Message from Rabbi G. - Founder
Monday night in Israel was filled with the loud roar of thunder through much of the night. That was one reason why at 5 am, my mind refused to grasp that the thunder had been replaced by the wail of air raid sirens. They ended in a few minutes, but not before a formidable explosion filled the air, followed by the distinctive sounds of emergency vehicles. A young family originally from England, was sleeping in their home very close to where I was staying. Thankfully, they were more responsive to the danger and managed to get to the shelter, seconds before their house exploded, killing their two dogs but wounding the family only moderately.

I share this story because on this visit to Israel, I had been honored to spend a great deal of time in many of our eight Kids Kicking Cancer hospital locations. I watched martial arts therapists - Jews, Muslims, religious and agnostic, teach children of different races and backgrounds, how to breathe in the light and blow out the darkness.  These heroic boys and girls had it right! There is a better way to respond to darkness.

As we grow our Israel program, we are building a platform to expand through hospitals in Egypt and Jordan. We may not change the historical animosity of nations, but we can lower the stress and darkness within people, one powerful breath at a time. Nobody teaches that better than the children of Kids Kicking Cancer . Politics, hatred and the day to day chemical stressors that drive too much of this world, tend to melt when you see the light of these children teaching the world, Power Peace Purpose.

We need your help to make this big vision a reality!  
Thank You From Grateful Parents
Dear Sensei Peter,

We would like to thank you and Sensei Lynn for all the hard work you have done with the children. We have seen a positive growth in Meadow.  
We feel that since taking Karate she has more self-confidence. You don’t know how much this means to us.  
After a rough year last year, we are so happy to see her grow mentally and spiritually.
Thank you again and we are so grateful for the program you provide to these children.
-Meadow’s parents
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Windsor Belting Ceremony
We are grateful to Transition to Betterness for their partnership and support throughout the years. Thanks to Hospice of Windsor & Essex County for hosting our program week after week. Thank you also to the Windsor Star for sharing the below article.
Cranbrook Institute of Science DinoFest
Kids Kicking Cancer and the greater pediatric oncology community enjoyed a private day of exploration at Cranbrook Institute of Science - featuring the DinoFest exhibit. Thank you for the special opportunity
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