Our mission is to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills, grow confidence, and empower others.

We believe that lessons learned on the dance floor can and should be applied elsewhere...

We are proud of what we've done in 2014 and expect to have an even better 2015.

Thank you to all the students and staff who made it easy for Debbie and me to come in as new owners and feel  like we belong.
A special thanks to Luann and John who built a fantastic community of people who love to dance and help others grow and learn.  
Dance Social
this Saturday, March 7th
 East Coast Swing
 class at 7:30
Dancing from 8-11
A Cause we believe in 

We are all fortunate to be able to dance, laugh and enjoy time with friends. 
 Some of the youngest among us are simply looking for their next meal.

We are  committed to make a difference and eradicate childhood hunger in the U.S.

 Find out how you might be able to make a difference

Take 3 minutes and click on the above link or ask Peter or Debbie how you can join us in this important mission ...
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Take The Lead Dance Studio
      March 5th, 2015
Where we stand is not as important as the direction to which we are going.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr
Saturday Birthday Social (redux) 
        Okay, so this snow and sleet and freezing rain routine on Saturdays is getting a little tiresome.  Three weeks ago, Nick hosted a Valentine's party through the freezing rain.  Two weeks ago, Debbie and Peter were hosting a February birthday dance in honor of Debbie's birthday only to cancel because of weather
      This week, Debbie and Peter are back hosting. As this newsletter is being penned, the snow continues to wreak havoc on our Thursday schedule but will not affect the Saturday social. 
       All who celebrated birthdays in February and all who will celebrate in March will receive a drink of you choice on us as part of your ticket cost.  Just let us know when you come in to the studio.  To get the evening off to a great start, Peter will be teaching a Siwng class at 7:30.    
        We appreciate everyone coming to the social last week with some of the weirdest collection of head toppers we've seen in years.          
      Dance socials allow you to practice what you're learning in an environment where everyone is here to help you. You will see dances that you may want to learn in an upcoming group class. You will also meet, network and socialize with other people in the area who share common personal and/or business interests.    

Upcoming Socials ...
March 7  -  Hosted by Debbie and Peter
March 14 - Hosted by Katie and Taka
March 21 -  No dance social --- Showcase is the next day
March 28 -  Hosted by Brian Wells

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To see what the schedule is this month,

click on the link below


On occasion, the weather forces us to close the studio  for the safety of our students and staff. If that happens, we will send out an email, post it on our Facebook page (please 'Like' us) and leave a message on the answering machine.

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Still time to join these classes ...  




Advanced Salsa

Started Wednesday Feb 18th at 7:30


Advanced West Coast Swing

Started Thursday Feb 19th at 7:30 


Salsa 2

Started Monday Feb 23rd at 6:45


Rumba 2

Started Tuesday Feb 24th at 6:45


Salsa 3

Started Wednesday Feb 25th at 6:45 

East Coast Swing 2

Starts Saturday Feb 28th at 11:00am 


 Salsa 1 

Starts Monday March 2 at 7:30


Salsa 3

Starts Wednesday March 4 at 6;45



Starts Wednesday March 4 at 8:30



  Upcoming Classes



Beginner Social Dance

for those brand new to dancing

Starts Friday March 6 at 7:00


Tango 2

Starts Thursday March 12 at 8:15


Waltz 2

Starts Thursday March 19 at 6:45


Advanced Bachata

Starts Monday March 23 at 8:30


Cha Cha 2

Starts Friday March 27 at 6:30


Rumba 3

Starts Friday March 27 at 7:15


Foxtrot 2

Starts Tuesday March 31 at 7:30



Starts Tuesday April 7 at 8:15

 Note - originally scheduled for 3/31


Brand New  

Open Group Workshop

Friday 8-9pm

$15 pp 


This workshop is for those who want to take what they learn in their group classes to another level.




Talk to your instructor about the upcoming Showcase to be held on Sunday, March 22nd  

Choreographed routines for the students 

Invite friends and family to see how you're performing
 General dancing for those not doing routines

  Dinner will be served

 After dinner, there will be a professional show with many of our top instructors who have all competed successfully at an international standard


General Admission tickets now on sale


On the 'Events' page of website or at front desk @ $40  


Ticket price includes dinner, dancing and pro show 

    Doors open at 1:30

Dancing starts after 2


Sponsoring a fundraiser to help those in the area in need
 Free private lessons

Special giveaways


New belly dance classes

 (6 week class for $60 or $15 for drop ins)


Saturday 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. beginner level teen/adult
Sunday 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. intermediate level teen/adult

 Taught by Zahra Noor

Award winning dancer and instructor  

Belly dance is a low impact dance form, and perfect for any age or experience levels. It helps strengthen the core, increase flexibility and stamina. 
Belly dance also creates a bonding environment for participants, and helps boost self-confidence.


Zumba is back!!!  

Every Saturday at 9am - $5

Taught by Kelly Coffey 

 Acclaimed instructor and dancer


 Brand New ...

Yoga classes

Every Monday  .. 3pm

Taught by Colleen Santry

 Certified Personal Trainer

To improve posture and

have better balance by

increasing your core



Refer someone for discounts on future lessons 


Stay tuned for other new classes

Please email us if there is a dance you would like to see  

on the calendar 


There is now more variety and flexibility

Be sure to stop by the studio to get a copy of the calendar


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Thank you for being a part of the TTL Family!
We are happy, proud, and thankful to have the very best Staff, Students, and Friends in the DE Valley.
Our mission is to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills, grow confidence, and help others do the same.

We believe that lessons learned on the dance floor can and should be applied elsewhere...



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Studio Hours 


 Mon, Wed      10am - 10pm

Tues, Thurs    5pm - 10pm

Friday            10am - 8pm

    Saturday       10am - 2pm    


Please note that all lessons are by appointment.  Studio hours reflect possible appointment availability - individual instructor hours will vary.  If no lessons are scheduled, Studio and/or Office may be unavailable.  If you are planning to come in during the day to practice, be sure to check with us first - we will do our best to make the Studio available whenever possible.  Thanks!  

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Zumba is back! 


Saturday Zumba classes are back ...

Saturday mornings at 9am.


For questions, contact Kelly Coffey


New belly dance class

start January 24th and 25th.

for details 


New Yoga classes

start Monday Feb. 2nd at 3pm

for details



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Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and more...


Many of you have been asking,

"Where can we go to dance?" -

Here are a few options in the Delaware area...



Timothy's - Wednesdays, Newark DE

The Reef - Tuesdays, Philadelphia PA


Celebrations on Market -  

First Thursdays of month, Wilmington DE


Reserve Wine Bar and Lounge - Thursdays, Philadelphia, PA

Bachata Affair hosted by Joe Figueroa   



Salsa Sundays at Delaware Park Casino 7-11pm

Lesson 7-8pm, Dancing 8-11pm

New dance floor is done - almost triple the size!  



We will continue to update this schedule for everyone and provide more info on where and when to dance in the area.  If there are events we have not listed, please let us know.