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Customer Service
It takes a commitment

A note from Jon Flora, President & CEO

March greetings, everyone!

This month, I am writing at 35,000 feet returning from our first Hawaii Winter Credit Forum.  The Forum was a great success with about 50 Hawaiian members and a few Mainlanders, too.  It was a very good educational event and, after the survey results come in, we will consider whether this could become a regular offering.   Thanks to everyone who attended and a special shout out to UTA, Experian and Dun & Bradstreet for supporting the program.

On this trip, I have found myself thinking a lot about customer service mostly because of some negative experiences I had with a couple of companies that usually earn high marks.  With the Presidents Holiday, this was an especially busy time to be traveling.  Everyone was slammed with high volumes.  Some did better than others handling the onslaught and responding to problems.  Others missed the boat.  I've received a number of "How did we do?" surveys in the last 24 hours and have responded to all.  In one case, they got right back to me wanting more information.  In another case, I'll be surprised if I hear anything which will be disappointing given the rich traditions of the company.

This has me thinking about how we take care of our members and customers at NACM BCS.  By and large, we do pretty well but there is definitely - and always - room for improvement.   How a company responds to customer needs says a lot about its culture.  And, how it stays ever-vigilant about quality customer service has to be woven into the culture, too.  Even the best stumble from time to time. 

We are constantly having to change what we offer and how we do it in order to give our members what they want which is also constantly changing.  That leaves us open to making mistakes or missing opportunities to serve you.   Whether it's because of a busy season, getting a little complacent, or just being human and making a mistake, a small failure can dramatically impact a business relationship. 

In that spirit, we always want to know if you are having a service problem.  My best advice: Pick up the phone and call us.  Our number is at the bottom of this page.  You can also drop an email to:  feedback@nacmbcs.org.  Or call me directly at 206-973-5096.  And, yes, I do answer my own phone.  We are here for you and are committed to your success. 

Please  review the other programs and conferences coming up in the next few months.   Take advantage of these offerings to help your company and improve your professional skills.

We have also offering the first of regular new blog posts written by members of our team.  The intent is to offer you some advice and education about areas of interest to you.  This month, we deal with Collections.  I hope you'll find this helpful.

Have a great March and St. Patrick's Day.

Erin go bragh,

Legislative Update
NACM is advocating for you 

NACM continues to monitor legislative activity during this year's session. The Regular Session is scheduled to end on or by April 23, 2017.

Here are some updates:

HB 1486: It allows employees to levy a wage lien on an employer.  The wage lien would surpass a real property or personal loan which a bank has for its lien and allow employees to have the first lien authority.  This bill is in the House Rules Committee and is opposed by the bankers association.  NACM has taken no position on this.

HB 1061/SSB 5043: Concerning collection agency transaction fees for processing electronic payments.  This legislation will add a 2% transaction fee when a debtor pays for their debt via a credit card.   Currently, collection agencies (including NACM) must absorb fees which has become an issue given the growth in credit card usage.  NACM supports this bill but it did not make the cutoff is likely dead for this session.

HB 1145/SB 5456:  Concerning unpaid accounts.  This legislation amends the definition of "account receivable" for purposes of the six-year statute of limitations. Defines "account receivable" for purposes of the statute governing prejudgment interest, and provides that where a forbearance concerns accounts receivable or goods and services that are not accounts receivable, the obligations are deemed liquidated and, in the absence of an agreement which provides a date on which the moneys become due, specifies when interest begins to accrue.  This bill is in with the Senate Rules Committee headed for a vote.  NACM is neutral on this bill.

HB 2132/SB 5851:  Valuation of Vehicles for Calculating Excise Taxes.  In recent weeks, taxpayers in the greater Puget Sound area have been shocked by the increase in car tabs to fund Sound Transit 3.  To calculate the tax rate, the State uses car valuations based on full MSRP for new cars and inflated values for used cars.  Republican legislative response has been swift to correct this and serious debate has ensued.  Both bills are in committee.   NACM is officially neutral but paying close attention to the outcome.

Overall, the Governor and Legislature continue to negotiate a state budget focusing on public education.  They still have a great deal of work to do. NACM is paying close attention to the various taxation ideas on the table - particularly the Governor's idea of increased B & O Tax - and is prepared to engage as necessary on behalf of our members.

