March, 2022

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Manitoba Research Spotlight

March 25th is World Tuberculosis Day, and we caught up with Michelle Wuzinski, recipient of the 2021 Lung Association, Master's Research Studentship grant, to talk about the TB research being done right here at home.

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What attracted you to studying TB?

“Many people think of Tuberculosis as a disease of the past, however it kills ​over one million people a year. With rising drug resistance, that number is likely to increase unless we do something about it.”

What are you trying to do?

“TB grows very slowly and therefore culture-based diagnostics (which is the gold standard) are also very slow. I’m working on developing a method that ​bypasses culture and works directly on sputum. This would drastically reduce diagnostic turnaround times, turning something that currently takes weeks into 2-3 days. Plus, it has the potential to become portable and ​easily taken to remote communities.”

What would your research mean for Manitobans? 

“Northern and remote communities hold most of our TB burden so a rapid test that could be employed up North would have a huge impact. While TB may not affect us all, we all know someone or have ourselves been affected by poor lung health. Funding research into lung health is crucial to improve the lives of all Manitobans.”

How does support impact your research?​

“I truly was shocked when I received the Manitoba Research Grant. I really was not expecting to be chosen and I am still so honoured and humbled. Research is a fundamental part of improving not only lung health, but all aspects of health, and it means the world to know I have the support of my fellow Manitobans behind this work.”


One week left to Make it Monthly!

Supporting the Lung Association, Manitoba (LAMb) helps fund research like Michelle’s that is crucial for lung health. For March only, Canadahelps is making a special gift of $20 for every new donor that signs up to support LAMb with a monthly gift of $20 or more.

To encourage our donors to take advantage of this special offer, we want to help you understand why someone chooses to be a monthly donor and some of the benefits of giving monthly, for donors and the Lung Association. 


Brenda made it monthly!

Brenda Dyck has dedicated her life to helping people, she became a nurse where she spent her career working on infection prevention and control and spent her personal time volunteering for her community and causes that are important to her, including LAMb.

“Being involved with health care and infection prevention and control, lungs are very important to me. Getting involved with the Lung Association of Manitoba was very important because I knew it was a good organization that does do good work and is respected in the province.”

Brenda believes that volunteering is important but realizes that financial support is also needed.

“I was a donor to the Lung Association before volunteering, giving gifts in memory and to the Christmas Seals campaign. When I became a board member, I considered how I could best support the organization, whether with an annual gift or on a monthly basis. I decided to give monthly because financially I feel it is better. Donating by credit card or out of a bank account monthly makes it easier for me to budget and confirms my commitment to the organization. It helps the organization to know there will be a certain amount of money that comes from me every month.”

Brenda and her husband choose to give monthly to their church and other charities they support. They see donating this way as part of good budgeting for their family, as well as for the causes that are important to them.

You can make it monthly too!

If you would like to find out more about how you can schedule monthly gifts to help Manitobans breathe easier visit The Lung Association, Manitoba website.

*Make It Monthly 2022 $20 offer is valid for new scheduled monthly donations scheduled through CanadaHelps of a minimum of $20 per month beginning March 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2022.

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