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The Launchpad is a community 'Space for the Arts' featuring two studios that are affordable teaching, working and performing spaces for a diversity of artists--perfect for movement-based arts, aerials, music, theatre, or any creative gathering. Classes, events and rehearsals at The Launchpad are held by individual entities. If you are interested in taking a class or learning more about a particular class, please contact the instructors directly.

If you would like to see a month-to-month listing of classes or to check availability for renting space, click  HERE.
Special Events, Workshops, & Presentations
First Friday Opening Receptions: "It Was Dark Inside the Wolf" by Jeff Stevens & "Site 1" by Saxon Martinez   
March 1 from 6-8pm, Member/patron Preview & Artist Talk at 5:30pm  
Join Carbondale Arts on First Friday, March 1 at the R2 Gallery in The Launchpad for the Opening Reception of two exhibitions: "It Was Dark Inside the Wolf" by Jeff Stevens and "Site 1" by Saxon Martinez. There will be an artist talk and preview for Carbondale Arts patrons and members at 5:30pm!
Our eyes and minds are exposed to a brilliant amalgamation of imagery through entertainment, social media and advertising on a disposable content cycle that lasts less than 24 hours. Jeff Stevens' exhibition "It Was Dark Inside the Wolf" artistically explores our daily consumption of visual information through mixed media technique and collage. 
Saxon Martinez's "Site 1" installation is an investigation into people that lived thousands of years ago and how we live today. The artist will begin this exploration with one of the most intimate places that he interacts with on a daily basis: a home.  
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(970) 963-1680   
How to Prevent Injuries for Dancers and Athletes with Amy Anderson, Soloist for Colorado Ballet
March 7 from 6-7:30pm, Hosted by Aspen Dance Connection & Crystal River Ballet School
After a serious dance-related injury in 1990, Amy began her studies as a Pilates Instructor with an emphasis on dance medicine and rehabilitation, the method in which she was rehabilitated herself. She became certified by St. Francis
Hospital in San Francisco and since has had extensive experience in Dance Injury Prevention.  
Her workshops and educational offerings have included: HealthOne, Denver Bronco Sports Medicine Clinics, Denver Pain Management, Panorama Orthopedics, Halifax Hospital in south Boston, VA, and Rancho La Puerta Spa in Tecate, Mexico. Amy is now the owner of a private practice for 10 years, Engage Movement Arts at A Living Arts Centre in Denver, CO.  
Contact Aspen Dance Connection
Anderson Ranch Spring 2019 Artist-in-Residence Slide Presentation
March 26 from 6-7:30pm
Join us for a fun and engaging presentation of artwork with Anderson Ranch Arts Center's current Artists-in-Residence. Each resident will share 8 slides of personal artwork in five-minute segments. Refreshments and snacks will be served. The public is invited to meet the residents, mingle and ask questions after the presentation.
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Weekly Classes for Adults

Silent Meditation  
(non taught)
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 6:45-7:30am 

This is a silent meditation session hosted by Linda & Russ Criswell. Please bring your own meditation cushion if you need one. Chairs are provided. This is free to the public.      

Contact Russ Criswell
Beginning Adult Ballet 
& Stretch
with Crystal River Ballet
Mondays, 6-7:30pm

Beginning Adult Ballet & 
Stretch is perfect for non-
dancers or adult dancers getting back into dance who want the basics of ballet to help condition  the body & increase flexibility. 
$70/month or 10 punch pass $170

Contact Jeni Ptacek 
Partner Dance Class
with Wild Bill McCann
Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm 
w/ a practice session from 8:30-9:30pm

Country Partner Dance includes lessons in a variety of social partner dances like Two Step, Waltz, East Coast Swing, Cowboy Cha Cha, Double Two Step, and more. Bring smooth-soled leather shoes or a non-street shoe is perfect. $10 per person. No partner needed.

