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Greetings from The Galaxy Bookshop

Whew - March 2021. It's been a year since we were plunged into the "New Normal" of ever-changing concerns and expectations. It has been a year of adaptation, as we've all continually adjusted our plans and lifestyles and businesses to meet the challenges coming at us from many directions. As much as the year has been a difficult one, personally and professionally, we have also had a lot of positive experiences.

One thing we noticed, especially after rolling out our online shopping site, was an influx of new customers! We are so thrilled to have been able to help you all find the books you've needed this year, whether they were to educate or provide an escape or keep kids entertained.

We've also welcomed two new booksellers AND a new bookstore dog. Between masking and people doing more shopping from home, we realized that even those of you who have been customers for a long time may not have had a chance to meet all of us in person or see what our whole faces look like! Without further ado, we would like to introduce (or re-introduce) ourselves:

Andrea Jones - Co-owner
Andrea loves reading beautifully written fiction of all types. Historical fiction and women's stories are often featured on her staff picks shelf.
Sandy Scott - Co-owner
Sandy favors character driven novels, likes stories with happy endings, and reads lots of YA and middle grade novels to help her stock the children's section.
Sally Anstey - Bookseller
Sally reads an eclectic mix of fiction and non-fiction. On her staff picks shelf, you'll find swashbuckling adventure and contemplative novels sitting side by side.
Edyn Willey - Bookseller
Edyn is a high school senior who loves YA and adult fantasy, especially stories featuring bands of scrappy misfits.
Lila Meyer - Bookseller
Lila is a high school junior who is loves reading books on history, both non-fiction and fiction.
Eddy - Bookstore Dog
Eddy is the newest member of the Galaxy team. She is gentle and shy and is finding her place at the bookstore. You might see her when you go by the store, curled up in her favorite spot in the window.
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Shopping at The Galaxy Bookshop
Hours: Monday - Friday, 10-6; Saturday, 10-5; Sunday, 11-4

We are open for in-person shopping! We are allowing two parties of shoppers (up to four people, total). Shoppers must wear masks and are asked to use the hand sanitizer provided at the door.
Appointments are available - If you are uncomfortable shopping around others, please call ahead to reserve a private shopping time! We are also happy to arrange for curbside pickup or mailing on any order.

Call: 802-472-5533

Thoughts on Seuss
For those of you who don't see us on Facebook, we wanted to share a recent post that got people talking.
Some thoughts about the Dr. Seuss books being discontinued:
First: No, we do not have any copies of those 6 titles in stock and no, we cannot get them any more.
Second: As booksellers, we support free speech and do not support the practice of banning books. That said, these titles have not been banned, they have been discontinued by Seuss Enterprises . This happens all the time. Books stop selling or ideas and stories seem no longer relevant and so publishers make the decision to stop printing books all the time. All books do not remain in print for eternity.
Third: We believe that the books we share with children are incredibly important. Words and pictures and have power and the words we hear and images we see when we are young have lifelong effects. To that end, the children's section at the Galaxy Bookshop is filled with words and images that reflect the diversity of belief, experience and understanding that our world has to offer. It is important - and enjoyable!- for children to read and see stories about people who look and live like them as well as people who look and live differently.
The next time you are shopping for a gift for a child in your life, we invite you to spend some time perusing the shelves at the Galaxy to see the wonders that abound in current children's literature. You just may find some new favorites to replace some old favorites that are no longer in print!
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