of the words, based on what "lights up" for each person.
A Message from Our Minister
Dear Friends:
Wednesday, March 6th, is Ash Wednesday. As such it marks the beginning of Lent, and Lent leads into Holy Week, and Holy Week culminates in the celebration of Easter! Within the rhythms of the Christian liturgical year there is no more spiritually important time than the six weeks of Lent. Why? Because they lead us to the celebration of the defining and core event of our Christian faith – the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Across the centuries of Christianity, the observance of Ash Wednesday has come to mark the start of this critical spiritual journey for believers across the globe, and across many expressions of Christian faith. Nonetheless, it is likely that there are some among us at Trinity that are unfamiliar with Ash Wednesday. This is true for a variety of reasons. (1) The reality is some in our fellowship are relatively new to the faith. (2) Culturally speaking, it is also true that we live in a part of the country that is not dominated by Christian traditions known for explicitly formal worship practices. (3) For others, it may be that the idea of Ash Wednesday reminds them of Roman Catholicism or other “high church” denominations.

Since the Reformation era of the 1500’s, the observance of Ash Wednesday among Protestants has been uneven across various Protestant denominations, including our own Reformed/Presbyterian tradition. However, the observance of Ash Wednesday and the subsequent keeping of a Lenten discipline as a means to renew and affirm our faith actually has its roots from the earliest days of Christianity (predating the creation of the Roman Church by hundreds of years!).  

Here at Trinity, our Ash Wednesday worship is ordered and informed by ancient Christian worship practices; worship practices which existed for hundreds of years prior to the Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity and the adoption of the Christian faith as the faith of the Roman Empire. Our worship will offer participants the opportunity to receive the imposition of ashes on the forehead. In long-standing Christian tradition, most commonly, these “ashes” are created by burning the palm fronds which were used in Palm Sunday worship the previous year. Through the special and talented efforts of one of our members, we are particularly blessed here at Trinity in that the ashes we use are actually created from the very fronds used in our church’s previous year Palm Sunday worship.

Why did early Christians adopt this custom of the imposition of ashes? Such a practice has deep roots in Scripture. In the Old Testament, showering oneself in ashes was understood as a sign of repentance from sin. For Christians, the imposition of ashes subsequently became a powerful symbolic reminder of our identity as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The ashes serve as a tangible reminder that we human beings are indeed “dust, and to dust we shall return.” They are a tangible reminder that it is only through our faith in the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ that we have the possibility to receive eternal life and transcend our fateful appointment with the “dust”. It is only our identity as a disciple of the one who died for us that the door of eternal life is opened for us.

The reality is that most of us live our daily lives without any tangible marking or reminder of that core identity that defines who we are, and whose we are. So, I invite you to prayerfully consider receiving just such a reminder of who you are. Join us on Wednesday evening, March 6th, at 6:30pm for our Ash Wednesday service. Of course, as with our understanding of the elements for the Lord’s Supper, or the water used in Baptism, there is nothing inherently transcendent in the power of the ashes themselves. What makes them meaningful is what they represent to us! The ashes point to our mortality. Without the grace of Jesus Christ we are headed to the “dust.” Yet, through our faith in him our ultimate destination is changed! Indeed, there is amazing power when we humble our hearts and minds in faith before God, and thereby open our hearts to him. The power of the Holy Spirit to renew us waits for us to open ourselves, and to claim our need for God.

I invite you to come and share in the beginning of the spiritual journey that leads to the cross, and ultimately to the empty tomb. Come and start the journey that begins in “ashes” but does not end in dust but in eternal glory!
Tea for Friends!

If you would like to join our Trinity team and
deliver welcome packages to our visitors each week,
please contact Chris Marsh
 via text message or phone call at (864) 525-0181.
 We look forward to hearing from you soon!
North Greenville Crisis Ministry
Thank you for your continued support for this ministry.

