March, 2018
Child Development Chats    

The schedule for the 2018 series of free Child Development Chats is available on our website via the link below.  Topics this year include popular favorites and a few new sessions.  This month the topic will be:
"Should I have my child tested? Public versus private psychoeducational assessments,"  
featuring Jana Parker, MS, LEP, ABSNP, which will take place on Thursday, March 22, from 7:00-8:00pm. Please check the full schedule and mark your calendars - we hope you will join in the discussion. 
The Terrible 2's, 3's, 4's & 5's .... Parenting Tips for Challenging Behavior     

Damon Korb, M.D., will be the featured speaker at an evening talk at the Los Altos Children's Center Preschool
on Wednesday, March 21, from 7:00-8:30pm. Parenting preschoolers presents many challenges - if you're having difficulty with oppositional behavior, whining, toileting, sleep issues, etc., be sure to attend this session for some helpful advice! No fee, but please register in advance: 
Sibling Therapy and Groups Available
In addition to the new once-per-month group (see below), ongoing or occasional therapy sessions for siblings are offered at the clinic. Contact the CDM office for more information or to register for a group.   
Supportive Siblings asian-sisters-portrait.jpg
For brothers and sisters of a child with special needs.

The siblings of a child with special needs face situations and deal with issues unique to many families. This monthly group will provide these sibs with a safe and supportive environment for them to communicate their concerns, share their stresses, and learn how other families handle difficult situations related to having a special needs child.
Facilitated by a CDM therapist, the siblings will be able to address issues related to their specific family situation, while participating in fun group activities. Discussion will focus on how to communicate any feelings of resentment or jealousy, suggestions on what to do during embarrassing moments, and recognition of the siblings' important role in their family.
The group meets the last Monday of the month. Please learn more details here:
Reading Tips & Tricks
This unique new group is designed to help children in early-elementary school grades who are falling behind their classmates in reading and pre-reading skills. The instructor will be focusing intently on each child's individual reading breakdowns to build stronger foundational competence, which should assist in an easier acquisition of future skills.
More class details can be found on our website. If interested in a future session, please call the clinic to be place on our waiting list.