Your March Shalom School E News Is Here!
March 9-10
We wish all of our families a happy Purim filled with celebration!

Color War around the theme of KINDNESS

What an amazing time! We loved every minute of our 2nd annual color war. Our groups traveled to 4 different stations :

Tzedakah(Charity) where Morah Lisa taught about the different levels/ways of giving tsdedaka.

Kibbud Ochim and Mochim( honoring your parents and teachers) where Morah Brina presented ways to welcome and adresse parents & teachers.

Shmirat Halashon (Guarding Your Speech) where Morah Michelle taught the students on the moral steps required before reporting an event.
Hachnasat Ochim (Hospitality) where Morah Emma focused on Abraham & Sarah's story to teach students the importance of welcoming others in your home.

All groups were filled with ruach and definitely made the morning a memorable one!.

Ms.Josie: PreK/K has welcomed two new students to our class! We have also been enjoying learning about Jewish values such as tzedekah and hachnasat orchim. The class has painted and decorated our own mezuzahs, too, to hang at home.

Mrs. Lisa :  The first grade Hebrewsaurs have enjoyed February immensely!!! We learned all about two great holidays- Tu B’Shevat and Purim. We made trees with 7 species, enjoyed a tasting seder, sang songs, and discussed all the ways to protect the environment and trees. We learned how to make delicious hamantashen, acted out the roles of the story of Purim, and dressed ourselves topsy turvey -inside out and backwards! We also enjoyed lots of Hebrew letter dance and freeze, stories, prayers, and songs with our friends.

Mrs. Michelle: We had a wonderful month. We celebrated Tu B'Shvat and had a seder where we got to try new foods! We've been practicing our Hebrew with letter magnets, and we have enjoyed building the vocabulary words. We focused on leaning Lecha Dodi, and loved learning about Purim and making hamentaschen.

Ms. Brina: The 3rd and 4th grade class’ big project currently is making their own Torah’s and they are having a great time with it! It’s great to see how each different person interprets each Torah story in a different illustration. We also are learning a lot of new vocabulary words, which they love to test their knowledge on during their class favorite game: trivia. 

Ms. Emma : This month the 6th grade class has been studying Judaism the 1920s all around the globe. We have also been learning the Kedusha, and the importance behind it. Finally, we have spent time discussing Tikun Olam and how we can repair the world around us.
Hamentaschen Baking
Who knew we had so many talented bakers...
In preparation of Purim students Mrs Gale Hirsch came with her famous dough for a morning full of fun and delicious cookie. Thank you Mrs Gale!
Buckingham South Purim Visit
March 8th from 10 to 11:30am
All student grades PreK to 2 nd will be visiting the residents at Buckingham South. This is a nice opportunity for our younger students to put in practice some of the mitzvot we have learned about like visiting older people.
Students are invited to come in costume for this pre-Purim event
  Please remember to drop of and pick up your child from
    5450 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31405

Shalom School will not be in session Sunday March 15 and Wednesday March 11 & 18
Thank you to our families who went to Henny Penny last weekend and supported this Shalom School fundraiser !
March 29th 9:30-10:30am
For children 4 and under
Join us for a session filled with play, songs, snacks and fun! Great opportunity to meet other families!
Teacher Training
Ms. Josie, our Kindergarten teacher, went to Song Leader Boot Camp, a conference for Jewish educators and musicians, where, along with 200+ other participants, she learned a great deal about how to teach music to little ones . Ms. Josie was very grateful to Shalom School for this learning experience and for the opportunity to meet many fantastic Jewish musicians like Ellen Allard and Susan Shane-Linder, who’s music she’s used in her room for years
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