IMMEDIATE NEEDS: Socks new and gently used, all sizes; Blankets; Coats/Jackets; Winter Clothes, all sizes- adult and children's

CURRENT NEEDS include: Canned Meat, Canned Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Macaroni & Cheese/Pasta, and Plastic Grocery Bags.
Please note donations are now being collected in the Narthex at the Welcome Center.
Newspapers Needed!
This is a plea for help for the large numbers of kittens and puppies at the Greenville Humane Society. Bedding is needed. Please bring your newspapers (Newsprint only; NO slick pages please!) to McKinney Hall and put them in the box beside the grocery cart. Tom McCorkle will deliver them for us!
Thank You!
Dear Trinity Presbyterian Church,

Thank you so much for all of the love and support you give our UKirk here at Furman. Without all of your financial support, snacks support and prayer support, this group would not be possible. Thank you so much for all of your continued support.
Furman UKirk
Trinity Tag Sale Notice
The Trinity Tag Sale was a huge success last year and we are hoping for a repeat performance this year! The Tag Sale will be Saturday, June 8, 2019, from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm. We have already started collecting donations for the sale. As you spring clean, please remember that we are more than happy to receive the items that you no longer need or want. We will accept almost anything legal to sell! However, we are unable to accept used mattresses, older model televisions, or aquariums unless you are willing to resume possession of them if they do not sell. (These are items that Miracle Hill will not pick-up from us if they do not sell.) Items may be delivered to Room 204 (the old Presbyterian Women’s room) . We have pick-up available for larger items or for those who need assistance with boxes. Receipts will be provided for tax purposes, upon request. Thank you for supporting our Youth mission trips with your donations!
Welcome to Trinity's Newest Members!

Our welcome mat is out for Robert Alford, a retired middle school social studies teacher from Winston-Salem, NC. He decided to relocate here in order to be closer to his two adult children and their families. A" transfer" from the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Winston- Salem, let’s all do our best to help Robert feel "at home" in the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Travelers Rest!
Say "Hello" to Jacob and Laurie Wood and their two daughters! Originally from Alabama, Laurie met Jake, who hails from Ithaca, NY, while they were vacationing at Virginia Beach on July 28th, 2002. Since that happy day they have become the parents of Abby, age 8, and Rachel, age 6. About two years ago they moved to Marietta. Both children are involved in the Trinity basketball program. Jake is employed by GE while Laurie home schools the girls. They all enjoy traveling, especially to visit their extended families. So nice to add the Wood family to our Trinity Church family!
Stewardship Corner
Welcome to the March issue of “Stewardship Corner”- commentary on all things stewardship! This issue highlights two subjects of    interest. The first is the theme for the 2019 Stewardship Campaign-[drum roll please] -“Four Seasons of Support!” Here is Team Stewardship member Leslie Weikle on the new theme:
It’s all in the books … church basketball league season, recipes I collected for the Youth’s Chili Cook-off, fulfilling the first two months of our family’s 2019 Stewardship pledge! As the winter season ends, it’s exciting to see what Trinity’s ministry is planning for the next season ... Easter services, Feasting with Friends fellowship, Vacation Bible School planning! You all know there’s more I’ve left out because of how much there is to involve ourselves and families in at Trinity. Thankful for that!
God made a perfect plan when He gave us time and seasons. Your time on earth matters, and His timing is perfect. Be sure to watch for the opportunities in His plan for you! 
As believers, stewardship of our treasure, time and talents shows the importance we place on sharing what God has given us. Exercising faithful stewardship throughout the four seasons demonstrates our love for God and our neighbors.
“Four Seasons of Support” at Trinity… join in, keep it up, and invite others to visit. Thanks for contributing all that you can to the ministry of Trinity.
Leslie Weikle
Stewardship Team Member
The second subject is a tip for maximizing the benefits of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Taxpayers aged 70.5 and older may make a qualified charitable distribution-QCD- from their IRA directly to a charity [read “Trinity]” . The donation then reduces the required minimum distribution-RMD- by that amount for the year. Using the QCD enables one to reduce his or her taxable income by the amount donated, up to 50 percent of one’s adjusted gross income. There may be other benefits of the QCD depending on your individual situation. See you tax advisor and/or your plan administrator for details of the new “qualified charitable distribution”.
Team Stewardship
An Opportunity to Serve ...
  … at Heartland East Nursing Home
Do you enjoy chatting with older folks? There is a need for friendly visitors at the Heartland East Nursing Home. This is something helpful you can do either at your convenience or by taking part in the regularly scheduled events. Heartland East has been one of Trinity's local missions for fifteen years. For further details, call Pat Tyson at (864) 294-9438.
YWE - Trinity's Youth Worship Experience
YWE meets weekly on Sunday evenings from 5 - 8 pm
5:00-6:00pm Middle School (6th - 8th grades)      Led by Terri Luzynski
6:00-7:00pm Dinner for all youth                                McKinney Hall
7:00-8:00pm High School (9th - 12th grades) Led by Terri Luzynski
Trinity's YWE Bowling Outing in February
Small Groups For Everyone!
Sunday Mornings 10:00AM

