The Flame-NIR spectrometer puts the power of NIR in the palm of your hand. In this video, we demonstrate key benefits of the market's smallest NIR spectrometer, including a replaceable slit design, compatibility with NIR accessories and simple plug-and-operation.

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Flame spectrometers offer all the benefits of modular spectroscopy, with performance refined from decades of design improvements and development of precision manufacturing techniques. From multiple detector options to great measurement consistency, Flame delivers.

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Promos Extended!

You still have time to take advantage of attractive offers on application-ready systems for Raman, fluorescence and more. Act now!

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Schematic of the Month: Photometry

Spectroscopy is powerful and elegant, enriched by its nuances and challenging in its trade-offs. To help you harness this power effectively, Ocean Optics provides application consultation, technical support and customer service. How can we help you today?

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Learn how an innovative customer has combined NIR spectroscopy with machine vision for rapid, accurate inspection of grains, seeds and beans. Capable of testing over 50 samples per second, this customized sorter delivers information about physical and chemical properties.

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The Schematic View of OceanView software manages each step of your experiment. This month: LED photometry.

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First Person

Dr. Dieter Bingemann discusses his curiosity about how things work and the most rewarding part of his experience at Ocean Optics.

The scientists and engineers of tomorrow are the students of today, and we want to inspire them through spectroscopy. From the Flame-CHEM system to free curricula and application notes, we have the tools to help you create relevant, challenging experiments.

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Modular products allow you to build a customized yet flexible Raman system. Read our quick-start guide to choosing the best spectrometer, excitation laser and accessories to effectively balance range, resolution, sensitivity and signal to noise for your application.

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