"The team organically provided laughter, genuine concern and pure love. This course is built on scripture, offers deep insight and amazing liberation - if you want it. I will value and revisit the material." — Toya, Zion Baptist Church.

"The entire course built up to the incredible picture of Shalom that we envisioned in our final session. It left me with the conviction that our lives could look different than they do right now. Our friendships, our families, our churches can be better. Even our society and our culture could be something beautiful, not just in some remote eschatalogical sense, but even here and now, in the suburbs and in the city. We have that freedom and that power in Christ.That's what Jesus died for and it's what I want to live for." — Rob, Wayzata Free Church.

At the end of February, we concluded our six-week Way of Reconciliation Course for Zion Baptist Church (Minneapolis, MN) and Wayzata Free Church (Plymouth, MN). Through meaningful small-group conversations, rich dialogue about scripture, and sharing real-life examples of reconciliation, we learned as much (if not more!) from the 40+ participants as they learned from us.

These churches have been partnering and praying together since 2020. We were grateful for the opportunity to accompany them in going deeper into the heart of Christ's call to be ambassadors of reconciliation. We thank the lay leadership and clergy from Wayzata Free Church and Zion Baptist Church for supporting this course and making this possible.