The Market Says GO!
By every indicator, 2021 will be a record-breaking year. Contractors already are reporting a surge in phone calls and customer requests. 

We've boosted our stock levels and filled our shelves with dozens of new ideas for spring.   Take some time to learn about what's new.

With commodity prices on the rise and many components in short supply, we're encouraging you to restock your shop, trucks and trailers and plan ahead on large projects.

Remember we are here to help make it easier! We have the products you need and a team that's committed to delivering a hassle-free experience.  Call on any of us if we can help you during this busy time.

The Team at Aqua-Flo Supply
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Know a friend or family member who is looking to build a career with a fast-growing landscape / irrigation industry leader?

We're hiring for many positions throughout Southern California. Visit our website or click here for more information.
Fully-Adjustable Landscape Lighting Fixtures Are Changing the Industry
Adjustable fixtures are rapidly becoming the top choice of leading lighting contractors. Unlike traditional landscape lights where you have to change the lamp to get different lumen output, beam spread and/or color-temperature, these new fixtures allow you to control all of that with the twist of a screwdriver. Carry just one fixture that can be field-set to what you need!

The benefits are significant:
  • Less to carry and less fuss, because the right fixture for the task is the one you have!
  • Happier customers, because fixtures can be adapted and changed as the landscape matures.
  • Infinitely adjustable effects for a true designer look.

WAC Lighting fixtures are fully adjustable without need to disassemble the fixture or switch parts.  Simply set the desired light output (lumens) and beam spread and move to the next fixture.  Explore all of the options at Aqua-Flo and take advantage of this month's stock-up special!
Profitable, Eye-Catching Enhancement for Landscape Projects:
Pond-Free Water Features
Pond-free water features provide you with a unique and creative way to enhance your customer's outdoor living space. Unlike a traditional full-size pond, pond-free features require less maintenance, offer faster installation
Nearly every site has space for the addition of a small pond-free water feature, allowing you to include them on a large percentage of your landscape quotations. The material costs are low, and the potential profits are high!

Pond-free options include fountain basins with a variety of bubbling urns or columns or pond-free waterfalls. Note the options in this month's specials flyer.
Ask us how to get started with selling and installing small water features as landscape enhancements.
How to Avoid Profit-Killing Callbacks in 2021
Pros hate customer call-backs. Doing the same task twice wastes time and chews up profits. You can't get to other customers because you're back at the same place. 
Customers hate call-backs too. They hate having to complain. They hate taking another day off work. They hate staring out the window waiting for the technician to return.   Here are three ways to reduce call-backs:
1) Get your team focused on customer's exact requests. Make sure all of the details are noted on work orders. Stress the importance to all that they read the information when they're on the job site.
2) Train your technicians on the RIGHT procedures. You can't afford to have crew members doing it "their way". You must have everyone doing things according to your "rule book". Cutting corners and steps often ends in heartache.
3) Use checklists to close out both new installations and service visits. Checklists require your crews to verify things are done correctly before they leave the site. 5 minutes with a thorough checklist can save hours of wasted time correcting deficiencies during callbacks.
Tips for Vehicle Lettering to Generate Business
Contracting business owners are often really picky about their vehicle fleets. But they neglect the opportunity to use them to generate more sales.

1) Any color but white. Maximize the impact of your moving billboards by wrapping the vehicle or using large colorful graphics. Stand out in traffic!
2) Your brand, not large photos. Customers know what beautiful landscapes look like. They know what a sprinkler looks like. Focus on promoting YOUR name and brand, not on pretty pictures.
3) Bigger is better. Many service contractors are switching to vans instead of pickups to maximize the impact of their branding on the road.
4) Emphasize your name. That's what you want them to remember. They'll google you for the rest.
5) Skip manufacturer logos. Advertise for yourself, not others. Anyone can say they sell "brand X" - but only YOU can sell YOU.
Pump Rainwater from Tanks with A.Y. McDonald Booster Pumps
Looking for a convenient way to pressurize stored rainwater to use it for irrigating or other outdoor needs? Choose an A.Y. McDonald booster pump!
The A.Y. McDonald DuraMAC™ booster pump is considered the most intelligent, yet simple boosting system in the market. Customized to the application on hand, this solution comes in models ranging from 1/2HP to 1HP and up to 20 GPM. These pumps will add 35, 52, and 70 lbs. additional pressure to whatever incoming pressure you have.
See how A.Y. McDonald booster pumps can give that extra boost a water system needs, view their YouTube video or view specs on their website (click on ‘A.Y. Boosters’).