11th March 2021
Hello Friends,
As the days lengthen and life awakens underground we have filled the store with the bright colors of Spring.

Life can be felt preparing for a new beginning here in New England. Let us not rush this emergence but not deny it either. The power that moves the stars moves us as well, and always in the right direction. Patience, trust, and love always guide us forward.
Here's a taste of what's new in the store...
Vibrant prints in a variety of shapes and necklines.
There's one for every body...
Comfy knits with enough structure to be extra flattering.
With pockets!!!
Hoodies with panache!
The comforting coziness of a hoodie taken up a notch with a flattering flare or a nipped in waist, cool buttons and ruching.
Lovely little heart-shaped bowls in a rainbow of colors.
A precious place for a treasure.
Good Vibes, Good Life
How self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness
Vex King experienced many challenges growing up in England in the 1990s, including homelessness and racism. Despite this, he drew on the guidance that is offered in so many spiritual practices. In this book he offers that wisdom distilled and in his own youthful style. He writes from his own experience for a modern audience, in contemporary language.

Here's an excerpt:
You can't feel bad while you're feeling thankful. As simple as showing gratitude sounds, most people struggle with it. It's much easier to focus on burdens than on gifts; to devote your attention to the things you don't have, rather than the things you do have... It's easy to say 'thanks' without really meaning it. The key to showing gratitude is to feel thankful. When practicing gratitude, imagine how different your life would be without that particular thing you're showing thanks for. It will produce strong feelings and emotions. And this is how you can get into a powerful state of gratitude.
Lastly, we are looking for new staff to join our amazing team.
If you or someone you know might be interested please see the job description on our Facebook Page.
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