·  Christianity and Contemporary Issues-  
Discussions relate the messages contained in
Scripture passages to current headlines.
Format: Lecture and interactive
Facilitators: Mary Pace, Annette Taylor and class
members. Meets in Room 203

·  Scripture in the Sitcoms
(*will resume in April)
Classic sitcom episodes will be used as modern  
day parables to teach spiritual truths. 
Facilitator: Denny Mitchell
Meets in the Library, Room 202

·  Trinity Class
The first Sunday School Class created at Trinity 
and has been active ever since. 
Focus: Study of the Bible with the help of the
Standard Lesson Commentary.
Format: Lecture and interactive with class
discussion strongly encouraged.
Teachers: Beauford Williams, Fred Moehlenbrock
and class members.
Meets in the Thorpe Building, Room 105

·  Fellowship Class
Rotates study of the books of the Bible with Christian books that enrich our lives.
Format: Combination of lecture with interactive
discussion, all in a relaxed environment. 
Leadership changes annually with a rotation of    
teachers from our class.
Class Contacts: Theresa Horton, Claudia Burns
Meets in the Thorpe Building, Room 107

·   6th-12th Grades, Led by Terri Luzynski,
   Room 218


·   CWE 4K (before 9/1) through 1st Grade
Led by Robin Blakemore, Ashley Haynes, and
Leslie Weikle in Room 229

·   CWE 2nd through 5th Grades
Led by Allen Clark and Eric Smith in Room 201
Sunday Evenings

5:00-6:00pm Middle School (6th- 8th grade)
Led by Terri Luzynski

6:00-7:00pm Dinner for all youth- McKinney Hall

7:00-8:00pm High School (9th - 12th grades)
 Led by Terri Luzynski

Wednesday Night Live (WNL)

5:30pm Dinner
6:00pm Sounds of Joy (Junior) Choir
6:30pm CWE for children in 1st—5th grades
                    Led by Terri Luzynski
6:30pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal
  6:30pm Adult Bible Study-begins March 13th
 The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic
      Led by Theresa Horton.     
      Meets in the Thorpe Building, Room 107.

Mid-Week Small Group Opportunities

·   Rachel Bible Study (for Women)—Resumes January 8th.
A lesson is presented by one of the participants each week. This group meets at church in the Thorpe Bldg., Room 105 at 10:00am on Tuesday mornings.
Facilitator: Nancy Simonton

·   Men’s Fellowship —Resumes January 10th. Biscuit and coffee breakfast and a devotional, followed by a program including guest speakers from the community as well as members of the group.
Meets 7:30am Thursday mornings in the Thorpe
Building, Room 105; Facilitator: John Burns

Monthly Group
·   Naomi Ladies Group:  Study of a selected series which is moderated by one of the class members. 
Meets on the 4th Thursday of every month at 3pm at members’ homes.
Facilitator: Esther King
From the Director of Music Ministry
2019 is well underway for Trinity’s music ministry! February saw our Sounds of Joy participating again at our 11am service; keep your ears peeled for hearing them at a 9am service soon! Our Furman friends will be joining us along with several other seasonal voices for special musical selections throughout March. Our March 6, Ash Wednesday service will be supported by musicians from our 9am service as well.
Here are some highlights:
March 3 – Communion,
Rehearsal for Young Women’s Ensemble after 11am service for March 10
March 6 – Ash Wednesday Service, 6:30pm NO SOUNDS OF JOY Rehearsal
March 10 – Young Women’s Ensemble 11am
March 17 – Handbells 11am
March 17 – Ars Orandi gathering 5pm @ Coffee Underground (  for more info)
March 31 – Sounds of Joy + Chancel Choir

We look forward to worshiping with you! 

