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Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund
In the face of climate change, the Clean Energy Fund offers a community-led vision, grounded in justice and equity, that builds citywide resilience and opportunity. The community coalition that created the ballot is working with the City to implement a grant program that reflects the will of Portland voters with a goal of launching the Fund and grant awards in the summer of 2020. Read more.
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Explore the interactive maps, submit testimony during testimony periods, and read submitted testimony through the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Map App .
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You can find existing zoning, building permit, transportation and natural resource information and more on the interactive
  • Planning and Sustainability Commission
Meetings are streamed live and tape delayed on Channel 30. View the agenda .
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View the upcoming City Council meeting agenda and the live broadcast .
New Economic Study Early Results: More Housing Options at Lower Prices
The City's Residential Infill Project (RIP) team has been revising the Proposed Draft to reflect the Planning Commission's direction to allow options for creating more housing units of similar size in single-family neighborhoods. The study results show the updated propos a l would result in some 24,000 new units over 20 years at lower rents and sale prices.The RIP Draft is ready for review, community comment to Council is to take place this summer. Read more.
"While almost every other city in the nation has seen an increase of 20% in hate incidents from 2016 to 2017, Portland has seen an increase of 200%" - Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling. Help raise awareness to address hate violence in our neighborhoods. Click here to report a hate or bias incident
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