Contact Bill McCann 
(970) 366-6463

Bachata Dance Class
With Erik & Claudia Peña
Thursdays, 7:30-8:30pm, Open level

Mezcla Socials Nights are about bringing a variety of Dances to the community through classes and Socials. This includes Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Zouk, Kizomba and many others. Please refer to main title for current dance style being offered and Instructor(s). No partner or experience is necessary. Bring soft-soled shoes or clean non-street shoes and water. 
$10 drop-in.   
Contact  Claudia Pawl
CoMotion Company Class
Hosted by Dance Initiative
Thursdays, 6:15-7:45pm

CoMotion Dance Company class is open to all levels and styles of movers. Taught by professional members of the company on a rotation basis, this class offers many different styles and techniques including modern, jazz, contemporary and improvisation. This class is also taught on occasion by nationally renowned dancer/choreographers when they are in residence at the Launchpad. Drop-ins are $10. All are levels are welcome and encouraged! 
NFT Back Program Level 1
with Lauryn Maloney-Feiler
Mondays & Thursdays from 8-9am
The Neuroplastic Functional Training (NFT) Back Class is a unique movement-education course designed to help people independently change back problems. The class is done in a positive, encouraging and judgement free environment. The scientific principles used in the course are: Neuroplasticity, or the phenomenon that the structure and function of the brain changes as a result of mental intention, Kinesiology, or the study of human movement, and Life Education, or the practice of using strategic choices to achieve personal goals and improve the quality of one's life.
Due to space, class size will be capped at 16 students. 
Contact Aki Blake
(970) 985-5322
Adult Aerials Open Gym with Carrie Vickers
Hosted by Sopris Soarers
Fridays, 8:15-9am

Open gym, Adult Aerial Exploration is open to all adult students enrolled in our classes. Drop-ins need to contact Stacy Everson or Carried Vickers directly. 
Contact Carrie Vickers
Zumba with Andrea
A total workout, combining all elements of fitness-cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy, and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class! 
Contact Andrea
(970) 306-8002
Youth Classes

Creative Dance (ages 3-4)
with Crystal River Ballet 
Mondays, 4-4:45pm

Skills are learned in their most basic form to initiate the process of building a solid foundation helpful in the study of dance. Classes introduce students to skills necessary for classical ballet training. Gentle discipline and encouragement are combined to nurture each child's creativity. Terminology and the basics of technique are gradually introduced. Positive group relationships are encouraged. $65/month
Contact Jeni Ptacek
Beginner Aerial Exploration (ages 6+)
with Sopris Soarers
Mondays & Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30pm; Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm 

Grasp the flow and grace. Aerial arts brings about basic body form are taught as well as strength building to get off the ground. The Monday class is full. Please email Stacy to be wait-listed.

Intermediate Aerials  Instruction (ages 9+)
with Sopris Soarers 
Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm
Learn climbs and transitions from the ground up. This class is full. Please email Stacy to be wait-listed. 

Pre-Ballet (ages 4-1/2 to 5-1/2)
with Crystal River Ballet
Thursdays, 4-4:45pm

Students must be 4 1/2 years old at the beginning of the session. 45 minute class once per week. Parents are encouraged to stay within a phone calls distance during class-time. Skills are learned in their most basic form to initiate the process of building a solid foundation helpful in the study of dance. Concentration is on establishing developmental skills needed to execute dance steps. $65/month
Contact Jeni Ptacek
Intermediate Fabric Theory (ages 9+)
with Sopris Soarers
Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30pm

Learn how to connect and transition your body through spatial awareness from the ground up.

Contact Stacy Everson
Beginner Slings & Silks (ages 6+)
with Sopris Soarers
Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm
A 60 minute duo apparatus exploration class body shapes found in cloud swing as well as parallel play on silks. 
Contact Stacy Everson 

Intro & Ballet 1 (ages 6-7)
with Crystal River Ballet
Mondays, 5-6pm

This class is for beginners and no previous training is required. Training before age 6 is not considered for placement. 
This is a 1 hour class once per week. $70/month
Contact Jeni Ptacek

Interested in renting space?
The closed studio, Studio C, features 680 square feet of spring-loaded Harlequin dance floor, ballet barres and mirrors designed by and for professional dancers. This is also a great space for private meetings. The Open Studio features 1150 square feet of spring-loaded Harlequin dance floor as well as rigging for aerial silks and other aerial arts. The public can view classes and rehearsals in progress. The Open Studio can also be adapted for intimate performances. In addition, one or both studios may be rented for special events and for full days. 

Classes & Workshops

Peak Hours  $20/hr  |  "Regulars" Peak  $16/hr  |  Off Peak  $16/hr  |  "Regulars" Off Peak  $12/hr


Rehearsal (non-income producing)

All Peak Hours & Non-Regulars Off Peak  $10/hr  |  "Regulars" Off Peak  $8/hr


Special Events

Peak Hours  $65/hr  |  Off Peak  $50/hr  |  Day Rental $450  


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