--Eric Barnhart
Youth News!
February was filled with love (our Small Group theme for the month) and lots of fun. We started the month with our Souper-Bowl collection. The Patriots fans won our friendly competition for dollars donated at both services, but the Rams fans donated more cans at both services. Let’s just call it a tie!  With over $430.00 and over 100 cans of soup and food collected, the real winners are those served by the North Greenville Crisis Ministry. Thank you for your support!

Next up was a very popular bowling trip, followed by the much anticipated Middle School Lock-in. The lock-in theme was “clothed in love” from Colossians 3:14. To share a little love through literal clothing, the Middle School Youth made fleece scarves to share with those who visit NGCM. Many thanks to Mr. Joseph Pace for staying up all night long to help chaperone the lock-in.

We finished the month with a visit to The Compassion Experience where our Youth had the opportunity to see first-hand what living in a third world country would be like. I think we all walked away feeling blessed to be born in the United States.

Our March madness will include a movie night, kicking off Youth Sunday preparation, the Montreat Senior High Mini-Retreat and Winter Jam. Here’s the calendar for March and April:
Mar. 3
5:00-8:00 pm Movie Night for all Youth
Mar. 10
5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by Doris Childress
6:30-7:00 pm Worship/Announcements 
7:00-8:00 pm Sr. High YWE
Mar. 15
5:00 pm to Montreat Sr. High Mini Retreat
Mar. 17         
2:00 pm return from retreat
Mar. 17 NO YWE
Mar. 24
Following 11:00 Worship - Lunch and Winter Jam
Mar. 30
11:00 am-6:00 pm Service Saturday- Thornwell Children’s Home
Mar. 31
5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by Julie Rogers
6:30-7:00 pm Worship/Announcements 
7:00-8:00 pm Sr. High YWE
Apr. 7                     
5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
 6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by Audrey Smith
 6:30-7:00 pm Worship/Announcements 
 7:00-8:00 pm Sr. High YWE
  Apr. 13           
10:00 am-3:30 pm  Saturday Service Project
Assist with Children’s Easter Outreach
Apr. 14
5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by a much needed volunteer
6:30-7:00 pm Worship/Announcements 
7:00-8:00 pm Sr. High YWE
Apr. 21 Easter No YWE
Apr. 27
5:30 am-12:30 pm  Service Project—Mutt Strut
Apr. 28
5:00-6:00 pm Middle School YWE
6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by Dee Klug
6:30-7:00 pm Worship/Announcements 
7:00-8:00 pm Sr. High YWE
       Peace & prayers,      
Trinity's Youth helped take up the collection to benefit
North Greenville Crisis Ministry on Soup-er Bowl Sunday.
Middle School Youth Lock-In
The youth enjoyed fun and games and made scarves made for North Greenville Crisis Ministry visitors.
From Our Director of Christian Education and Youth
Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you.   
As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” 
                       John 20:21 
     At the officer’s retreat in February, we talked a lot about how Trinity can become more missional, while also remaining attractional. Part of being missional involves finding ways to connect with the community around us. Our basketball program is a great example of seeing a need in the community and finding a way to fulfil it, which then gives us opportunities to meet and engage with our neighbors. This year, we will be adding another such opportunity by expanding our children’s Easter celebration to have more of a community focus. On Saturday, April 13, from 1:00-3:00 pm, we will offer a Children’s Easter Outreach Event. There will be crafts, snacks, a sharing of the Resurrection story, and an egg hunt—because we know that will provide something the community wants!  We may also add an old-fashioned cake walk if there are folks willing to provide cakes and cupcakes. We will be promoting this event in the community, inviting those who have attended VBS here, and sending an invitation to those who participate in the basketball program. That means—we could have a lot of children and families coming to our church that afternoon!

  So here’s how you can help: We will need lots of eggs! There will be bags of plastic eggs available at the Welcome Center beginning on March 10 th . Each bag will contain 2 dozen eggs. Please pick up one (or more!), fill the eggs with candy, stickers, trinkets, etc. and return them to the Welcome Center or to my office by April 7 th . (You can also provide your own eggs if you like—the more the merrier!) We also need donations of cakes or cupcakes. We will need volunteers to help with crafts, serve snacks, hide eggs, and just meet and greet those who come. Please let me know if you are willing to be part of this outreach ministry.

