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President's Message
Chip Witt

The first quarter of 2019 is almost completely in the rear view as March takes its final curtain call but it has ended well. 

I wanted to congratulate Sharon Castle and her team of volunteers once again on a very well orchestrated Run for the Crab event on February 23. Everyone had an amazing time, making the effort of all involved well worth it. The crab feed has been one of the best annual events hosted in the Redwood Region for several years in a row. As the motto says, this success is “powered by volunteers.” Thanks to everyone that attended but a double-thanks to all those that gave their time to ensure the event went off without a hitch.

The Run for the Crab also presented a unique opportunity for Collin Fat, Zone 7 Rep, to present the Redwood Region with a congratulatory letter from PCA President, Tom Gorsuch, a PCA Citation recognizing Redwood Region’s 50th anniversary, and a binder containing the club’s original charter and bylaws as members officially transitioned from Tamalpais Porsche Club, Inc. to form Redwood Region, Porsche Club of America. It was an honor to receive all of this 50th Anniversary recognition from PCA on behalf of all our members, past and present. It is amazing to reflect upon the work and dedication it has taken as a club to reach this very tremendous milestone. Congratulations to us all, and may we have many, many more years! Thanks to Collin for making time to come and make this presentation in person.

We’ve got some fun things planned in the next few months: We’re wrapping up plans for some new (or old-made-new-again) winery tours. We will have an autocross ground school and our first autocross of the year (see more below)! Finally, we will see the return of our popular Station House Run and Porsches on the Plaza. Be sure to check the club calendar and make plans to join us!

Thank you and drive safe out there!

From the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

Redwood Region celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year and what an accomplishment! I presented Redwood president Chip Witt an official citation presented on behalf of the Porsche Club of America at their annual Run for the Crab event.

Speaking of their annual Run for the Crab event, it was held at the Marin Yacht Club in San Rafael and attended by a very friendly contingent of more than 100 Redwood Region members and some 60 Porsches. The event featured a 70 mile 2 hour tour of some of the best back roads in Marin County including the scenic Point Reyes National Seashore followed by a hearty crab feed. Thanks to event chair Sharon Castle and her volunteers for a great event.

Reviewing the history of the region, which was founded in 1969, I learned that the region was an offshoot of Golden Gate Region. A local Porsche Club at the time known as Tamalpais Porsche Club, based in San Rafael, approached PCA and the Golden Gate Region in September of 1968 to discuss their idea of forming a new region of PCA. After submitting bylaws and an official application to form a new region, Redwood was officially recognized in January of 1969. The region’s first president was Dr. John T. Korn and so it was that the Region was started. Many of you may not know that in order to apply to create a new club, several things must happen, 1) you must have a group of at least 15 Porsche owners, 2) if the region you are interested in starting is currently part of a current region of PCA the new region must seek the permission of the current region and 3) submittal and approval of a new set of bylaws and application. The then president of PCA was Charles Kuell and the then president of Golden Gate Region was Dwight Mitchell. Dwight later moved to the Sacramento Valley Region where he opened Autosport Technology and served as SVR president in 1983 and 1994.

Redwood Region currently has a membership of over 633 primary members and is one of the most active regions in Zone 7. The club has several events per month including tours, dinners, a monthly breakfast, autocross and they participate in the Zone 7 concours series.

I would like to extend congratulations to club president Chip Witt, the board and the 633 members of the club for their 50 years of commitment to Porsche Club of America and for being a part of the largest single marque car club in the world! Happy Golden Anniversary and wishing the club 50 more years!

Diablo Region past president Ed Won wanted me to let all the regions in Zone 7 know about three events that his club has scheduled in conjunction with the West Coast Racing Series for those DE enthusiasts that can turn the race weekend from a 2 day event into a 3 day event. Diablo Region will hold DE’s on March 22 at Thunderhill; May 20 at
Buttonwillow and on November 25 at Sonoma.

The Zone 7 Presidents meeting was held in Fairfield on March 2, and with the addition of the Zone AX chairs, we had nearly 30 region leaders in attendance. The meeting was attended by specials guests Cindy Jacisin, PCA National Vice President, Sandy Provasi, Zone 11 Rep, Tom Provasi, Werks Reunion Chair and Mike Holtzclaw, Alaska Region President. The meeting covered a broad range of important topics such as the responsibilities of the Zone Rep, region membership updates, the responsibilities of the region presidents, adoption of an Emailer 3.0 guideline for the Zone and a special presentation on risk management, insurance and PCA’s updated strategic plan.

