March News & Updates
California has a reputation for leadership on environment issues, but it's out of necessity. On air quality, for example, seven of the 10 most smoggy cities in the U.S. are in our state. It's why California has long had special authority under the Clean Air Act to set vehicle emissions standards for cars and trucks that are stricter than federal rules. But an EPA review due by April 1 could start the process of rolling back those vehicle standards - and threaten California's waiver.  Ann Carlson   explores these issues in Legal Planet

Students at UCLA Law are learning firsthand about clean air policy and science.  Alex Wang's comparative environmental law class recently visited the South Coast Air Quality Management District's headquarters to hear from agency experts. Students have also invited local attorneys and alumni to speak about environmental justice issues. We're excited to see what's next for these future leaders.

Sean Hecht
Cara Horowitz
Co-executive directors, Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA School of Law

UCLA Law students visit South Coast Air Quality Management District headquarters in Diamond Bar, CA.
Transportation is now the largest source of U.S. carbon pollution but an  EPA review of vehicle emissions standards due April 1 is expected to begin the process for loosening ambitious Obama-era rules. California's waiver to set its own stricter standards could also come under attack. Ann Carlson explores what's at stake in a Legal Planet post.  
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Programs in which people pay landholders to support natural systems that provide benefits like flood protection, biodiversity and carbon storage, are expanding around the world. A paper in  Nature Sustainability by  Jim Salzman and researchers at Ecosystem Marketplace found more than 550 payments for ecosystem services programs active worldwide with more than $36 billion in annual transactions.  Learn more.

Several U.S. cities and counties are suing oil companies to pay for damages from climate change. In a  San Francisco Chronicle op-ed,
Ann Carlson and Union of Concerned Scientists' Peter Frumhoff argue there's new evidence to support the cities' liability claims.  Learn more.

The Emmett Institute is now accepting applications for the UCLA Emmett/Frankel Fellowship in Environmental Law and Policy for the academic years 2018-2020. This fellowship is a full-time, two-year faculty position beginning July 1, 2018.  Learn more.
Emmett Institute Hosts Workshop on Climate Geoengineering Research

Working with Louise Bedworth, deputy director of Governor Brown's Office of Planning and Research,  Ted Parson hosted a workshop at UCLA on governance of climate geoengineering research in California. More than thirty participants from state government, academia, non-profits and the private sector joined the discussion, to chart a practical path forward on governance for proposed studies on solar geoengineering.
Emmett Institute Hosts Workshop on U.S. Energy Policy 

In coordination with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,  Ann Carlson  convened  a workshop at UCLA Law to address lessons from the Clean Air Act for the future of U.S. energy policy. Participants from government, academia, the private sector and NGOs held a robust conversation about next steps in energy policy. Mary Nichols (pictured),  chair of the California Air Resources Board and Emmett Institute board member, provided a keynote address and William Boyd, who will join the Emmett Institute faculty this year, also presented.  
Students Bring Environmental Justice Speakers to Campus

The Environmental Law Society invited three speakers to UCLA Law to discuss environmental justice in practice. Thank you to Oscar Espino-Padron (UCLA Law '11), associate attorney, Earthjustice; Ramya Sivasubramanian, staff attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council; and Geneva Thompson (UCLA Law '16)
(pictured), staff attorney, Wishtoyo Foundation.

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