In Christ’s service,
VBS: In the Wild - Amazing Encounters with Jesus
Our Vacation Bible School theme for 2019 is
In the Wild: Amazing Encounters with Jesus!   

The children of our church and our community will encounter Jesus in the temple, at the river, on the water, and on the road as they come to understand who Jesus is and why He came to this earth. 

VBS will happen from June 24-27, 2019.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough people at our planning meeting to make a valid determination as to whether our VBS will be a morning program or an evening program. If you are willing and able to assist with VBS, please contact Terri and let her know your day vs. evening preference asap. 

As you might imagine, the decorations for this VBS will be wild!  We are envisioning lots of variety: grasslands, forests, artic, dessert, etc.—with all the wild life found in those habitats! Please start looking around in your basements, garages, and storage rooms for items that will be useful in decorating: 
Tomato Cages
Rope Swings
Colorful large plastic bowls or chip & dip platters (that can be donated)
Animal Print anything
Wrapping paper rolls
Large plastic flowers
Large or life-sized stuffed animals
Safari vests and hats
Carpet tubes
Camp chairs
Large cardboard boxes
Artifical trees
Anything you would see "in the wild!"
We will not need these items until early June, but please let Terri know what you have available for use. Thank you for helping make our church look amazing for VBS!
CWE and WNL Children's Programs
Have you seen some extra service being offered around your house? We hope so! Trinity’s children learned a lot about looking for ways to serve during CWE and WNL in January.

In March, the CWE life application is INDIVIDUALITY: Discovering Who You are Meant to Be. The lessons will be about being created in God’s image (Genesis 1), the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15: 1-7), Timothy being part in charge of the church at Ephesus (Acts 14-17), David being anointed as King (1 Samuel 16) and the greatest commandment (Matthew 22: 34-40).  The memory verse for the month is Psalm 139: 14 NIrV: “How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that. What you have done is wonderful. I know that very well.”

Our WNL program in March and April will be a special series for Lent. The children will learn the meanings behind the various symbols of Easter. This series will run from March 6 (Ash Wednesday) through April 10). There will be no WNL on April 17.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am for CWE and on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm for WNL. CWE is for children in K4-5th grade. WNL is for children K-5th grade.  A nursery is provided for younger children. 
January Session Digest
Members Present : Sherry Ogletree, Lawrence Garabedian, Dennis Mitchell, Jeff Burton, Bob Lewis, Mary Pace, Dennis Tavernetti, Chuck Verdin, Brad Pochard, Mark Chapman, Jeff Wingard, Julie Rogers and Marc Mason
Others present: Chris Marsh and Terri Luzynski
Members Absent/Excused: None.
Opening Prayer: Dr. Mason opened the meeting with prayer and a discussion of the Fourth Great End of the Church: preservation of the Truth.  
Declaration of Quorum : A quorum was present.

Examination of Chris Marsh:
Chris Marsh was welcomed to the meeting as a proposed officer on the Diaconate. He was asked to tell one thing learned from the officer training study and was also asked why he said yes when the nominating committee called.
The current elders were given the opportunity to ask Chris Marsh questions. 
Jeff Burton made a motion to accept Chris Marsh as a new officer to serve on the Diaconate. Dennis Mitchell seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Pastor’s Report and Housekeeping Details :
Dr. Mason gave an update on members who are sick, in the hospital, and/or recovering. 
The Lord’s Supper was celebrated on December 24, 2018 at the 7:30 p.m. service and on January 6, 2019 at the 9:00 and 11:00 services. 
There will be a 2019 officer retreat on February 9, 2019.
There will be a called meeting for new members on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
There will be an annual congregational meeting following One Worship on Sunday, January 27, 2019.
Dr. Mason reported that there will be a Fellowship National Gathering on February 19-21, 2019 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was planning to attend. 
Monthly Budget Reports : Mary Pace presented the December monthly budget reports. She reported that for the month of December there was a $30,030 surplus in the Operating Account and a $12,974 surplus in the Building Fund. For the year to date, there was a $12,441 surplus in the Operating Account and a surplus of $35,589 in the Building Fund. Through December 2018, total actual operating expenses were approximately 95.8%% of the annual budget. Dennis Tavernetti made a motion to approve the monthly budget reports as presented. Sherry Ogletree seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Diaconate Report : Dr. Mason reported that the Diaconate met last month. 
Membership Update : As of January 10, 2019, the Church has 422 members, of which 416 are resident and 8 are non-resident. 
Clerk Report : The minutes from the following meetings were reviewed: 1) the Joint Meeting of the Diaconate and Session on December 13, 2018; 2) the Stated Session Meeting on December 13, 2018; and 3) the Called Meeting of the Session on December 16, 2018. Dennis Tavernetti made a motion to approve the minutes. Jeff Burton seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Communications : None.
Old Business : None.
New Business : None.

