March 20, 2017

Happy Spring!
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     This edition, KCNA has an important Call to Action: p lease nominate a member for one of our annual Shining Star awards. The awards are presented each year at the Annual Meeting & Spring Banquet during National Nurses Week (this year on May 11). For more information and a nomination form, click here.

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The American Health Care Act
Recently, legislation replacing parts of the Affordable Care Act was introduced in the House of Representatives. The bill has a fast timeline for action; it may go to the full house for a vote as early as the week of March 20. 
     According to NBC News, the Act is "catching heat from virtually all quarters - doctors and nurses,  hospitals and the AARP, conservatives, liberals and even the right-wing Heritage Foundation." The article, entitled Five Things to Know about the GOP Health Care Bill, includes information about these issues:
  1. It can't fully repeal Obamacare.
  2. It would redefine Medicaid.
  3. It may take away benefits.
  4. It will probably make health insurance more expensive.
  5. Fewer people will have health insurance.

Click here to learn the rationale behind these predictions.

Specific cuts include $1B from CDC infection control
According to The Washington Post, the ACA replacement plan would eliminate the CDC's Prevention and Public Health Fund, which, under the ACA, receives $1 billion annually from the federal government to protect the public from potential outbreaks and bioterrorism.
     In addition to protecting the public from emerging infectious disease, the funds also support preventative health measures like immunization and screening for heart disease screenings.
     "This is about protecting Americans, so this is about saving lives," said Anne Schuchat, MD, acting CDC director. "An outbreak can happen anywhere. It's not a red- or blue-state kind of thing. And we want to sustain the defense of Americans' health from these new emerging threats."
     Read more.

National Nurses Week Coming Up in May
Have a Great Time 
and  Help Deserving Nursing Students
You are invited to attend the KCNA Annual Meeting & Spring Banquet on Thursday, May 11, 5:30-9 at Ballard Bay Club. May 6-12 is National Nurses Week.
     At this festive banquet, you will enjoy:
  • the opportunity to talk with colleagues and students as you enjoy hors d'oeuvres and a no-host bar;
  • an excellent buffet meal (many choices available) in a quintessentially Northwest setting;
  • silent and live auctions to benefit the KCNA Auction Program;
  • presentation of Shining Star Nurse Awards (nominate at, Members > Nurse Awards by April 1); and
  • awarding of 15 scholarships of $3,000 to deserving students from King County. 
To register, click here. The registration deadline is May 1. 

Continuing Nursing Education

Dinner Seminar:  Mindfulness in the Kitchen 
Tuesday, April 4, 5:30 - 8 p.m.
Good Shepherd Center, Wallingford
2-hour Certificate of Completion

Home-cooked meals are better than factory-made products, but awareness of ingredients and preparation are important. This program and demonstration will explore how cooking at home can "soar beyond chore" to become an opportunity to practice mindfulness.
     Speaker Cynthia Lair has been on faculty at Baster University's School of Nutrition & Exercise Science since 1994. All participants will receive a copy of her book, Feeding the Whole Family
      Register by March 28.

Meeting: Neighborhood Health Special Interest Group (NHSIG)
Tuesday, April 25, 5:30 -8 p.m.
Good Shepherd Center, Wallingford
2-hour Certificate of Completion

The NHSIG has been working throughout the county on projects that positively impact the homeless. This meeting will include a presentation about Teen Feed, a local organization working directly with homeless youth. A representative will give the group an overview of their work and how nurses might be involved as volunteers. The meeting will include a discussion of other NHSIG projects as well.
     Participation is FREE; register here.
Need Help Managing Stress?
Christine Prenovitz and Heart of Relaxation will offer a community class entitled Soothing Practices for Stressful Times on Thursdays, April 20-May 25, 5:30-7 p.m. at Swedish Ballard Hospital. The series is intended to connect basic goodness and strength and to strengthen our practice to benefit health and well-being. Participants will learn personalized and effective ways to reduce stress and boost well-being. Christine has held presentations for KCNA in the past and has been very popular. For more information, visit   www.heart of and follow instructions to register.

Nursing News and Clinical Issues
Seven-fold increase in certain infections among U.S. children
In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have found a 700-percent surge in infections caused by bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family among children in the U.S. These antibiotic-resistant infections are in turn linked to longer hospital stays and potentially greater risk of death.
      "The problem is compounded," said the lead author, "because there are fewer antibiotics approved for young people than adults to begin with. Health care providers have to make sure we only prescribe antibiotics when they're really needed. It's also essential to stop using antibiotics in healthy agricultural animals."
     More information here.
Group Seeks to Mitigate Antibiotic Resistance
The Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group (ARLG) conducts clinical research to combat the growing public health threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which cause 2 million infections and more than 20,000 deaths in the U.S. each year.
     Here are three things to know about ARLG.
1. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases launched the ARLG in 2013 with $2 million in funding.
2. The group's research centers on four critical areas:
gram-negative bacteria like E. coli Enterobacteriaceae;
gram-positive bacteria like methicillin-resistant Staph aureus; antimicrobial stewardship;
and advancing the field of infectious disease diagnostics.
3. Since its inception, the ARLG has conducted more than 30 clinical studies and reviewed more than 70 study proposals in these key areas of focus.
     Read more.

Explore Resources for Patient Safety Awareness Week
Patient Safety Awareness Week, an initiative of the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), runs March 12-March 18. Here are two ways to address patient safety issues:
*  Access materials for NPSF's Ask Me 3,  a health literacy program to promote better communication between healthcare providers and patients.
*  Download and read Safety is Personal: Partnering with Patients and Families for the Safest Care,  a report from NPSF Lucian Leape Institute.
Find more information on how to participate here .
This Year's Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns
The ECRI Institute has released its "Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations 2017." The annual report is based on data from ECRI Institute's Patient Safety Organization, concerns raised by provider organizations and expert judgment and is intended to help provider organizations prioritize issues and create corrective action plans.
     ECRI Institute's 10 picks this year are:  

1. Information management in EHRs
2. Unrecognized patient deterioration
3. Implementation and use of clinical decision support
4. Test result reporting and follow-up
5. Antimicrobial stewardship
6. Patient identification
7. Opioid administration and monitoring in acute care
8. Behavioral health issues in non-behavioral-health settings
9. Management of new oral anticoagulants
10. Inadequate organization systems or processes to improve safety and quality
     More information available at 

Year of the Healthy Nurse: Nutrition
The March theme for the Year of the Healthy Nurse is Nutrition. Resources and ideas about nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight are here. Check it out!
     More information is also available from the President's Council on Fitness.
     Nurses are ideally positioned to be role models, educators and advocates for wellness and safety. The Healthy Nurse campaign will include monthly wellness issues and resources. 

Can You Help with Diabetes Study?
A research group in Albuquerque is working with the National Science Foundation and academic colleagues to explore early detection of vascular health conditions that lead to complications in diabetic patients (e.g., neuropathy and PAD). The group hopes to connect with nurses, particularly those who have experience working with diabetic patients, to determine whether there is a need for an affordable, accessible point-of-care monitoring of vascular health, in the office or for home care. Also, researchers would like to determine whether earlier detection would lead to better compliance and treatment options and/or prevention of higher severity issues (e.g., amputations). Researchers are interested in getting the point of view of those on the frontline of care. If you are able to help with this project, please email Reza Shekarriz, PhD, at

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