March 2017
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Early Childhood Essentials Classes
Kent District Library provides free Early Childhood Essentials classes. These classes, sponsored by Great Start to Quality, can be used for professional development hours for childcare providers or helpful information and tips for interested parents and caregivers. March classes will include Teamwork, Monitoring Growth and Development and Parent Communication. Pre-registration is required for classes. Please visit our events page for a full list of classes. Adults only, childcare is not provided.
Early Literacy Practice: Talking 
Read Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems, or any of his entertaining and interactive titles. Encourage your child to interact with the characters as you read the story. Demonstrate this interaction yourself, as well as with your child, by telling the pigeon he cannot drive the bus, no matter what silly thing he says.

Early Literacy Practice: Writing 

Letters pop up in the most unusual places. Can you find the A hiding in the suburban neighborhoods? Or the Z trailing its way through the forest? You and your child will have lots of fun with the book The Alphabet from the Sky by Benedikt Gross.

The weather will be getting nicer now, so it is the perfect time to get outside! Take a walk with your kids and see what letters you can find hidden in the things around you. Looking for letters in unusual places is a great way to get your child to think outside the box while learning letter recognition. Does that tree look like the letter Y? What letter does a bicycle wheel look like? What other letters can you find in the world around you?
Early Literacy Practice: Reading 
Five little flowers standing in the sun.  
(hold up five fingers) 
See their heads nodding, bowing one by one?  
(bend fingers several times)  
Down, down, down comes the gentle rain.  
(raise hands, wiggle fingers and lower arms to simulate falling rain)  
And the five little flowers lift their heads up again!  
(hold up five fingers)
Before spring comes trees are dark sticks, grass is brown, and the ground is covered with snow. But if you wait, spring brings flowers, green grass, baby birds, rain, mud, and puddles to jump in!
Early Literacy Practice: Playing  
  Head outdoors for a bird watching walk! Springtime is the perfect time to listen and look for birds. The trees branches aren't filled with leaves, so little ones can see the birds. Search for nests and count all the birds you see. To make the adventure more fun create homemade binoculars by taping together cardboard tubes and coloring them! Afterward, discover more feathered friends in the book Birds by Kevin Henkes.

Early Literacy Practice: Singing   
When you're looking for books to sing, the Pete the Cat series by James Dean is a perfect place to start. Pete the Cat Five Little Ducks is a groovy twist on the classic children's song, just in time for Spring!

If you're planting a garden this year, this video, 'Farmer Plants the Seeds' by Kiboomers is a great song to sing and act out with motions. Kiboomers is an award-winning children's music channel that has many children's songs and nursery rhymes, which can come in handy on those particularly rainy days.