MARCH 2020
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What's Next for #MeToo
On Wednesday, March 4, YW Calgary hosted the sold-out YWHISPER Fundraising Gala at the Telus Convention Centre. Keynote speakers Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey took to the podium to tell the timely story of Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual harassment, his trial and the recent guilty verdict. The Pulitzer Prize-winners spoke to over 1,000 attendees about their journalistic investigation and what they foresee for the future of the #MeToo movement. The energy of the evening was empowering and an appropriate precursor to International Women's Day this past Sunday, March 8.

Support YW Calgary, Get Your Copy of 'She Said'
The YWHISPER Gala is an integral part of YW Calgary's fundraising efforts. If you were unable to attend the event but still would like to support YW Calgary, you can purchase a signed of copy Jodi & Megan's book, 'She Said' for only $30.

Email  [email protected]  to secure your copy. 

List price: $37. Books are available for pick-up from YW Calgary 7-days a week.
Limited copies available. For each 'She Said' book taken, amounts in excess of $20 above the $30 book value is receiptable.
International Women's Day
Empowering All Women
International Women's Day is about celebrating, recognizing and empowering women in all walks of life and is reflected in the YW Calgary motto "women-centred, brighter-future focused.". The core of our work is providing programs and services for vulnerable women in Calgary while advocating for social change and eliminating barriers for women to thrive.

Read our latest blog post: Power Shift, Women's Economic Inclusion

YW Community Spaces
Host Your Next Event!
When you use YW Community Spaces, you are contributing to YW programs that create safe, supported spaces for women and their families on what is often their hardest days.

Our multi-purpose community rooms are ideal for meetings, classes or corporate events. All of our spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art AV, seating for large groups and ample natural light. The rooms can be combined for larger events and can even be coupled with our Community Kitchen for catering or cocktail events.

If you are interested in hosting an event at YW Calgary, you can connect with our Community Hub Coordinator:

Kathryn Quick
We'd Love to Hear from You

We're always happy to hear from neighbours and community members. Please send questions, concerns or comments to:

Carla Link
Director, Communications
& Community Relations
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