Participant Spotlight - GO Danielle!
On April 29th, Danielle will be completing her first Run/Walk Half Marathon in Nashville in honor of her daughter Logan, who has dyslexia. Danielle has inspired a friend and neighbor to run/walk with her and has already raised $1,497. Congratulations Danielle! You're doing an excellent job supporting IDA and the Tennessee Branch so far!

"My friends and business associates have been very responsive and supportive. Telling people what Logan and I ha ve been through on my website, and talking about the frustration and low self-esteem dyslexia has created in her life has been helpful in gaining support. I've also raised awareness by sending almost 120 emails and using Facebook to share the link to my fundraising page and my training.  I am running for  the growth, accomplishments and confidence that Logan has gained because of appropriate instruction, and when  someone asks it gives me a chance to tell them about IDA and ask for a donation! " -Danielle

The Madness has begun!
The Matchups have been released! The NCAA's 2017 March Madness schedule can be found on Create your bracket and get your tournament with friends, family and coworkers started! The first game is New Orleans vs. Mount St. Mary's tomorrow March 14 @ 6:40 PM Eastern time.

Download your March Madness kit here!

Win a Pot of Gold this St. Patrick's Day!
St. Patrick's Day is great opportunity for festivities and a fundraiser! All you need to get started is a fun group, raffle tickets and a collection box or envelope.

Step 1: Ask the host of a St. Patrick's day party for approval to do a raffle. Going to a restaurant party? Call the manager or owner for pre-approval.
Step 2: Gather your materials. You can get a roll of raffle tickets at many department stores, or get creative and make your own!
Step 3: Sell your raffle tickets. Each ticket is chance to win 50% of the pot, the other 50% will go to your TeamQuest campaign!
If you don't ask they can't say "Yes" and 50/50 raffles like this are the easiest fundraisers to implement!
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