Looking ahead to many of the events of interest in the Zone as well as PCA are the following:

PCA Treffen Santa Barbara , Hilton Beachfront Resort, April 3-6, 2019 (event sold out)
Zone 7 AX series events #1 and #2, Marina, April 13-14
Concours Judging School and Clinic, Livermore, April 14, limited to 60 people ( register here)
Diablo Region/PCA Zone 7 Concours d'Elegance #1 and Car Show, April 28, Livermore ( register here)
PCA Club Race, May 18-19, Buttonwillow, see a detailed schedule here: www.pcaclubracing.org
Zone 7 Tour with Shasta Region, June 6-10, 2019 (event Full)
Porsche Parade, Boca Raton, Florida, Waldorf Astoria, July 21-27, 2019 ( registration open now )
Werks Reunion, Monterey, August 16, 2019
Porsche Parade, Greater Palm Springs, California, June 21-27, 202

For more information on anything zone, please visit our website.
Handing Chip the official citation from PCA for Redwood Region's 50th anniversary
Racers, Please Start Your Engines
Greg Matsumoto 
Autocross Chair

After the long winter break, days in the garage, searching for performance modifications and new tires, the autocross season has begun. 

In fact, two Sundays ago was Golden Gate Region's first event. Everyone’s cars were freshly washed, waxed and their tweaks to their cars were being tested. It’s always great to see old friends, to get back in the saddle again and to bathe in adrenaline and laughter.

I’m sure that all of Redwood’s avid autocrossers are wondering what’s up? After many long months of negotiations with Mendocino County, we decided to let go of the Ukiah site. It was a difficult decision, since the initial proposal of a free site for 2-3 years was too good to be true. It was. To obtain a Use Permit several county fees were mandatory. Then an additional fee was levied and our request for 9 events was reduced to only 2.5-3 events. The projected date for road construction was moved up to Dec. 2019, and with a lukewarm reception to the time/distance to Ukiah we decided to not proceed. 
Fortunately, our negotiations with TrackMasters Racing have been successful!  We will have two autocrosses at Sonoma Raceway/Sears Point (May 5 and September 15). If you haven’t autocrossed at Sonoma Raceway, there is a large paddock area for autocrossing separated from the racetrack. It will be a great venue, centrally located, with real bathrooms, a restaurant and a store to spend all your hard earned dinero for racing gear (remember to ask for your 10% PCA discount).

Yes, it’s difficult to let go of a full autocross season after 40 years. This will be a transition year to adjust to the new reality and to search for new opportunities. We do have a long-term agreement with TrackMasters annually and we’re continuing our search for other sites. Your help is always needed.

Redwood Region has always encouraged new drivers to join the great sport of autocross by providing free instruction. Since Sonoma Raceway has an exclusive contract with Simraceway for driver instruction, Redwood is not allowed to teach onsite.  But, no worries, we’ve adapting and are conducting a ground school!

What: Ground School,
When: Sunday 4/28
Where: Lucchesi Park, 320 N. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA.
Time: 9am – 12 noon

Ground School is in a classroom setting designed to prepare NEW DRIVERS for autocrossing.  Bob Schoenherr has put together an excellent program to teach you what to expect, how to prepare you and your car, what to pack, the day’s procedures, preparing your car for tech inspection, how to walk a course, information in the driver’s meeting, course worker assignments and procedures, seating position and how to learn the limits of your brakes, tire adhesion, learning apex’s, acceleration points, etc. etc...

Grady Carter, the Zone 7 Autocross Chair and I will be assisting. The April 28 class is designed to prepare you for our May 5 autocross on the following weekend.  

So, if you have been interested in autocrossing and have never joined us, this is a great opportunity to learn what to expect, how to prepare and what to do. A nominal fee of $10 to help cover room rental and refreshments. Other clubs charge much higher fees.

Bob Schoenherr has been autocrossing for about 40 plus years. He has been our Chief Instructor and Co-Director for many years. Both Bob and Grady Carter (our past Autocross Director and current Zone 7 Autocross Chair) are excellent drivers and are annually on the Zone 7 awards podium.