We welcome any questions.  Drop a note to: feedback@nacmbcs.org

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Winter Credit Forum 
Takeaways from Hawaii

Presentations from the Winter Credit Forum are now available for your reference.  They include:

  • Hawaii GET and TAT Taxes
  • UTA Cash Management Tools
  • Hawaiian Lien Law

If you are interested in receiving any of these presentations, please drop an email to:  feedback@nacmbcs.org.    Thanks to the presenters for making them available to our NACM members.

Helpful Tips:  Collections Calls
No more excuses!

Do you need help dealing with the myriad of excuses you get from customers not paying their bills?  Paul Krause, Collections Manager for NACM, offers his suggestions for handling those calls in his blog.  

Click on the link below to get some ideas on how you can improve your outreach to debtors.  

Get ready for annual Board Elections!
Look for your NACM Business Credit Services Board Elections Ballot coming soon! Online voting will be open from March 10-20.  Complete information about the candidates and a link to the ballot will arrive in your email inbox the morning of Friday, March 10th.  You will have 11 days to submit your choices.

Your participation is important to the credit profession so please vote. Thank you!

Upcoming Education Opportunities from NACM

NACM National Credit Congress
NACM National Credit Congress
Register Today

NACM is headed to the state where everything is big and bold, from the tastes, to the culture to the sights! Join us where history merges with the modern and country collides with the city to create the beauty and brass of Texas! 

We invite you to Grapevine, nestled between Dallas and Ft. Worth, to share in our Texas-sized experience June 11-14, 2017 at the National Credit Congress & Exposition.  Click on the link below to reserve your spot.

Register Today !  
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Scholarships for Credit Congress 
Cheer on the recipients

We are pleased to announce the scholarship award winners for this year's Credit Congress.  Each will receive a grant to fully fund their registration ($789 each) to this year's Congress.  

  • Michelle Lindsay, Crowley Fuels, Anchorage, AK
  • Shoni Tiede, Stoneway Concrete, Seattle, WA
  • Kimberly Strickland, Watson Furniture, Sequim, WA
  • Debbie LeBlanc, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Seattle, WA
  • Rebecca Ripperger, Johnson Barrow, Seattle, WA

Congratulations to the recipients and thanks to all who applied this year. 
Exclusive Member Party Kicks Off Congress

Join us for the annual opening member party at  Top Golf, a sprawling entertainment venue with a high-tech driving range and swanky lounge with drinks and games.  Whether you're a golfer or not, you will have a n unforgettable experience with friends and co-workers. Enjoy great food and drinks, upscale amenities and competitive fun everyone can enjoy.  Or just socialize in a fun environment.  

Plan to be with us on Sunday night and look for more details to come soon!

News from Our World
Important Business Highlights

Stay current on news from communities served by NACM Business Credit Services and our partners . 

Click on the following links for the latest:

Tacoma           Columbia Bank looks ahead after death of CEO

West Coast     Los Angeles hopes Snap will seed a tech boom

National          Wall Street legend says investors should ignore politics


March Industry Group Schedule
Share your data and collaborate with your counterparts

3.  9     Floor
3.14     Transportation
3.15     Tacoma Construction
3.16     W iring
             Ad Media
3.21     HVAC
3.23     Eastside Construction            


3.15     Alaska Suppliers and Food


3.14    Hawaiian Hospitality
3.15    Hawaiian Food
3.17    Hawaiian Building

Educational Programs and Events

*  Some p rograms offered by NACM National

                  3. 8      Deep Dives into Ratios - Susan Thomas CBA*
                              Click for more information

                   3.10-20   Board Elections Online

                   3.20     Article 9 of the Uniform Commerical Code: 
                               A beginner's guide to secured transactions  *
                              Click here for more information

                  4.6-7    SW Business & Construction Credit Conference
                               Tempe, AZ

                  4.11    Lunch & Learn - 
                              Creditor Remedies in Bankruptcy, Danial Pharris
                             Click here for more information


                   TBD    May Annual Seminar & Member Meeting


                  6. 11-14      National Credit Congress - Grapevine, TX

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