Standing Committee Reports
Benevolence & Mission : Dennis Tavernetti gave a short report on the effect of the new budget relative to the committee’s work. 
Discipleship : No report.
Finance & Stewardship : No report. 
Long-Range Planning : Bob Lewis gave an update and history of the committee’s work on the columbarium project, including the overall level of interest of the congregation, as well as potential cost and issues related to the location of a columbarium. Mark Chapman made a motion for the committee to continue to proceed to gather more information on a columbarium in order to make a particular proposal or recommendation to the session with respect to a columbarium, including the cost and proposed location of same.  Jeff Burton seconded the motion. The motion passed. 
Personnel & Administration : Sherry Ogletree reported on the work of the search committee related to the Choral Director, which has been vacant since May/June 2018. She reported that Trey Duncan had agreed to accept such position. She also reported that the job description for such position had been updated. There was a motion from the committee to approve a change in the budget to reflect a 1% staff salary increase (total of $1,306.62) (for the Director of Music, Director of Christian Education and Youth, Office Administrator, and Sexton). The motion passed. There was a related change in the budget noted in the Worship committee’s report below. 
Property & Grounds:  Lawrence Garabedian reported that a recent lock problem had been fixed. He also stated that the committee was looking into Duke Power’s recent rate changes. 
Spiritual Development & Evangelism : No report. 
Worship : Jeff Burton gave this committee’s report, and he distributed and discussed the 2019 worship and communion schedule/instructions. There was a motion from the committee to approve a change in the budget to reflect a $2,500.00 decrease in the band musician budget account (line item 373). The motion passed. The overall (or net) effect of this change, along with the change described above in the Personnel and Administration committee section, is to decrease the total budget by $1,1943.38 ($1,306.62 less $2,500.00). Therefore, the total operating budget is reduced from $416,160.95 to $414,967.57. 
Motion to Adjourn with Prayer : Lawrence Garabedian made a motion to adjourn with prayer, seconded by Mark Chapman.  The motion passed. Marc Mason closed the meeting with prayer.
Respectfully Submitted,
Chuck Verdin  Marc Mason
Clerk               Moderator
February Session Digest
Members Present : Mark Chapman, Dennis Tavernetti, Jeff Wingard, Bob Lewis, Lawrence Garabedian, Mary Pace, Brad Pochard, Sherry Ogletree
Others present: Terri Luzynski
Members Absent/Excused: Dennis Mitchell, Julie Rogers, Chuck Verdin
Opening Prayer: Dr. Mason opened the meeting with prayer and a discussion of the Fifth Great End of the Church: Promotion of Social Righteousness.  
Declaration of Quorum : A quorum was present.

