March 2017
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Who We Are
As a Mass DMH Research Center of Excellence, SPARC aims to improve the mental and behavioral health of all citizens of Massachusetts and beyond.
Transitions RTC
A division of SPARC, the Transitions RTC promotes the full participation in socially valued roles of transition-age youth and young adults (ages 14-30) with serious mental health conditions.
What We Do
SPARC and Transitions RTC are committed to transferring knowledge and insights gained through rigorous research to improve the lives of people with lived mental health experience.

We conduct Participatory Action Research, an all-inclusive approach that ensures that every aspect of our research incorporates the voices of those with lived mental health experience. 
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Deaf 101: How to Navigate Clinical Interactions with
Deaf Sign Language Users
March 27th at 1 to 2pm
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Evidence Based Practices in Mental Health: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Research Considerations
Revised with new information!
Piloting Signs of Safety: A Deaf-Accessible Toolkit for Trauma and Addiction
Researchers at SPARC assembled a team of Deaf and hearing researchers, clinicians, filmmakers, actors, artists, and Deaf people in recovery to develop Signs of Safety - a population-specific client toolkit and therapist companion guide that supplements Seeking Safety,a well-validated, NIDA-funded therapeutic intervention used to treat people recovering from trauma and addiction.    
Supported Education (SEd): State of the Practice
According to a study conducted by Investigators at Transitions RTC & RTI International, SEd programs are well poised to conduct systematic data collection on SEd processes and outcomes.  
CBTV: Successful Adulting: My Must-Have Papers
There are some papers that everybody must have. Here are some tips about keeping and protecting your important personal records and information.

Kathleen Biebel
Kathleen Biebel is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Deputy Director of SPARC. Her research focuses on parenting and mental health, supporting the education goals of young adults with serious mental health conditions, and efforts to include the voice of individuals with lived mental health experience in research.
For her full bio, click here .
Kate is leading a study, in partnership with the Jed Foundation , to improve understanding of emotional and mental health challenges of young adults  transitioning from college to  work. Learn more .

In the News
NEW RESEARCH! JED Foundation partners with SPARC & Transitions RTC to better understand emotional health challenges of young professionals.
  We are thrilled to be working with JED to bring attention to this important period in the lives of young adults.