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Super Seussy Storytime
Saturday, Mar. 3, 9:30 am
In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, you are invited to an extra-special Seussy storytime with everyone’s favorite feline troublemaker, the Cat in the Hat . . Space is limited--reserve your Cat Pass today!  Details here
Trisha & Stephen Shaskan
Sunday, Mar. 4, 3:00 pm
Calling all comic creators ages 6 - 12! Mystery solving duo Q and Ray are back in action and we’re celebrating with a comics drawing workshop with co-creators and teachers  Trisha Speed Shaskan  and  Stephen Shaskan Details here
Epic Reads Winter Meet-Up
Wednesday, Mar. 7, 6:00 pm
The Epic Reads Winter Meet-Up tour is coming to St. Paul with authors Brittany Cavallaro ( The Case for Jamie ), Geoff Herbach ( Hooper ), Alexandra Monir ( The Final Six ), and Rebecca Ross (T he Queen’s Rising ).   Details here
Nina Victor Crittenden & Stephen Shaskan
Saturday, Mar. 10, 10:30 am
Celebrate not one, not two, but three brand new picture books by Minneapolis author-illustrators! Join  Nina Victor Crittenden  and  Stephen Shaskan  for a launch party extravaganza in honor of their new books,  The Three Little Pugs, Big Choo, and  Toad on the Road: Mama and Me Details here
Saturday, Mar. 17 - Sunday, Mar. 18
St. Paul RiverCentre
Come find us at Minefaire ! Minecraft players and their families unite at Minefaire to meet their favorite YouTube creators, compete in tournaments and build battles, learn from Official Minecraft Education Global Mentors, and more!

The 2018 Kerlan Award Ceremony
Tuesday, Mar. 27, 5:30pm
Anderson Library U of M Campus
Red Balloon will be selling books at this year's Kerlan Award Ceremony . Siblings and collaborators Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm , best known for the popular Babymouse series, will be honored Spring 2018 as this year's Kerlan Award winners .

Minnesota Book Awards Ceremony
Saturday, Apr. 21 6:30pm
InterContinental Hotel, St Paul Riverfront
Celebrate the best in local literature at the 30th annual Minnesota Book Awards Ceremony . Readers, writers, and book-lovers from all over the state gather together for one incredible evening to honor stories of Minnesotans that connect us all.

2018 Naomi C. Chase Lecture in Children's Literature feat. Kevin Henkes
Tuesday, Apr. 24, 5:30pm
Wiley Hall U of M Campus
We're selling books at the 2018 Naomi C. Chase Lecture, which will feature award winning author and illustrator Kevin Henkes delivering "Three Kinds of Waiting: A Picture Book Trilogy."

By Brian Selznick and David Serlin
Babies are cute. Monkeys are cute. Put those two together with Brian Selznick’s art work and you have a silly and incredibly delightful new beginning reader/ picture book. Each chapter is a new case for Baby Monkey to solve. Hilarious bonus material at the end includes a picture key to Baby Monkey’s office, an index, and a bibliography. Readers of all ages will be shouting, “Hooray for Baby Monkey!”   — Holly (RBB Staff)
By Ashley Herring Blake
Ivy Aberdeen's whole life feels like it's falling apart. Her sister seems to have changed, her parents are distracted with a pair of new babies, Ivy is starting to question who she is, and a tornado has just ripped through their town, destroying their home and everything in it. With her life balanced on the shakiest of foundations, Ivy discovers she might be developing a crush on one of her classmates--a girl. This book is for all the kids starting to question their identities and for all their friends who don't quite understand what that feels like.   
— Lily (RBB Staff)
By Ashley Woodfolk

Music brought Logan, Shay, and Autumn together at one point, but after a failed performance at a competition, they drift away from one another. A year later, each of them are struggling with the loss of loved ones. Logan turns to alcohol and he can't seem to keep his life together, much less a new band. Shay keeps running--both literally and metaphorically--from her friends. And Autumn is stuck sending messages into the void instead of actually talking to her family. When music tries to pull them together again, they find they have to learn how to move on first.   — Kelsie (RBB Staff)
By Lexie Elliott

An idyllic farmhouse in the French countryside. Young, vacationing Oxford students. Murder. A decade later a body is found in the farmhouse well, and the young students, now ten years older and living their lives, some successful, some not, must come to terms with what really happened that one summer night. Excellent murder mystery. Loved it! — Julie (RBB Staff)
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The 2018 ALA Youth Media Awards are here!
It's literary award season--the 2018 ALA Youth Media Awards have been announced and you can get them at Red Balloon ! Learn More
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