We'll Get Through This Together.
With everything going on, we know you are busy managing your business priorities and dealing with the aftermath of the deep freeze.  

We're continuing to share industry news and information during this time. By keeping you informed, we hope to inspire a sense of togetherness and hope. We will get through this together!

Here are some tips for the weeks ahead:
Communications are key. Keep your team up to date, especially as job schedules change. Also communicate work schedules to customers. Keep us informed on how you're doing.
Stay positive. Leaders and managers set the tone for the whole crew.
Say thanks. Let everyone know that you're proud of what they're accomplishing. Acknowledge extra efforts and overtime.  

Remember we are working hard to keep up with your needs!  Call on any of us so we can help you during this busy time.

Thanks for allowing us to serve your needs.

The Team at Austin Pump and Supply
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Popular Problem-Solver: Goulds ResiBoost Packaged Booster System
Give your customers the constant pressure they want, from an easy-install packaged solution.

Goulds' ResiBoost Complete Packaged Variable Frequency System isn’t just any constant water pressure system. It’s a product of Goulds Water Technology’s next-generation engineering and design, making it more reliable, more durable and more efficient than look-alike products. It can also be used for applications requiring re-pressurizing water from a storage tank. It combines a small variable frequency drive, a stainless steel multi-stage pump and a small bladder tank in a self-contained, easy-to-install package. Backed by the top brand in the business, rely on the ResiBoost to deliver constant pressure and satisfied customers.
How to Respond to Customers Who Are Tempted to Buy On-Line
Homeowners have discovered pump products on-line and will often try to buy around you. Here are some ways to respond to their objections:

Customer says: “I can get it cheaper online.” Acknowledge the objection in neutral terms – for instance, “You’re looking at the price” or “You’ve been doing your research. Great!” Then move the discussion toward the value of the warranty and the advantages of working with a professional. “The upfront price is just the beginning. If you buy here, you also get a warranty that’s not available online.” Pause to make sure customers understand this, then add the benefits you provide as a licensed contractor.

Customer says:I can install it myself.” Again, acknowledge what the customer is saying. “You feel comfortable handling installation,” or “Sounds like you’ve done this before.” Now shift the conversation toward the value you can offer: “We like to help people save time and hassle, and of course make sure everything is done right.” Or, for more complex installations, “This is designed to be installed by a professional. My staff is trained to ensure everything meets code and is safe—that’s important. And we can make it quick and easy for you.”

Test Your Skills! Take the Goulds Water Technology V.A.R.I. Challenge
Can you verify the performance of the SOLO2 variable frequency drive by using a multimeter to test the V.A.R.I. (voltage, amperage, resistance, and insulation levels)?

Take the challenge to see how your knowledge and skills stack up against your fellow water professionals! Successfully complete the challenge through March 31 for your chance to win a FLUKE Insulation Multimeter with Clamp!
Pro-Pick: Water-Right's Impression Series®
Whether your customer has hard municipal water or extremely hard well water, Impression Series® water softeners deliver the clear, soft water needed. Share this video with your customers!

System Features:
• Solid-state microprocessor control
• Meter self-adjusts regeneration cycles based on trend of use
• Easily programmed for optimum performance
• Extended lithium battery backup
• Flexible “adjustable cycle sequence” program - saves salt and water
• Advanced history and diagnostic screens
• Service alarms
Just How Tough is the AGS Axial Grinder?
Tough enough to deal with the demands of modern "too busy to think" homeowners!

The AGS Series grinder pumps feature a powerful axial grinder and semi-open impeller technology to easily slice through the solids, flushables and trash homeowners send down the line without roping or clogging. Watch the video to see it in action!

It reduces waste to a fine slurry, resulting in minimal downtime and service issues. Models deliver up to 120‘ TDH and flow rates of 53 GPM.