The Market Says GO!
By every indicator, 2021 will be a record-breaking year. Contractors already are reporting a surge in phone calls and customer requests. 

We've boosted our stock levels and filled our shelves with dozens of new ideas for spring.   Take some time to learn about what's new.

With commodity prices on the rise and many components in short supply, we're encouraging you to restock your shop, trucks and trailers and plan ahead on large projects.

Remember we are here to help make it easier! We have the products you need and a team that's committed to delivering a hassle-free experience.  Call on any of us so we can help you during this busy time.

The Team at North South Supply
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Learn how to save $$ on your upcoming projects with our special offers. Click here for details.
Get Ahead of Price Increases and Pinched Supply Chains
A variety of conditions from the pandemic, to extreme weather, to limited capacity at West Coast ports, is pinching availability of key supplies ahead of the season. We remind you to plan ahead.

Get Supplies in Stock. Re-stock your shop, trucks and job trailers now. Get ahead of any potential backorders and shortages from manufacturers.

Be Aware of Rising Material Costs. Buy early to lock in the best pricing on pipe, fittings, PVC solvent, wire, and other items getting ahead of more manufacturer increases and rising commodity costs. For example, the price of polyethylene resin (used in drip tubing, wire jacket and more) has risen 70% over last year.

Many manufacturers are announcing cost increases for the 2021 season. Please adjust your pricing to maintain your margins. We've posted a complete guide on our website.
Design Irrigation Systems Faster with Rain Bird’s NEW Design Resources Website
Find the information you need faster in Rain Bird's updated Design Resources portal.

You can access Land F/X data, CAD drawings, tech specs, editable specifications for easy copy/paste and format, application drawings, product iconography, and more.

Order Professional Grade Tools Now to Outfit Your Crews
A cheap shovel is seldom a bargain. When it breaks, you've got an unproductive employee and a job behind schedule.   We're hearing from contractors that the low-grade shovels from the big box stores just don't hold up.

Take action: Before the season gets busy, take inventory of your tools and then connect with us to choose pro-grade solutions.  We offer durable products from brands like Structron, Seymour, Corona, Midwest Rake, Kenyon and more.  

Stop by for your spring tool needs including shovels, grading rakes, pruning tools, tampers, sprinkler head trimmers, valve keys, mulch forks, wheelbarrows and much more. We have access to the top contractor brands in the industry and can get you the exact styles and features you need.  Special orders - no problem!

A pro-grade tool costs a little more, but can last for multiple seasons. That's a smart bargain!
Get Ready, Get Set: Adjust Irrigation Systems for Peak Efficiency
Get irrigation systems operating at peak performance by following the right steps during service visits. The team at North South is ready to help! Here are three things to help you get ready:
1. The Right Specialty Service Tools Make a Difference. From riser extractors to wire locators, there are critical tools and supplies that every service person should carry. Make the right investments now to equip your technicians.

2. Stock and Organize Your Service Trucks. A service technician who has no problem finding parts, supplies and tools can get right to the task at hand.  
3. Observation + Recommendation = Profits. Check the condition and age of every system component, paying attention to heads, nozzles and controllers/sensors. Suggest replacements when items are worn or at the end of their useful life. It often makes sense to switch all of the heads or nozzles in the landscape if many are functioning poorly, as it saves the customer from future service visits. 
Kichler Tip: How to Up-Sell Your Customer to a Better Landscape Fixture
Your customer's best investment is typically an integrated LED fixture.  But they definitely cost more! If your customer is leaning toward inexpensive accent lights with a drop-in lamp, this is an important opportunity to upsell - with benefits for you and your customer.

In terms of price, the closest alternative to a drop-in accent is Kichler Lighting's 12V integrated LED accent, sometimes referred to as the Gen 1.5. Guide your client to the integrated accent as a better long-term value. Explore why here.
Tackle the Toughest Challenges with NDS Channel Drain
We're here to help! NDS offers a full line of channel and trench drain systems to capture and convey light, moderate, and heavy sheet flows of surface water runoff.

For residential, commercial, and industrial applications, you'll find proven products, tools, and the support from NDS, the leader in stormwater management, and the largest supplier of channel drains in North America.

Micro Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain light flows; ideal for pool and spa areas, concrete and paver patios, and walkways
Connect to 1-1/4 in. & 1-1/2 in. Sch. 40 pipes
Channel drain and grate come as one integrated part for easy installation; create custom drainage systems with elbows, tees, outlets, and clean-outs

Slim Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain light flows; ideal for pool and spa areas, concrete and paver patios, and walkways
Connect to 1-1/2 in. Sch. 40 pipe
Channels, outlets, elbows, tees, and a variety of grates are available individually and as kits which include preassembled channel and grates, outlets, and anchor clips

Mini Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain light flows; ideal for pool and spa areas, patios, driveways, tennis courts, and walkways
Connect to 2 in. Sch. 40 pipe and fittings with designated outlet; connect to 3 in. and 4 in. sewer and drain pipe with designated spigot adapter
Channels and a variety of grates are available individually; additional components include spigot adapters, outlets, and elbows and tees fabricated with grates

Spee-D® Channel Drains & Grates
Drain light and moderate flows; ideal for driveways, patios, pools, courtyards, and walkways
Connect to 2 in. Sch. 40 pipe fittings, 3 in. sewer and drain pipe, 3 in. & 4 in. sewer and drain fittings
Channels and a variety of grates are available individually and also come preassembled; additional components include outlets, end caps, and elbows, crosses, and tees fabricated with grates

Pro Series Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain moderate flows; ideal for driveways, concrete and paver patios, courtyards, and walkways
Lightweight channel drain system has a modular design with interlocking joints-no couplings needed
Channels, grates, outlets, elbows, end caps, and other components are available individually; 3 in. Pro Series and 5 in. Pro Series are also available as kits which include, grates, end outlet, & end cap
5 in., 8 in., and 12 in. channels are available in 2 depths-deep for full flows, and shallow for installations with limited profile depth 

Dura Slope™ Trench Drains & Grates
Drain heavy flows; for driveways, parking, warehouses, docks, pools, and wash-down areas
Bottom outlet on each channel section connects directly to 4 in. Sch. 40 pipe; connects to 4 in. sewer & drain pipe with outlet adapter
In-line basin outlets to 3 in., 4 in., 6 in., and 8 in. drain pipes with appropriate outlet adapter
Patented pre-sloped design maintains optimum flow rates throughout system
Lightweight modular sections for lower freight costs, easier handling and installation
DuraLoc™integral tongue-and-groove interlocking joint secures channel alignment; ensures straight runs and prevents joint movement during installation, no extra clamps or screws needed

FILCOTEN® Trench Drains & Grates
Drain heavy flows; ideal for industrial and public areas such as factories, garages, & parking lots
Combination of a stable concrete channel with the strength of fiber-reinforced concrete
Fix-connection snap-on anchoring system with quick-release integral design holds grate in place; anti-sliding lugs secure grate against longitudinal shifting; anti-vandal locking
Anchoring ribs increase exposed surface area for better adhesion to surrounding concrete
Engineered channel interior has a smooth inner surface for optimal flow and self-cleaning
Vertical outlet on every channel
Sealant groove for waterproof installation

For more information, check out NDS Channel and Trench Drains and Grates