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March eNEWS
News from LISC Rhode Island –
Stories from our Neighborhoods

At LISC Rhode Island, we are committed to building strong neighborhoods and healthy communities where individuals, businesses and families can thrive. Our strategies – investing in real estate, increasing family income & wealth, stimulating economic development, improving access to quality education and supporting healthy environments and lifestyles – are realized when we bring residents and community leaders together to shape the neighborhoods where they live. We hope you will spend a few minutes watching this video and learning more about LISC’s impact from our local community partners.
Be sure to keep an eye out for two child care centers – Beautiful Beginnings and Hope Street Child Care – as they highlight the importance of quality space and the Child Care Facilities Fund!

Infant/Toddler Corner –
Design for a Quality Classroom 

“Quality childcare can be found in all types of spaces. Still, we should remember that the physical environment, the space arrangement, and the equipment available will either promote or impede quality care.” Our friends at Community Playthings have developed a 20-page resource guide about the importance of the environment as a tool in encouraging child well-being and development during the earliest years. Download their resource guide below:

What’s New in Health and Safety

In case you missed it on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we recently shared an article from the Departments of Human Development and Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University that discusses some key insights on the influence of physical space on development outcomes titled, “The Effects of the Physical Environment on Children’s Development.” This research shows how noise, overcrowding and housing can impact a child’s well-being. 

Building a Better Business – Using Debt for Facility Improvements

Are you considering making improvements to your existing facility? Contemplating moving to a new building? Weighing the possibility of expanding and opening another center?

Debt is often the tool used to pay for major facility projects, and used wisely can be a great mechanism to turn your project dreams into reality. Before you consider this type of financing, you may have a few questions:

  • How to determine if you are ready to take on debt?
  • How to figure out how much debt you can afford?
  • Are you familiar with the kinds of questions a bank will ask or the types of materials you will need to present?
  • At what point should you start talking to a bank?

If you are interested in learning more about these topics, the LISC RICCELFF team will be facilitating a series of webinars designed to provide the foundation you need to secure financing for your project. Topics covered will include things such as; analyzing your financial statements, developing cash flow projections, creating a strong project plan and statement, figuring out which lender is right for you, gathering the materials and information needed to meet with a lender and more! The series will be designed for business owners, executive directors, finance manager, etc. and will be offered over multiple sessions later this spring.

If you are interested in participating please contact us at in advance so we can best plan for this exciting program!

Coming Soon – School Age Space Design Considerations Online Course 

We are in the final stages of completing our first ever online workshop, Creating Quality School Age Child Care Space, and we are so excited to share a new way of learning with you. This new course platform on our website will allow for child care center owners, directors, teachers, maintenance staff and support staff to access educational seminars and quizzes, and receive certificates and transcripts remotely from any device. Stay tuned!

If you want to start learning about School Age space now, you can download our Creating a Quality School Age Child Care Space resource guide by clicking the button below.  

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The Rhode Island Child Care and Early Learning Facilities Fund (RICCELFF) is an innovative public-private partnership dedicated to expanding access to quality child care and early education opportunities throughout Rhode Island. The RICCELFF provides the capital and technical expertise that child care and early learning centers need to improve the quality and capacity of their physical space. The RICCELFF provides a combination of training, technical assistance, grant funding and flexible, affordable financing for a wide range of indoor and outdoor projects including minor renovations or construction of new, state-of-the art facilities and playground spaces. Click here to learn more about what the RICCELFF can offer your program.

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