Upcoming March Programs: Introduction to Craft Beer and Introduction to Zentangle®

Intro to Craft Beer Image
Aeronaut Brewing Co. staff members Mike and Justin will lead a discussion of the craft brewing process and industry on Saturday, March 10 at 1 PM. The first 30 attendees will be offered 2-oz. tasting pours. All attendees must be 21 years or older. 

On Sunday, March 11 from 2 to 4 PM, Certified Zentangle® Teacher, Lori Champine, will introduce this easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way of creating beautiful images by mindfully drawing structured patterns. Lori will teach you the skills you need to turn your own doodles in Zentangle® art. Supplies will be provided. Attendance is limited to twenty people, so plan to arrive early.

For more information on either of these programs, contact Lilly at 
(617) 623-5000 ext. 2961  or  lsundell-thomas@minlib.net

Both programs have been made possible in part thanks to funding from the Friends of the Somerville Public Library.
Songs of Peace: a Global Music Workshop
songs of peace promotion

Dance to, sing along with, and experience traditional music from cultures across the world!

International jazz saxophonist and composer Sagit Zilberman performs and facilitates Songs of Peace, an interactive global music workshop for families and children, on Saturday, March 17 from 2-3 PM at the Central Library.

This workshop introduces children to instruments such as the didgeridoo, space drum, and other percussion instruments and empowers children to use both their own voices and instruments to play and create music with others. 

To learn more about Sagit, visit  http://www.sagitzilberman.com/.

For more information, please contact Ann at acassesso@minlib.net or 617-623-5000 ext. 2950.

Book-a-Librarian: One-on-one Database Help Now Available

Are you having trouble accessing Hoopla, Flipster, or Libby on your own computer, tablet, or phone? Would you like to learn more about Consumer Reports or our other online resources?

Starting this month, you can schedule one-on-one appointments with our reference librarians. We will help you access our databases  and online resources using your own computer or gadget.

Book your one-on-one appointment with a reference librarian on our Ask A Librarian page, or by e-mailing sommail1@minlib.net or calling our Reference Department staff at 617-623-5000 ext. 2950.
Adult Recommendations 
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Meg and Ellen at the Central Library and Marita at the East Branch.
Jessica Bruder takes readers along on an immersive trek through the daily reality of older Americans who, sometimes by choice but usually due to economic circumstance, have forgone stick-and-brick homes for "wheel estate." At or approaching retirement age but unable to afford to stop working, or to support a mortgage or pay rent, growing numbers of vandwellers--many of whom would never have imagined living a nomadic life--are hitting the road in vans, campers, and RVs.   A fascinating exploration of adaptability and hope in the wake of the Great Recession.
Recommended by Meg
nomadland book cover
This is the story of Count Alexander Rostov, who in 1922 is sentenced to house arrest at the Hotel Metropol for being an aristocrat and poet. Having lived in a suite of beautiful rooms overlooking the Kremlin, he is forced to live in a tiny attic space with just a tiny window. He manages to find peace and sometimes joy with the people who work at the hotel.  Life outside the hotel changes, politically and economically.  Many of his friends outside have been banished and sent off to Siberia, yet he continues on.  I'm still reading this and would recommend it!
Recommended by Marita

Gentleman in Moscow
If you love a good British crime drama-- Luther,  Happy  Valley, Prime Suspect-- you should give  Broadchurch  a try!  Set in a fictional small town on England's south coast, it features David Tennant (aka the 10th Dr. Who) as DI Alec Hardy and the wonderful Olivia Colman as DS Ellie Miller. They investigate crimes, of course, but in doing so they also uncover a bunch of weird (though not necessarily criminal) secrets harbored by just about everyone in town. There are suspects galore and it's all a lot of fun. Bonus: Jodie Whittaker (aka, soon to be the 13th Dr. Who) is also a member of the cast.
Recommended by Ellen
Broadchurch DVD cover
At first it was hard for me to get into this book. A family runs a private zoo in Warsaw, Poland, before the start of World War II. They seemed a bit odd, sharing their home with animals, both predator and prey. When the city is overtaken by the Germans, they fight to survive, and the zoo becomes an underground network to help save Jews.  Animals are given human names, and people are given animal names in an effort to keep secrets. The family goes to huge and brave lengths to help protect and save the citizens of Warsaw. By the end, I couldn't put the book down. 
Recommended by Marita
Zookeepers Wife book cover