Registration will be open shortly. Please sign up for Ground School and our May 5 autocross. This is an exceptional opportunity for anyone who has been on the fence about autocrossing. Don’t hesitate to join us for these great events!

One final note:

Many Redwood autocrosser have been accustom of only attending Redwood events. Due to our abbreviated season, I’d like to encourage to you get your autocross fix by attending events at our sister clubs (Golden Gate Region, Sacramento Valley Region and Loma Prieta Region). Each club offers different venues, different types of courses, with different autocross technical challenges. Plus, it is a great opportunity to meet different drivers that share your love for the sport.

I hope to see you out there.
Hoppy Porsche Brewery Tour
Kurt Fischer
Events Director

It was a dark and stormy morning (I've always wanted to say that and it really was! ) I pull into the parking lot in front of Chevy's..the rain slowly falling ..pitter...patter on the windshield.

Me leading this tour was a last minute deal...as the organizer, Vern Rogers forgot he was on ship someplace on the Pacific...ah..the little details of life! I stepped up and told Vern I'd lead the tour!

This Tour had only 11 people signed up...as the weather predictions were for doom and gloom and something called the Sun might appear later. First to show was Sharon Castle in her blue Cayman S... we decide the dryness of Starbucks is the place to be while we wait for rest to show up!

They are dribbling in slowly (pun intended) and we decide we will brave the parking lot and the umbrellas to huddle under as we approach the departure time... we are still missing people...so I'm on my phone to several people asking where they are...I get...”Gee...with the rain excuse”! Remember it rains in Germany...Porsches will not melt!

Off we go into West Marin...following the excellent route that Vern had laid out. We encounter few cyclists as the rain has kept them off the roads, so I take our little group of 8 cars on a spirited run. We are in the rain...the sun..a few puddles and keeping a good pace on our way to downtown Petaluma.

We arrive a bit earlier...Brewster's opens at 11:00AM and we are the first inside. We pick a table away from the open door and under the heat lamps and the wait staff is all over us...we order drinks and food! The food at Brewster's is all American comfort food with huge servings...life is good on this rainy day!

Of special note...a long-time member of the Redwood Region...Mac Cranford shows up from his new home in Palm Desert in a new 991 Cab! Mac was a regular at autocrossing and track driving and was up visiting Marin County wrapping up business...good to see him!

I'm sure we will do this again next year...and maybe in a dry month? As always..join us on the Redwood Region tours and enjoy the greatest roads in the USA!

Photo credit: Rod Williams
Board Meeting Minutes
Alan Geddes
Redwood Region Secretary

Our next board meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm on April 30, 2019 at Mary's Pizza Shack, located at  121 San Marin Dr., Novato . All members are welcome to attend. (The February meeting has been cancelled.)

You can read previous board meeting minutes  here
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short
Membership Director

In February 2019, 30 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, including two members with 40 or more years in the club and four who marked over 30 years!  

Congratulations and thanks to those with anniversaries. I hope you are enjoying your membership and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club offers.

I encourage everyone to participate in your club's events -- they're a great way to meet other PCA members and have some great fun with people and our amazing cars. 
If you spot any errors or have questions about membership, please  email   me. 
der Marktplatz
Run at the front of the pack! This car has a 1972 911 tub; 3.6L Mat Lowrance built race engine; 370hp; weighs 1975 lbs; has fiberglass 935 body panels; a new Electromotive XDI Ignition; new Electromotive coil packs; a new Haltech Elite 750 ECU; new front shock inserts; new rear shocks; is well sorted; balanced; high downforce and is very fast. For more information and more photos, click here

5-speed, Bi-Xenon headlamps, 18” Cayman S wheels, heated seats, cruise control. Clean CARFAX. Smog complete. Garaged. Non-smoker. CPO purchased. Faithfully maintained according to factory schedule at Porsche Marin and De Jung Motorsport. Upgraded Pioneer touchscreen stereo with Navigation plus BlueTooth. $52,390 new. Priced at $10,250 (below Blue Book for a quick sale). See more pics here.

Wanted: 18" wheels (7. 5” front, 9” rear for a 986.

Got something to buy or sell? We'll post it here for free. Send us details and a picture by the 5th of the month to be included.

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