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Our four 2017 Journalism Fellows released their reportage

Jason Motlagh's work focuses on human rights and lives lived in extremis; Jessica Le Masurier spotlights human rights in her stories , Jacqueline Charles, Pulitzer Prize finalist, focuses on Haitian Migration in the Americas; and Katie Schlechter reports on Mexico’s Human Trafficking Laws.
Our Annual Gala
June 18th, 2018
One of the most important dates on our annual calendar, it offers an elegant and festive occasion to celebrate the French-American relationship.
Our latest Transatlantic Forum: “Managing the North Korean
Challenge” with Dr. Stephen Noerper
Dr. Stephen Noerper is a Korea Society senior director and Columbia professor. He has taught at NYU and the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies.
Inside the Transatlantic Forum
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Upcoming events in March
Many topics will be addressed in the upcoming weeks, including Immigration Enforcement, Climate Change and the Open Internet.
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