Still looking for more? See the Staff Picks page! 
YA (Young Adult) Recommendations
This issue's YA recommendations come from Lilly, Christina, and Cassie at the Central Library. 
Sisters Scarlett and Tella escape the tiny island where they are kept by their cruel father to participate in Caraval--an interactive five-day, once-a-year spectacle of magic. Scarlett has been told that Caraval is only a performance,  but is quickly drawn into the mystery. She does find love and magic, but things soon turn awry as her sister, Tella, is kidnapped. Caraval has been called The Night Circus of YA literature and is sure to please.
Recommended by Lilly
Caraval Book Cover
Aden Stone has a hard life. Now, with only three souls inside his head (Julian, Elijah, and Caleb), Aden is plagued with the knowledge of knowing how to set all the souls free, but not wanting to. He has a vampire princess for a girlfriend and is currently in line to take the throne as Vampire King. There are many supernatural beings coming to kill Aden because of his power, and on top of all of that, he can't even miss a day of school, because his current residency will kick him out for bad behavior.  
Recommended by Christina
unraveled book cover
The Breakfast Club meets Gossip Girl and turns quickly to murder in this fast-paced mystery. In the beginning, each character seems to fill a specific role: the jock, the nerd, the homecoming queen, and the bad boy. As the story develops and the killer is revealed, we also learn that each character is much more than a stereotype.
Recommended by Cassie
one of us is lying book cover

This isn't a book for the squeamish. Marrin first digs into the history of infectious disease and epidemics before focusing on the influenza of 1918, which affected 500 million people, or about one-third of the global population at the time. The author combines historical photographs and images, science, and anecdotes into a gripping non-fiction read.
Recommended by Cassie
Very Dreadful book cover

Looking for a couple extra recommendations? Check out our YA Staff Picks  from Ron and Ellen! 
Children's Recommendations
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of a guest reviewer, Meghan at the East Branch, and Cathy at the Central Library.
Two stories spanning 50 years are intertwined--one illustrated, the other narrative--and join for the first time in a bookshop in New York City. The meeting leads to a visit to the Queens Museum of Art, to learn about the relevance of an exhibit of a miniature New York City made out of paper for the 1964 World's Fair. The exhibit,  Panorama of the City of New York, still exists and is impressive to see.
Recommended by Cathy

wonderstruck book cover
Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about a boy named Greg Heffley who has many adventures and finds his siblings annoying. The most recent book in the series is #12, The Getaway.  It is very funny and a very quick read, and I recommend it.
Recommended by Sophie (age 9)

getaway book cover
When Mr. Stricter's class tadpoles are big enough to release into a pond, the teacher surprises his students by announcing they can keep just one. The class chooses Bruno, the smallest of the bunch. Bruno doesn't stay small for long and soon he's grown into a giant, classroom-wrecking hippopotamus! The bright and bold illustrations lend to the hilarious story, which shows how ridiculous Bruno's antics are--he passes gas, hogs the swings, and soon enough eats Mr. Stricter!  Worth reading aloud and repeatedly, with lots of funny details in the artwork, this story is silly treat for ages 4-44!
Recommended by Meghan

teacher_s pet book cover
The page count (162p) sometimes means this book gets passed over for longer stories, which is a shame because this book is amazing! It's a delightful adventure/mystery about two siblings, older, cash-strapped Claudia who feels underappreciated at home, and her younger, penny-pinching and therefore wealthier brother, James, who run away and take up residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. How they hide, sleep, bath, and eat in the museum is so much fun to read, and  there's a mystery surrounding a statue of an angel acquired by the Met that leads the siblings to the woman who will change their lives forever: Mrs. Basil E. Franweiler.
Recommended by Cathy

mixed-up files book cover
Staff Spotlight: Karen

Karen joined the library team full-time last October after working as a substitute for eight months. S he splits the majority of her time between the Technology and Technical Services Departments. If she's not teaching one-on-one technology classes at the Library or assisting with classes at the Somerville Media Center, you might find her cataloging items for our non-fiction, foreign language, and Small Press Collection.

Karen also takes part in planning events like Somerville Reads, the adult Summer Reading Program, and our first ever Library-wide Comic Con, which will take place on May 5.

Before starting here, she gained experience in many other libraries, including public, academic, and news libraries.  She's a great person to ask if you're looking for recommendations on young adult or children's fiction, interesting new board or video games (her current favorite is Tokaido!), or Marvel movies. 
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