Pastor’s Report and Housekeeping Details :
Dr. Mason gave an update on members/others who are sick, in the hospital, and/or recovering. 
The Lord’s Supper was celebrated on February 3, 2019.
There was one death, Gwen Williams, on Feb. 3, 2019. Burial will be on June 2, 2019, in Winchester, KY. 
There will be a called session meeting to receive new members on Feb. 17, 2019 at 10:30 a.m.
Dr. Mason will attend the Fellowship National Gathering on February 19-21, 2019 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. John Hartman will supply for Dr. Mason on February 24, 2019.
There was a request by Kim McMahon to promote within the congregation a self-defense program that she teaches. The session approved the request.
Monthly Budget Reports : Mary Pace presented the January monthly budget reports. Mary reported that there was a surplus in the operating account of $1,813. There was a deficit of $4,306 in the building fund account. Mark Chapman made a motion to approve the monthly budget reports as presented. Bob Lewis seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Diaconate Report : Dr. Mason reported that the Diaconate members have met and are getting organized for 2019. 
Membership Update : As of February 14, 2019, the church has 423 members, of which 413 are resident and 8 are non-resident. 
The 2018 church statistical report that was submitted to PC-USA was reviewed. A motion to accept the report as submitted was made by Jeff Wingard. Brad Pochard seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Clerk Report : The minutes from the following meetings were reviewed: 1) the Stated Session Meeting on January 10, 2019; 2) the Annual Congregational Meeting on January 27, 2019; and 3) the Called Session Meeting on January 27, 2019. Mary Pace made a motion to accept the minutes as presented and it was seconded by Jeff Wingard. The motion passed and the minutes were approved.
Communications : Dr. Mason presented a letter from Nicholtown Presbyterian Church seeking donations for the funding of a new mechanical system. Discussion of the request followed. Dennis Tavernetti made a motion that Dr. Mason announce a special pew offering for this cause for the next two Sundays. A second to the motion was made by Mark Chapman. The motion passed.
Old Business : None.
New Business : Dr. Mason proposed the election of an elder to attend Foothills Presbytery meeting on Feb. 19. Since no current elder was available to attend, Dennis Tavernetti made a motion for Dr. Mason to recruit a person to attend. Jeff Wingard seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Standing Committee Reports
Benevolence & Mission : Dennis Tavernetti reported signing up 2 new committee members. 
Discipleship : Terri Luzynski gave the report and presented minutes from the Feb. 11, 2019 meeting. The session approved a request from Theresa Horton to teach “The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic” Bible Study during Lent. The Chili Cook-off was a big success with $2,457.80 raised for future youth mission trips. The Acolyte Program is starting back with middle school youth staffing this. A possible start date is March 10 th .
Finance & Stewardship : A review for financial control will be conducted for 2018. 
Long-Range Planning : Columbarium project discussions continue. 
Personnel & Administration : A motion was made by the committee to cover a monthly cell phone allowance of $100 for Terri Luzynski for 11 months. This money will come from budget adjustments. No second was needed. The motion was approved.
Property & Grounds:  Lawrence Garabedian explained a request for facility use of a home school program called Classical Conversations. A motion was made to approve in concept this organization to use our facilities as a negotiated agreement. The motion passed. 
Spiritual Development & Evangelism : No report. 
Worship : The motion was made to change the scheduled August 25, 2019 One Worship service to September 8, 2019. The Motion was approved.

Motion to Adjourn with Prayer : Brad Pochard made a motion to adjourn with prayer, seconded by Mark Chapman.  The motion passed. Marc Mason closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Burton     Marc Mason
Acting Clerk Moderator
Financial Review - January 2019
Below is a detailed view of the January approved by the Session. In keeping with transparency of Trinity’s financial position, this view provides more information than the Sunday bulletin version. It will always be two months in arrears due to the fact that the newsletter is always published before the Session meets.
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March 2019 Calendar

March Birthdays
3      Lynda Sayer 
5      Cash Batson
        Trevor Ironside
        Kyle Rogers
        Dianne Tartaro
6      Terry Thrasher
7      Steve Burdsal 
9      Sara Burton Awtrey
10    Cherry Booth
        Robert Gill
        Kinny Powell
11    Jeanettie Shanks
        Mallory Mullis
12    Jeff Bennett
        Paul Johnson
        Molly Smith
        Margaret Wingard
14 Bill Rhodes
16 Jeannie Ingalls
17 Robin Silvers
19   Julie Cole
       Chase Bowers
       Theresa Horton
21   Landon Kemper 
23   Jeanne Christie
       Susan Harris
24  Kellianne Blakemore
       Bunny Batson
27   Jim Duncan
       Rebecca Hartley
       Barbara Hughes
28  Margaret Hudson
       Scott Weikle
29  Patrick Short
       Pat Tyson
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Email or call Myriam at 864-834-9897.
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If you would like to sign up to provide flowers for the Sanctuary on a specific Sunday, please call the office, 864-834-9897, for available dates. Flowers can be given in memory of or in honor of a loved one and it will be noted in that day’s bulletin announcements.
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