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Feast of St. Joseph

March 22

Lent: A call to the Heart
We usually begin this season of Lent with ashes emblazoned on our foreheads. This Lent we are in the middle of a pandemic and we are not able to gather in church to begin this season as we would choose to begin it. The ashes will not be impressed upon our foreheads and I am beginning to feel that – that is a good thing. I need to shift that impression from my head to my heart anyway. The heart has needs, the heart can be too cold, calculating; the heart can miss things, the heart can despair, be sad, be empty, be at a loss. We have learned that “ashes are symbol, they are archetypal, BLUNT, and speak the language of the soul.”
(Ronald Rohlheiser, OMI) 
This Lent allow the ashes to move from the outside to the inside, is not that what Lent is all about. If you would pray do so in your room with the door closed. If you would give alms, do not let anyone know about it. If you would fast, then fast as though not fasting. Allow the ashes and dust in your life to be emblazoned, impressed, marked deep in your heart by a God who wants you marked forever as God’s own. Feel the pressure of God’s hand signing the ashes and dust upon your heart and LIVE.

Sister Carol L Smith, CSJ
Mexicali Shelter
Desert Support for Asylum Seekers received a ministry grant from our province to purchase food for the families seeking asylum who are staying at the center in Mexicali, Mexico. The grant, coupled with a matching grant from Go Fund Me, will allow the staff to have enough funds to feed 200 people twice a day. The families also received new jackets, hats and candy. Food is still the greatest need. Please support these families by donating to their Go Fund Me page. Sisters Suzanne Jabro and Teresa Lynch notified the province of this need and are integral parts of this grassroots organization.
Called Forth by
the Dear Neighbor
No one tells the stories of the family of Joseph better than Mary McGlone, CSJ. Mary has enticed the reader again in her second of two volume histories of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in the United States. 

In this new volume, Mary profiles congregations more fully, exploring their history through the lens of a distinguishing ministry, a founder or a location, an irreconcilable conflict or an opportunity too good to pass up. The reader meets many “characters,” as the old nuns used to call them, women unstoppable in their desire to see their visions fulfilled. This is such a good read, you will want to get your own copy! Available in e-book soon.

For now, you can order one directly from Mary at marymcgcsj@yahoo.com
Ongoing Vocation Event for Interested Women
Do you know someone who is interested in discerning if God is calling them to Religious Life?